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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2012/PJY Freestyle Europeans

for Pro Kids, JUNIOR & YOUTH
30th October to 4th November 2012 - Premantura, Cape Kamenjak, Skoljic Bay, Croatia


website: www.efpkids-tour.com and Facebook


Youths U20

1. Yentel Caers BEL-16
2. Rafael De Windt CUR-45
3. Passani Giovanni ITA-139
4. Paul Simmerl AUT
5. Riccardo Marca ITA-988
6. Maaike Huvermann NED-108

Junior U17

1. Steven Max ARU-888
2. Konstya Smirnov RUS-1
3. Jonatan Yagen ISR-02
4. Riccardo Marca ITA-988
5. Nicolo Tagliafico ITA-102
6. Mats Moyson BEL-159
7. Mattijs Lasore BEL-160
8. Maaike Huvermann NED-108 

Pro Kids U15

1. Steven Max ARU-888
2. Konstya Smirnov RUS-1
3. Mattijs Lasore BEL-160
4. David Schiebel AUT-19
5. Jonatan Yagen ISR-02 
6. Mats Moyson BEL-159 
7. Nicolo Tagliafico ITA-102
8. Tvrtko Ljutic CRO

2012 IFCA EU Freestyle Championship Concludes!

The winds returned and the freestyle action could continue on the final day of the 2012 IFCA European Freestyle Championships. Finally the Youths finals between Yentel Caers and Rafael de Windt could be completed as the first heat of that day. Both riders were on top form performing a great show of new school freestyle tricks.

Double eliminations 1

Straight after the youth finals we continued with the Pro Kids the U 15 category. The conditions were great and the wind was smoothly building up towards the rest of the day.

Rider of the day was Mattijs Lasore who made a strong comeback smashing all his opponents with a fluent routine of moves such as e-sliders, high flakas and flawless one handed spocks.

Yesterday's second place finalist Kostya Smirnov puts a hold to Mattijs his smashing flow and just like yesterday he continues to battle it out with the Arubian Freestyler Steven Max who was more than ready for the battle which he eventually did win in the end.

U15 pro Kids: Event Final Results after Double Elimination # 1

1. Steven Max ARU-888
2. Kostya Smirnov RUS-1
3. Mattijs Lasore BEL-160
After a small Break the Juniors the U 17 category was next in a bit more stronger winds.
Surprise of the day was when Matts Moyson got to kick out his buddy Mattijs Lasore in one of the first heats followed by Jonatan Yagen from Israel who beats Mr Mats and faces the Italian Nicolo Tagliafico, JY did the same thing as before and faces Riccardo Marca also from Italy who could not get his game together. Kostya the most focused and organized kid teaches Jonatan a lesson with a selection of powerful moves. The final was sailed between Steven Max and Kostya who missed a few of his tricks against the technical sailor from Aruba.
U17 Juniors : Event Final Results after Double Elimination # 1
1. Steven Max ARU-888
2. Kostya Smirnov RUS-1
3. Jonatan Yagen ISR-02

The Youths the U 20 category, were all ready for the double elimination with stronger wind gusts blowing over the skoljic bay. The high lights of this awesome elimination started where Giovanni Passani from Italy gave all he had versus Yentel Caers the second finalst of this morning's single elimination. Yentel won thanks to his explosive moves and continued his battle facing Rafael de Windt. Both Riders gave a great show even the judges were full of excitement.
Yentel scored higher with the following moves Burner, shaka, punch and a forward loop, unfortunately Yentel had to beat Rafael two times to claim the first position of this elimination.
A super Final was sailed between the two, many got to see the two sailors performing at their best and giving the judges a hard time to score.
U20 Youths : Event Final Results after Double Elimination # 1

1. Yentel Caers BEL-16
2. Rafael de Windt CUR-45
3. Giovanni Passani ITA-139
A fun super session was held so the kids could enjoy the great Croatian conditions all together for the last time.
This event was a success with lots of activities and most of all, results after a double elimination was completed for each age category.

A big Thanks to the Public Institution of Kamenjak in Premantura and everyone who took part in organizing this event. Continentseven for their support, Makani fins and the local windsurf station for the great products and prices. See you in 2013!

Day 5 - Another waiting day with warmer temperatures and again lots of activities.

A bike tour was organized by Adrenalina mountain bike team a local biking association which took us on a approx 16km beautiful ride through the Nature Park of Kamenjak.

Back at the event site a typical Istrian lunch was served and for the rest of the day there were activities such as horse riding, archery, sup and kayaking.

Tonight, hang out at the surfers Bar.

2012 IFCA EU Freestyle Championship - Day 4

An early start for the 4th day of competition did not help as the winds failed to pick up, to take the most advantage of the light conditions the competition area was moved further out in the bay. Unfortunately we only could run one heat of the finals and the winners finals had to be canceled.

Paintball was the next activity on the program and the kids were very excited to use some of their energy followed by the lunch break back at the event site.

Blue skies and sunshine but still no wind, next stop a visit to the Aquarium in Pula guided by Neven Ivesa. The building is a beautiful fortress from the 19th century with all kinds of marine life such as sharks, turtles, piranas, star fish, sea horses and many more.

Later that evening Karaoke took place in a cool local bar in Premantura and all the riders got to show off their vocal skills by singing their favorite song.

