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& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2013/JYM Slalom Worlds

IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships - Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, Turkey

Day 1: 55 starts / 2 general recalls
Day 2: 26 starts / 5 general recalls
Day 3: 57 starts / 10 general recalls
Day 4: 51 starts / 4 general recalls
Day 5: 27 starts / 3 general recalls


Day One Pics on Facebook
Day Two Pics on Facebook 
Day Three Pics on Facebook
Final Day Pics on Facebook
Champions Pics on Facebook

2013 IFCA Masters Slalom World Champion:
1. ITA-0 Rosati Andrea / RRD, Point 7
2. TUR-1 Icingir Ertugrul / Patrik, Loft Sails
3. TUR-611 Morgan Erkan / Starboard, Severne Sails

2013 IFCA Youth Slalom World Champion:
1. TUR-1011 Poyraz Akay / Starboard, North
2. FRA-32 Jacquier Simon / Fanatic, Loft
3. FRA-824 Bernard Thibault / RRD, Loft SailsYouth

2013 IFCA Grand Master Slalom Champion:
1. NB-8 Saragoza Costantino / Starboard, Severne Sails
2. SRB-01 Judin Leonid / RRD, Point 7
3. TUR-83 Catirli Ata Osman / Starboard, Severne Sails

2013 IFCA Master Female Slalom Champion:
1. TUR-75 KubatCagla / Starboard, Loft Sails
2. FIN-13 Kaplas Marianne / Starboard, Severne Sails
3. TUR-666 Yaman Ceren / JP Australia, Neil Pryde

2013 IFCA Youth Female Slalom Champion:
1. TUR-165 Unlu Fulya / Starboard, Severne Sails
2. TUR-191 Uralp Dilara / JP Australia, Neil Pryde
3. BEL-26 Vanhoorne Andrea / Patrik, Loft Sails

2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U17 Champion:
1. NED-262 Swijnenburg Coen / JP Australia, Neil Pryde
2. NB-117 Saragoza Jurgen/ Starboard, Maui Sails
3. CUR-2 Etmon Aron / Starboard, Severne

2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U15 Champion:
1. CUR-914Da Silva De GoesJean Paul / Patrik, Severne Sails
2. ITA-353S Cagliola Francesco / RRD, Severne Sails
3. NED-600 van Someren Jim / Patrik, Loft Sails

2013 IFCA Slalom Junior U13 Champion:
1. NED-600 van Someren Jim / Patrik, Loft Sails
2. TUR-215 Oztas Kuzey / Starboard, Gaastra Sails

Eddy van Someren: "We are very grateful for being able to participate in this event. On behalf of all Dutch, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba participants we would especially like to thank Cagla Kubat and Jimmy Diaz for hosting this event and for their great support to all competitors. Your efforts to inspire and motivate especially the younger sailors is exemplatory to the entire windsurfing community. Thank you so much for this!

Also we want to thank the IFCA event management BrunoSr De Wannemaeker and Erik Kling for their hard work and great effort to make a success of this event. With well over 250 starts and 8 eliminations, for sure this has been one of the best IFCA World Championships of the last years. You managed the event into a flow and we are grateful for a week of great competition and slalom racing at the highest level.

Finally we want to thank all the Turkish people for their kindness and great hospitality. By far it exceeded our expectations and it has certainly contributed to a very positive memory of this event and of Turkey. We hope to back soon."

 IFCA JYM Slalom Worlds Final 

Today was the final day of the IFCA 2013 Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships in Alacati Bay organized by Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy and Gorbon Sports Management. Adrenalin ran high with competitors fighting to earn their last points.

Youths were up first again followed by the masters in steady 16-20 knot winds. Turk Can Gov had a great day, winning round 8, but it is Akay Poyraz (TUR-1011)who takes the title of 2013 IFCA Youth Slalom World Champion, a clear 10 points ahead of his nearest rivals Simon Jacquier and Bernard Thibault, both from France. Jacquier and Thibault ended on equal points, their positions split by their discards.

Andrea Rosati (ITA-0) was a well-deserving winner of round 8 and also the title of 2013 IFCA Masters Slalom World Champion. Ertugrul Icingir (TUR-1) made sure this title didn't come easily but had to settle for 2nd place overall while Erkan Morgan (TUR-611) took the third place on the podium.

As the best went into battle the Juniors final was fraught with tension. First (NB-44)Seraus Gunther found himself out of the last day's final, then Jurgen Saragoza (NB-117) and Aron Etmon (CUR-2) were out. This left the path clear for Coen Swijnenburg from the Netherlands to win today's round 8 and claim the title of 2013 IFCA Junior Slalom Champion. Jurgen Saragoza (NB-117) is second overall and Aron Etmon (CUR-2) takes third place.

A BBQ Party, the Awards Ceremony and the World Champion Crowning, proves to be a fitting end to a fantastic championship, packed with thrills and spills and well fought battles. It is particularly pleasing to see a good mix of nationalities on the podiums.

The organisation has been superb and massive thanks to all involved in staging this event which will no doubt be a major talking point for many for a long time to come. Particular thanks to Cagla Kubat who has shown that not only can she put on a good event but she can certainly give the men a good run for their money on the water.


Another Great Competition Day at the IFCA JYM Worlds 

Day 4 started quite slow with a skippers meeting at 11:00 and the first possible start scheduled at 12:00. The wind was steadily building up while a new course was being set.

Today the Youths were up first and set the scene with some spectacular crashes at the first mark of the first heat! Local Poyraz Akay (TUR-1011) sailed his way to the top of the leaderboard by consistently going through to the finals, taking the bullet in round 6 and coming second in round 7. Ethan Westera from Aruba has been unceremoniously booted off the podium altogether! Simon Jacquier (FRA-32) and Baptiste Gallice (FRA-1000) hold on to their second and third positions respectively. Winds were blowing nice and steady around 20 to 25 knots and dropping down a bit during the final heats of today. This gave Jean Patrick Van der Wolde from Curacao his chance to shine at last - he won the final of round 7!

Masters were up next with some tough fights. Tensions ran high as (ITA-0) Rosati Andrea and (TUR-1) Icingir Ertugrul both OCS'd in the final of round 6. This opened the door to Erkan Morgan (TUR-611) to take the bullet at last rather than having to settle for his usual third place. No change in the order of these three overall.

The junior fleet top three also stay the same. Coen Swijnenburg from the Netherlands discards his first round of today after a spectacular crash at the second mark in his final heat. Bonaire peed boy Saragoza Jurgen accelerated to first position and won round 6. Coen made sure he took the bullet in the last round of the day. He is now a good 3.6 points clear of Jurgen Saragoza from Bonaire on the leaderboard so, with just one day left in this championship, looks pretty certain to win the junior title. Will Curacao's Aron Etmon be able to overcome the 1.3 points gap between him and Jurgen to gain second? For sure these three will be on the podium after some hard fought battles this week.

Leaders after 7 rounds of Slalom:
Grand Masters: NB-8 Saragoza Costantin
Masters: ITA-0 Rosati Andrea
Masters Female: TUR-75 Kubat Cagla
Youths: Poyraz Akay TUR- 1011
Youths Female: TUR-165
Unlu Fulya Juniors: NED-262 Swijnenburg Coen
Juniors Female: TUR-1199 Bilem Lara
Girls Fun Race: TUR-165 Unlu Fulya

Full Results:

Excitement Builds in Alacati Bay

The skippers meeting was held at 11:00am and a new course was set by the water crew. The wind was already blowing 18 knots from the right direction - 2 rounds of slalom racing was definitely on the cards. Plenty of speed, crashes, general recalls, winds gusting up to 26, even 30, knots made for spectacular racing and breathtakingly close fights to the finish in Alacati Bay.

Not such a great day for yesterday's Junior leader Jurgen Saragoza from Bonaire - he was fast but tension got the better of him when he snagged a PMS in one of his earlier finals. However, Coen Swijnenburg (NED-262) enjoyed a fantastic day winning 2 finals which takes him to the top. Aron Etmon from Curacao is sliding down the board to third place but is still 4 points clear of his closest rival.

Andrea Rosati (ITA-0) is on form and sailed pretty consistently against some tough guys today. In the final of round 4 Judin Leonid (SRB-01) had the best start and was leading but Rosati made it to the front, and also took the bullet in round 5. These wins put Rosati at the top of the leaderboard ahead of Ertugrul Icingir who had to settle for two second places today. The battle is on between these two! Erkan Morgan (TUR-611) steps up to the third place on the podium edging ahead of Ali Sinan Gerzile by just one point.

Ethan Westera (ARU-4) was sailing a lot better today and, being able to discard his disastrous first round and poor round three scores, has shot to the top of the Youth fleet leaderboard. Bernard Thibault was the winner of the last final today in which Poyraz Akay (TUR-1011) took second place in a super close call with Ethan Westera right next to him. Overall Simon Jacquier (FRA-32) drops to second, although just point-3 behind, and a clear six points ahead of Baptiste Gallice (FRA-1000) who is in danger of losing this podium spot to Poyraz Akay.

Two days to go and the Champions are far from decided!

Leaders after 5 round of Slalom:

Grand Masters: NB-8 Saragoza Costantino
Masters: ITA-0 Rosati Andrea
Masters Female: TUR-75 Kubat Cagla
Youths: ARU-4 Westera Ethan
Youths Female: TUR-191 Uralp Dilara
Juniors: NED-262 Swijnenburg Coen
Juniors Female: TUR-1199 Bilem Lara
Girls Fun Race: TUR-165 Unlu Fulya

 Tricky Winds for the Start of Day Two

"The wind's gone mad and keeps shifting", the AP flag is up once again, the course is being re-arranged and masters heat 1 will restart ... IFCA President Bruno said, "Never seen the wind so shifty and gusty in Alacati Bay . . . hope it gets better soon". Conditions remained tricky, gusting up to 25 knots, but finally the first heat was running and conditions were perfect!

Everyone was hyped up and ready! One round was completed for all fleets. Full speed battles, ocs's and crashes made for spectacular racing in the strong winds. It was a great final for the masters, with a win for Rosati whilst Ertugrul came from the back to second position... A lot of tension in the youth fleet meant general recalls in the final.

Great battles at the first mark in the juniors final, but Jurgen Sargoza from the Netherland Antilles was uncatchable and won the final today. We now have three competitors on equal points at the top of the Junior Fleet all with a first and second to count: Jurgen Saragoza and Aron Etmon from Curacao share the first position, Coen Swijnenburg from the Netherlands is third. There is some serious competition going on in this fleet!

In the Masters Fleet, Ertugrul Icingir (TUR-1) is at the top of the leaderboard with two firsts to count and Andrea Rosati now sits in second position after his great performance today with a first and a second. Vying for third place are Turks Erkan Morgan and Ali Sinan Gerzile on 6 points apiece.

Simon Jacquier from France is pleased to discard yesterday's 8th and tops the Youth Fleet with a first and second. Today's round winner, fellow countryman Baptiste Gallice, is now in second with Can Gov (TUR-194) in third.

Master Incingir Ertugrul (TUR-1) had this to say: "The event is very nice and we are lucky with winds. The are some good guys out there like the Italian Andrea Rosati, some from France, and my fellow Turkish sailors.

"I had fun since the first day and hope it will continue, also do I look forward to a good week and really hope the wind will stay. I found it useful to race on such an event as I get some good training for this season. I would like to thank everyone in the organization who made this event possible."

More on Facebook / Day Two Pics on Facebook / Results after 3

The Leaders on Day 1 are as follows:

Masters: Ertugrul Icingir TUR-1
Juniors: Aron Etmon CUR-2
Youths: Can Gov TUR-194
Female: Fulya Unlu TUR-165

Perfect Slalom Conditions for Day One in Turkey

The first day of competition started off with the late registrations. The final entry list shows representatives from 18 countries, 3 continents. Young competitors from 5 countries are joining the Turks in the junior fleet, the youngest of whom is 11 year-old Kuzey Oztas from Bitez, Bodrum.

Of junior age but sailing up in the Youth Fleet is talented Ethan Westera, aged 15, from Aruba. Regrettably he was disqualified in his first heat but went on to take the bullet in round 2. 11 countries in all are represented in the youth fleet, including Laurence Carey, all the way from New Zealand.

The oldest competitor in the Masters Fleet is Turk Turgut Kahrama who celebrates his 56th birthday tomorrow. 9 countries are represented. Italian Andrea Rosati is back to defend his 2012 title but faces some tough competition.

After the 11.00 briefing the masters kicked off proceedings at 12:30. The weather was perfect with sunny skies and winds blowing from 17 to 22 knots creating the best slalom conditions here in Turkey, Alacati.

It was a great day! 2 rounds for each Division were sailed today with 2 heat cancellations and 13 protests, one of which Mick Moennig (GER-601) vs Ethan Westera (ARU-4) was found in the German's favour and Ethan was disqualified in his first heat. However, Ethan went on to win round 2 and is no doubt hoping that the wind stays good for the rest of the competition so that he can eventually discard his first result.

Defending Champion, Andrea Rosati (ITA-0) seemed to be in control in round one but lost quite a few points with a premature start in round two - he sits in 5th place on the leaderboard. Winner of both rounds, Ertugrual Icingir (TUR-1), is in top place; Ali Sinan (TUR-74) is four points behind whilst, with equal scores of 9, Kostas Stamboulis and Constantino Sragoza both have their eye on third place. However, there are plenty who scored well in one round or the other today, but not both, who will be looking forward to the first discard.

Likewise in the Junior Fleet, it was both a good day and perhaps not such a good day for many. Aron Etmon (CUR-2) heads the fleet with a first and a second; behind him is Jurgen Saragoza (NB-117) with a fairly consistent 2 and 3. In third place Coen Swijnenburg from the Netherlands scored 6 in round one but then went on to win the second round. All to play for!

Tomorrow the first possible start is at 11:00am

Alacati Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy

Registration Day: Earlier today a final press conference was held at the Cagla Kubat Windsurf Academy, a beautiful location with a nice event set up and an amazing view over the bay of Alacati.

Some press and media were invited and got to hear about the events concept and its expectations from some of the main sponsors and main event officials.

Mobotix: Mehmet Hanlioglu / Turkish Autorized Distributor
Vestel: Feta Turungoglu / Corporate Communications
Mayor of Alacati: Muihttin Dalgig
TYF: Engin Kalafatoglu / IFCA Vice President
IFCA President: Bruno de Wannemaeker
Organizer: Çagla Kubat / Professional Windsurfer
Co Organizer: Orhan Gorbon

At the moment Registrations are still Open until 17:00pm while competitors enjoy the sun and winds here in Alacati and preparing all the sails and boards for tomorrows official start of the 2013 IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Slalom World Championships.

The official hotel of the event is Otel Yeni: http://www.otelyeni.com/

They are offering accommodations as follows for competitors: the price for person in double room including breakfast and dinner is 150 TL. Reservations are to be made directly with them by contacting mailthalilyeni@hotmail.com.

Alacati is located on the Cesme Peninsula, the westernmost point of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. It is 12 kilometers away from Cesme, a well-known holiday town that is famous for its thermal waters, clean white beaches and its vast holiday options. Alacati, overshadowed by Cesme until recent years, is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday places for windsurfers who visit Alacati Bay to enjoy its constant wind, nice waves and surf schools.

Cagla Kubat: Windsurfing has been a huge part of Cagla's life. Her love for the sport has been an inspiration to all aspects of her life. She has been known as a television personality, an actress, a model, a beauty queen, an engineer, and as a champion windsurfer. In her heart and soul she is simply a windsurfer. It is now her desire to help bring more people into the sport of windsurfing and share in the joy and adventure she has experienced. The Cagla Kubat Windsurf School has been founded to share her love for the sport, to inspire healthy living, and enjoy the beautiful conditions that the nature of Turkey has to offer.