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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2013 AGM

Annual General Meeting of the Council

Held on Thursday 9th May 2013, 18h00 at Westerland, Sylt, Germany.


1. Apologies for absence

Piotr Jankowiak, Kurt Svrcula, Engin Kalafatoglu and Ian Jones

2. National Associations represented

Delegates - BEL (Bruno de Wannemaeker), NED (Eric Kling), EST (Andrus Poksi), GER (Vincent Langer & Matthias Regber) 

Proxies from - GBR, BRA, POR (Eric Kling); TUR, USA, CZE, ITA, CRO & SIN (Bruno de Wannemaeker).

The meeting was declared quorate.

In attendance - ITA (Andrea Ferin & Andrea Rosati), AUT (Chris Pressler), TUR (Bora Kozanoglu - Sailor Reprersentative), FRA (Jocelyn De Souza).

3. Adoption of the agenda


4. Minutes of the 2012 AGM


5. President's report

In 2012 32 countries were paid members of IFCA.
World Champions 2012:
Slalom men  Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG)
Slalom women  Karin Jaggi (SUI)
Slalom youth  Benoit Jacquier (FRA)
Slalom masters  Andrea Rosati (ITA)

Freestyle youth  Nick van Ingen (NED)
Freestyle junior  Steven Max Lageveen (ARU)

IFCA Slalom U17 Champion - Ethan Westera (ARU)
IFCA Freestyle U15 Champion  - Michiel de Cooman (BEL)

There was no wave event as there was no organizer.

6. Financial Report

Bruno de Wannemaeker presented the financial report. The full Accounts are on the IWA website.  Class money is held in the account of IWA. Total income of IWA is 107,000 euro, and the total expenditure is 90,000 euro. Some classes produced a deficit and some classes, including IFCA, produce a surplus. It is proposed to improve the IFCA website.

7. Class Rules

There are no submissions

8. Championship rules

There are no submissions

9. Future Championships

There are proposals from, and negotiations pending with, the following:
Freestyle JYM EC Italy
Freestyle JYM WC Alacati (TUR)

Slalom JYM WC Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Austria
Slalom men WC Datca (TUR), Haifa (ISR)
Slalom men EC Texel (NED)

10. Elections

Bruno de Wannemaeker (BEL)
Eric Kling (NED)
Engin Kalafatoglu (TUR)
Bora Kozanoglu (TUR)
Ruben Petrisie (NED)

All were unanimously elected.

11. Any other business

There followed an open discussion.
Andrea Rosati: Is a wave world championship possible, with production boards, as this is better for the sponsors?

Bruno:  A wave event is difficult to organize due the required wind and wave conditions. At this moment there are no production boards registered with ISAF. We proposed to give the brands 2 years to register production boards without a fee. ISAF has agreed and we hope to give more information later this year.

This year there will be at the end of August a South American Wave event in Peru.

Chris Pressler: We would prefer a Prokid wave event like the Prokids freestyle.

Bruno: If organizers want to have info about events they can ask the IWA and they will have the info very fast.

Andrus Poksi: Are there any sanctions for event organizers who do not comply with the contract?

Bruno: It will be very difficult to find organizers when we want some money deposited in advance.  At this moment we try to keep some money since most of the competitors are registered in advance via the IWA online entry system.

Is it possible to make other courses for slalom (figure eight, long distance)?

Yes it is, but for the World Championships we want to have the courses described in the Championship rules.  Alternative formats are possible for local clubs or regional events, We are planning to publish guidelines and checklists for organizers and clubs who want to organize Slalom events.

Jocelyn de Souza: Try to organize the world championships in Europe. The Caribbean is too far for a lot of competitors and for that reason the entry level is very low at these events. Also try to avoid overlap of major events.

Bruno: We try to, but an overlap is not always possible to avoid as organizers have their own calendar.

A long discussion was held about light wind slalom windsurfing. This could be possible with some class rule changes, ie extra wide boards of 90/95 cm. In that case we could sail from 7 knots of wind upwards. The format could be mainly downwind slalom with perhaps some short upwind racing. We need one more board and maybe 1 extra sail ie 3 boards and 4 sails. The keywords for the boards: downwind -figure 8-long distance, some upwind, and planing with 7 knots.

Jocelyn: I am worried about the upwind which can cost competitors and asks attention for the youth competitors. If there will be an upwind it should be very short, as now when we have to go to the starting line.

Is it possible to make a tour around this new format for slalom to promote our sport? This could be like the EFPT does for Freestyle. The market is ready for this.

Bruno: It is a good idea which we can work out.

Matthias gives as an example a tour in GER, NED, TUR, FRA, ITA (like the Eurocup some years ago).

12. Meeting closed


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