2012 IFCA EU Freestyle Championship - Day 3
Skippers meeting was held at 10:00am, the weather forecast predicted up to 25 knots winds in the afternoon but the wind direction was offshore so on the inside of the bay the winds were too unstable to run the last rounds of the Youths finals.
While waiting for the winds to get better with the next possible start postponed until noon, a football tournament was organized with 4 teams including a local team.
After a three course meal lunch, the winds got even less so a horse riding session took place and some riders and the head judge had their first time on a horse!
The competition was called off and everyone gathered for a little hang out at the local Safari Bar, an unusual place inside the Kamenjak nature park with the most beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea.
Later in the evening, the official dinner is organized for all competitors in a high standard restaurant of Premantura.

2012 IFCA EU Freestyle Championship - Day Two

The second day of the event started off with a lot of excitement with shaking threes since the early mornings. The skippers meeting was held at 10am with the first possible start set for 11am.

Winds: 20 and 25 knots
Sky: Cloudy with the air temperature between 14C and 18C
Water: very choppy with temperatures around the 20's C

Single eliminations 1

First up were the Pro Kids the U 15 category.

For some of the kids the conditions were rather difficult and cold but the Israeli kid Jonatan Yagen and the Austrian David Schiebel managed to score enough points to make it to the final rounds.

On the other side of the elimination ladder we saw the Russian talent Kostya Smirnov and Steven Max from Aruba with their best performance towards the final rounds.

In the spotlight was Steven Max from Aruba who managed to score higher because the variety of his moves including some of the new school freestyle tricks such as Burners and Kulos.

U15 pro Kids Results Single Elimination # 1

4. Jonatan yagen ISR-02
3. David Schiebel AUT-19
2. Kostya Smirnov RUS-1
1. Steven Max ARU-888

Second up were the Juniors the U 17 category.

In the first heat of the Juniors we saw the only female competitor "the cool" Maaike Huvermann from Holland who unfortunately was struggling a little in today's conditions and didn't manage to score enough points to make it through to the next rounds.

Riccardo Marca and Nicolo Tagliafico both from Italy pulled offsome nice tricks in the early heats, in the next rounds Mr Marca was stopped by Kostya who also competes in the Juniors and Nicolo was stopped by Steven another competitor who competes in two age group categories.

In the spotlight was Kostya Smirnov who impressed the judges with High Forwards and fast spinning Flakas. The final was between Steven and Kostya and the final decision was a 2 to 1 "a close one".

U17 Juniors Results Single Elimination # 1

4. Nicolo Tagliafico ITA-102
3. Riccardo Marca ITA-988
2. Kostya Smirnov RUS-1
1. Steven Max ARU-888

The Last elimination rounds took place after the tasty lunch break.

The Youths the U 20 category was next up this time in the rainy conditions with slightly stronger winds. Two new comers; one from Austria Mr. Paul Simmerl and Giovanni Passani from Italy did well for their first international competition.

The 2012 IFCA Freestyle Vice World Champion in the U20's Rafael de Windt from Curacao showed off a nice routine with a bag of solid tricks all the way towards the final rounds while on the other side we had the 2011 IFCA Freestyle European Champion Belgium's Yentel Caers performing a selection of new school tricks. Because of the early night fall, both riders will meet each other on the next competition day in a high class freestyle final.

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie
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2012 IFCA EU Freestyle Championship - Day One 

Inscription took place at 10am with 15 riders registered, followed by first skippers meeting with a event crew introduction and a presentation of the Kamenjak Nature Park.

No wind on the first day of the event so after the group picture, the competitors had lunch at the Istrian Farm nearby the event site in the park.

An adventurous walk on the trail of dinosaurs was being organized by Neven Ivesa the manager of the Public Institution of Kamenjak.

The kids could enjoy Premantura's beautiful coast line together with learning about the discoveries made on this amazing site.

Everyone was happy to see each other again and to meet some of the new riders attending the Tour for the first time.

In the evening the opening ceremony will be held at the public Institution of Kamenjak in the center of Premantura, with a majorette parade in which the competitors will represent the different countries with their flags.

The forecast looks great for the next day and the skippers meeting is scheduled at 10am with the first possible start at 11am.


Notice of Race


For your accomodation requests, please contact Lenka, she can provide best options (prices, wifi, location, heating...).

It would be highly appreciated if everyone could bring a mini country flag for the parade.


The whole area of Kamenjak is a paradise for surfers and lovers of water sports activities.

Due to the special climate and its geographical position, Kamenjak waters are exposed to the influence of winds from all sides. In the summer, winds of the eastern and western directions give surfers all day enjoyment on their boards. In the fall southerly winds dominate.

The Kamenjak and Medulin archipelago was once ranked as one of the most popular destinations for lovers of windsurfing in Europe. Due to the configuration of the coast our surf locations are safe and readily accessible

Also, with unspoiled nature all around you, Kamenjak is one of the most desirable vacation spots for domestic and foreign guests. See for yourself!

Travel info

Arriving in Pula by car:
from the west: Trieste - Kopar - Buje - Pula
from the north: Villach - Ljubljana - Kopar - Buje - Pula
from the east: Zagreb - Rijeka - Tunnel Ucka - Pazin – Pula

Arriving by sea:
maritime border crossing Pula

Arriving by air:
International Airport Zagreb - Airport Pula

Distance from other cities in Croatia & Europe:
Rijeka - 102 km Amsterdam - 1490 km
Zagreb - 288 km London - 1750 km
Dubrovnik - 696 km Munich – 607 km
Trieste - 126 km Milan – 535 km
Vienna - 593 km Rome – 756 km
Frankfurt - 1030 km Graz – 398 km

 Competition Schedule

Monday 29 Oct

Early arrivals & training

Tuesday 30 Oct

0900-1300 Registration

1300 Skippers Meeting

1400 First possible start of competition

1900 Opening Ceremony

Wednesday 31 Oct to Sunday 4 Nov


Sunday 4 Nov

1700 Prize giving