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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2012 AGM

Minutes of IFCA Annual General Meeting 2012

The AGM was held on June 24th 2012 in Hotel Monterrey, Roses, Spain.

1. Apologies for absence

Piotr Jankowiak, Kurt Svrcula, Engin Kalafatoglu and Ian Jones

2. National Associations represented

Delegates from: Belgium (Bruno de Wannemaeker), Netherlands (Eric Kling), Turkey (Bora Kozanoglu), France (Jocelyn De Souza and Aurelien Le Metrayer), Germany (Dennis Mueller), Spain (Xavier Torres and Miguell Angel Rioja), Estonia (Andres Valkna), Finland (Marianne Kaplas), Suize (Fabian Schenk)
Proxy from: Poland (Bruno de Wannemaeker).

3. Adoption of the agenda


4. Minutes of the 2011 AGM

Matters Arising:  There was no interest to change the discard system.

5. President's 2011 report

Membership if IFCA has grown this year by 20% to 33 countries representing 5 continents. Undoubtedly, interest in funboard competition, in all disciplines, is growing.

In April the Worlds Youth and Master were in Joris Bay, Curacao. The men had their Worlds in June on the island of Texel, Netherlands and the Womens Worlds took place in September in Hyeres, France.

The prize money problems from the WC Slalom 2010 in Brazil are solved.

Beside the World championships we had continental Championships in:
South America: Buzios (BRA)
Oceanics:  Dunedin (NZL)
European:  Hyeres (FRA)
North America: Miami (USA)

The pro-kids, Junior and Youth Worlds were successfully organized in Brouwersdam, Netherlands in July.

The European Championship was sanctioned through the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) where only one event was completed on the tour calendar. Similarly, the junior and youth championships were sanctioned to the EFPKT.

World titles 2011
Slalom Men   Bernd Flessner (GER)
Slalom Women   Delphine Cousin (FRA)
Slalom Master   unfortunately it was not possible to run the final
Slalom Youth   Gutek Kurczewski (POL)

Freestyle Youth   Rick Jendrush (NED)
Freestyle Junior   Rafael de Windt (AHO, Curacao)

6. Financial Report

Bruno presented the financial report. The full report is on the IWA website. There was some discussion about the positive result and to reduce the entry fees. Bruno explained the entry fee for all IWA classes is equal. Bruno advises not to reduce the national class fees as it is important to have some reserve. The AGM agreed.

7. Championship Rules

There were some remarks/ decisions from the AGM:
1. In rule 1 approval from the IFCA is needed for national championships. We have to look if this is correct.
2. What will be the selection procedure if there are more competitors as mentioned in rule 2.1. