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Competition/2015/Slalom Worlds 15



Vincent Langer is IFCA Slalom World Champion 2015

Volvo Surf Cup thrills 120,000 spectators on Sylt.

After five days the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt (Germany) came to an end. A total of over 120,000 spectators experienced spectacular races at the IFCA Slalom World Championship 2015. With over 90 competitors from 17 different nations a new participation record was set.

The German Vincent Langer (GER-1) succeeded to win the official World Championship title in his home country.  Already in the first slalom elimination the reigning German Champion laid the basement for his success when he dominated the opening race. Langer was also able to win the second elimination. With this perfect start into the regatta the German achieved a huge lead. The result of the third slalom elimination was irrelevant for him. But with an eighth place he presented a strong performance again. After three eliminations every competitor may discard his worst result.  With two bullets Langer ensures the optimum score of 1.4 points. Therefore he rightfully wins the official IFCA Slalom World Championship title 2015.

"I am stoked! I am the Slalom World Champion!" smiles the fresh title holder to continue "Last year I was third. The year before Vice-World Champion. Now, in the third attempt it has finally worked out. I am even more proud to achieve this success in my home country. This is the maximum!"

On the second place follows the Dane Sebastian Kornum (DEN-24). Kornum presented a consistent performance. The Dane entered the World Championship with a third place. In the second elimination he confirmed his ambitions for a top result. In the final elimination Kornum was able to dominate. With his victory Kornum was able to ensure the Vice-World Championship title with 37 points.

"I am happy to be Vice-World Champion. Normally it is already a kind of defeat if you are second. But Vincent really deserves the title. He has presented a great performance on the water and is promoting windsurfing a lot among the youth in Germany.  If somebody is a rightful champion then him!" smiles the sympathic Dane Kornum.

Nicolas Warembourg (FRA-531) from France follows close behind with 4.0 points.  In two races he conquered the second place. Once he got sixth.

"I had hard fights with Vincent Langer and Sebastian Kornum. My target was a podium finish. And this is what I was able to achieve. Therefore I am very happy about my result at the IFCA Slalom World Championship on Sylt," says the French Waremburg.

In the Women's fleet Turkish Lena Erdil (TUR-33) was able to dominate. She won six out of seven races and is therefore rightful "IFCA Slalom Women Champion 2015". On place two follows Maria Andres (ESP-2) from Spain. Third position goes to Esther de Geus (NED-16) from the Netherlands.

The Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt was again a huge success. 120,000 spectators experienced the Sylt from its windy and sporty side. A new participation record was set to confirm the high status of the event on the international level.

Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship - Final

No racing on the fourth day as unstable winds and teasing forecasts caused continuous postponements until late in the afternoon. A storm warning put an end to all prospects of any beach activities.  Thus wind and waves greeted competitors on the last competition day here at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship following the storm.  Perfect conditions for the National Wave event running for the German wave competitors but no good for slalom!By the 12 o' clock announcement it was certain that there would be no more racing for the IFCA Slalom Worlds with the last possible start being at 13:00 hours.

And so Vincent Langer, GER-1, claims the title of 2015 IFCA Slalom World Champion for the Men and Lena Erdil, TUR-33, is victorious in the Women, unbeaten and with a perfect score.  Maria Andres, ESP-2 took a well-deserved second and is possibly relieved that she has been able to rest her back since spending a night in the local hospital.  Esther de Geus, NED-16 took advantage of her absence in rounds 6 and 7 with two second places which secured her the third position on the podium.

Sebastian Kornum DEN-24, after a nerve-wracking couple of days, just scraped second place on the men's podium, a mere point 3 ahead of Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531 finishing in third place.

Overall competitors report that it has been "awesome to be here on Sylt", conditions are tough, especially if you are more used to flat water and like a little bit more wind, but a great place for the competition.  Everyone involved in organising the event has done a great job!

Volvo_Surf_Cup_2015_ELIMINATION-1-IMAGE.jpg  Volvo_Surf_Cup_2015_ELIMINATION-2-IMAGE.jpg  Volvo_Surf_Cup_2015_ELIMINATION-3-IMAGE.jpg

Day 4 The Silence before the storm
Words from Sebastien Kornum and Lena Erdil at the Volvo Surf Cup | 2015 IFCA Slalom Worlds Championships.

No wind on Day 3, So we took time to catch up with a few competitors to discuss about their event experience.

The Racing Continues on Day Two

Racing continues at the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships at Sylt, Westerland, Germany. A bright sunny day with the skippers meeting held at 09:30.

The competitors were on standby once again due a smooth light breeze during the morning hours until conditions became suitable for racing and, just like yesterday's predicted forecast, the races finally started somewhere around 14:00.

Elimination 2 Highlights:
The following competitors GER-88 Gunnar Asmussen, ARU-4 Ethan Westera, FRA-531 Nicolas Warembourg, ITA-1111 Andrea Ferin and GER-7 Nicolas Prien all performed strongly today.

The Final round of elimination 2 was an exciting one where we all saw the 2015 Youth World Champion Nicolas Goyard FRA-465 showing off his jibing skills at the first mark while battling with yesterday's elimination winner Vincent Langer GER-1.  The other competitors were right behind them until the last mark where things got a bit tricky for the young French rider who dropped his sail at mark 3 allowing GER-88 Gunnar Asmussen to take full advantage of this expensive mistake.

The show ended with amazing action, with a very loud crowd and Vincent Langer GER-1 took the win followed by GER-88 Gunnar Asmussen and NED-191 Ingmar Daldorf who once again had a consistent performance.

Elimination 3 "The fight back"
ARU-4 Ethan Westera, GBR-659 James Dinsmore, ITA-1111 Andrea Ferin, DEN-24 Sebastian Kornum,  ARU-9 Nik Van den Eerenbeemt, ITA-415 Marco Begalli and even Mr local hero himself Vincent Langer GER-1 who almost did not advance into the quarter finals in heat 12.

One of the elimination 3 Highlights was Heat 14 where DEN-24 Sebastian Kornum lost his grip at mark 4 but quickly made it back to the qualifying position allowing ARU-4 Ethan Westera to manouver himself to the front of the pack. While Vincent Langer GER-1 remained in his fight back mode and took second place.   The youngsters were clearly on the rise in this elimination.

The wind started to get lighter later that afternoon ( 18:24 ) with wind readings of 11 to 14 knots. After a short moment of silence the races could finally continue and the A final was an interesting one with DEN-24 Sebastian Kornum up front with FRA-531 Nicolas Warembourg, ARU-4 Ethan Westera and ITA-1111 Andrea Ferin not too far behind pulling out all tactics in the light conditions here on the second racing day at The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships.

See full result listings:

Volvo_Surf_Cup_2015_c_CW-moritzbeck_de-TUR-33.jpgThe Women sailed 5 rounds today.  A few injuries were reported and for some it was a hard and long day. The last heat of the women was abandoned due to too light winds at the end of the racing day.

Marine Hunter FRA-181 had a great start and led the 3rd Round followed by Maria Andres ESP-2 who got uncomfortable after round 5 and suffered from sever pain in her back. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to catch up with her tomorrow for an interview.

Esther de Geus NED-16 performed well today with a few second places right behind Lena Erdil TUR-33 who is definitely the fastest girl in the fleet, winning 4 out of the 5 rounds sailed today.

See full results listings:

Another great racing day here in Sylt, Westerland Germany with great action on the water.  Congratulations to all the competitors who did their best and of course the winners Lena Erdil TUR-33 in the women's division and Vincent Langer GER-1 who both remain at the top.

The forecast for tomorrow looks light and the skippers meeting is set for 10:30

:: Gallery Day 2

Lena Erdil Dominates Women's Fleet at the IFCA Slalom Worlds

The IFCA Slalom World Championships are currently running at the Volvo Surf Cup on Sylt. Almost 90 competitors from 17 different nations travelled to Germany's most famous island for the most important slalom regatta of the year. Among them is also a great fleet of 10 women.
On the first day it was possible to run two races for the women. Lena Erdil (TUR-33) from Turkey proved why she is known as one of the best ladies in the discipline slalom. She dominated both races straight from the start and secured bullets. With this success Erdil is leading the women's fleet with the ideal score of 1,4 points.

Maria Andres (ESP-2) from Spain is on Lena Erdil's heels. She achieved two second places that sum up to 4,0 points, ensuring her place two in the event ranking at the end of day one.

Esther de Geus (NED-16) from the Netherlands and Anissa Morath (DEN-85) from Denmark were fighting head to head for the third place. After two days the two women are tied with 8,0 points. But because of her third place in race one Esther de Geus is able to sneak in front to conquer place three. Marine Hunter (FRA-181) from France completes the Top-5 in the women's fleet.

Day 1 "The Official Kick Off" for IFCA Slalom Worlds 2015

A summery day welcomed the competitors and visitors on the first racing day with wind readings of 8 to 13 knots, weather partly cloudy with temperatures around the 16-18 C°.

The first skippers meeting took place at 9am and competitors were put on standby until the conditions would be suitable enough for racing.  Shortly after midday the wind conditions slowly started to improve and some competitors went out to give it a try with expectations of racing as the conditions positively continued to improve

Later in the afternoon the action was full on and thousands of spectators gathered on the boulevard to watch as the races finally took off with wowed crowd reactions due to a few crashes that were happening right at the finish line that was set near to the shore break.

Today's Highlights:

The current German Champion Vincent Langer GER-1 showed excellent performance, advancing through every heat sailed with a 1st position with good starts and tight jibes in light to medium Sylt conditions.

Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531 "Defi Wind's runner up finalist" was never far behind and is one to keep an eye on in the upcoming racing days.

Nicolas Goyard FRA-465, 2015 IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion, the up and coming talent on the slalom scene with consistent performances today and surely with one of the best starts at the start line. Another competitor of interest in this Championship event.

Today's disappointments for the following competitors:

Ethan Westera ARU-4 not advancing already in his first heat and the reason is still unclear.

Marco Begalli ITA-415 having a tough day missing the finals by 1 spot.

Gunnar Asmussen GER-88 with great performances until the semi finals where he took the 8th position and advanced to the B finals instead.

Alessio Botteri PER-20 and Nik Van den Eerenbeemt ARU-9 both talented youths just not making the A finals as they were surely among the strong competitors in today's racing.

For the Women it was a smooth day with Lena Erdil TUR-33 winning both rounds at ease followed by Maria Andres ESP-2 who comfortably took second place in the 2 rounds sailed today.

A great first day for The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship with a full elimination completed for the Men's division and 2 rounds sailed for the Women's division.

The Skippers meeting tomorrow will be at 09:30 with the first possible start at 10:15.

Congratulations to the local organizing crew for a successful first day of racing.

You can follow live event updates on the following platforms:

facebook/IFCA & image galleries & twitter/WindsurfEuroCup


Men's Top 10 Finalists after 1 Elimination:

1. Vincent Langer GER-1
2. Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531
3. Sebastian Kornum DEN-24
4. Nicolas Goyard FRA-465
5. Andrea Ferin ITA-1111
6. Gunnar Asmussen GER-88
7. Ingmar Daldorf NED-191
8. Dennis Mueller GER-89
9. Nicolas Prien GER-7
10. Pierre Macquaert FRA-945

Women's Results after 2 Rounds:

1. Lena Erdil TUR-33
2. Maria Andres ESP-2
3. Esther de Geus NED-16
4. Anissa Morath DEN-85
5. Marine Hunter FRA-181
6. Annika Valkna EST-146
7. Nimet Tulumen TUR-753
8. Andrea Vanhoorne BEL-26
9. Jenna Gibson GBR-9997
10. Steffi Wahl GER-303

IFCA Slalom Worlds - Registration Completed!

A busy day of preparation and training as competitors eagerly anticipate the official start of The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.  With registration completed the numbers are:

17 Nations / 2 Continents / Total Participants 78 men and 10 girls (88)

Current World Slalom Champions are not here to defend their titles but plenty of top "Names" are competing in this event, all eager to claim the titles of "2015 IFCA Slalom World Champion" in both men and women.  Just a few of their claims to fame:

Vincent Langer GER-1 - current #1 on the IFCA Slalom World Ranking List, 3rd last year in the IFCA Slalom Worlds in the Azores, and a regular on the podium in this year's Euro Cup events
Nicolas Warembourg FRA-531 - 2nd at the infamous Defi Wind at Gruissan, and giving "standout performances" on the PWA circuit
James Dinsmore GBR-659 - British Slalom Champion 2013 and 2014
Marco Begalli - ITA 415 - 2nd master at the recent IFCA Youth and Masters Slalom Championships in Italy
Nicolas Goyard FRA-465 - current IFCA Youth Slalom World and European Champion
Ethen Westera ARU-4 2nd at the recent IFCA Youth Slalom Worlds
Gunnar Asmussen GER-88 - 6th in Azores 2014

Lena Erdil TUR-33 - 2nd in Azores 2014 - currently 7th on the IFCA Slalom World Ranking List, 3rd at the Defi Wind
Andrea Vanhoorne BEL-26 - currently 2nd on the IFCA slalom ranking, 1st at the European Championships in Bol 2014
Steffi Wahl GER-303 - 4th at the recent PWA Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival
Maria Andres ESP-2 - 3rd in Azores 2014, currently 10th on the IFCA slalom ranking

Skippers meeting tomorrow is scheduled at 9am for the first competition day of The Volvo Surf Cup 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.  The wind forecast is quite variable for the coming days so hopefully something for everyone, making for exciting competition!

Stay tuned!  Follow regular updates on IFCA Facebookand IFCA Twitter

The Volvo Surf Cup | 2015 IFCA Slalom Worlds - the day before

The Day before the registration day and the Sun is out smiling and all looks ready and set for the Volvo Surf Cup | 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championship.

The forecast for this week looks very promising with winds up to 35 knots and temperatures around the 16 degrees, perhaps a few clouds here and there but it surely will be all summer vibes which will make this week a very interesting one here in Sylt Westerland.

The competitors are provided with a cool hang out space and some of the early arrivals spotted on sight were the competitors from Peru - Alessio Botteri PER-20, Nicolas Schreier PER-2 and Simon Sousa PER-8 who managed to make it to the event site despite their travel difficulties and the hustle to get their slalom gear on board a train.

During the week there will be several other activities during the day and night next to the slalom races and the local organizing team has been looking forward to this exciting week full of action on and off the water.Tomorrow the registration is scheduled from 16:00 to 18:30 with the official opening ceremony scheduled at 20:00 at the VIP area.

For updates and images during the event you may visit the IFCA facebook page

Let the action begin!

IFCA facebook


The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships will take place in Westerland, Sylt (Germany) from July 22nd to 26th 2015. The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) have signed a contract with the Choppy Water GmbH as local organizing authority. The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships will be the sportive highlight of the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 which is one of the biggest funsport events in Germany.

The Championships offer a total prize money of eur 15,000.  The Slalom World Championships are the annual highlight of the International Funboard Class Association and the most important slalom event of the year. It invites windsurfers from all over the world to fight for the prestigious title. The winner is crowned as official 'IFCA Slalom World Champion'.  We are extremely proud that the IFCA has selected Choppy Water as host of the 2015 Slalom World Championship. We will do our best to make this Championship a memorable event for the Class and all the competitors," states Matthias Regber from the organizer Choppy Water. 

At the Volvo Surf Cup the 2015 Slalom World Championships will be embraced by a giant funsport event. Since several years the Volvo Surf Cup is one of the biggest beach festivals in Germany.  The promenade is crowded with visitors, tents and presentations of the various sponsors and partners. At the beach the tourists are entertained with several funsport activities. In the evenings the party program is entertaining the crowd. Over 120.000 spectators are expected for the event. 

At Sylt the North Sea can offer a huge variety of conditions from flat water with eastern winds to mast high waves when westerly storms are hitting the coast. Sylt is the most famous island of Germany. Located in the middle of Europe the venue can easily be reached from Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltic countries but also from southern and western Europe. 

The date of the event marks the peak of the summer holiday season. All regions in Germany and most of Europe have holidays. Sylt is literally exploding with the huge number of tourists. So place and time are offering the perfect platform for the 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships.  

Choppy Water has an excellent reputation as organizer of windsurfing events. For over 15 years the company has organized national and international windsurfing events and championships in Germany and co-ordinated events and series like the "Windsurfing Euro-Cup" all over Europe.

"We are sure that we have found the best possible package for our 2015 Slalom World Championships," smiles IFCA president Bruno de Wannemaker.  "There are very few organizers with an expertise like Choppy Water.  The IFCA Class always hoped that it would be possible to position the Slalom Worlds at the summer event on Sylt. Now this is finally possible and we are stoked to present our performance on the water to the biggest public in the history of the class." 

Event facts: 
Date:   July 22nd to 26th 2015 (competition days)
Venue:   North Sea, Westerland, Sylt (GERMANY)
Event:   2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships
Prize Money:  Eur 15.000,00
Expected spectators: 120.000

 Volvo Surf Cup 2015 - update

To encourage participation in the event by women slalom racers, the organisers, Choppywater, and IFCA have agreed to give women a separate start from men and publish a separate ranking.

This is in part a response to requests from potential women entries; and consequently it is realistic to expect the minimum required entries.  As a valid division women will receive a share of the prize fund as specified in the IFCA Championship Rules. The first competitor in the "women's ranking" will be declared "2015 IFCA Slalom Women's Champion".  IFCA will not be awarding an ISAF World Title in the women's division.
It has also been decided to drop the option to hold unofficial  "Ultra Slalom" in light winds; that is, slalom racing in conditions that are not suitable for championship racing.

Instead it has been agreed to allow formula racing to take place for those wishing to race in light winds. However, championship slalom racing will always remain the priority whenever suitable conditions exist. The IFCA Class Representative at the event shall always have the final decision regarding "suitable conditions".

The Notice of Race has been amended accordingly.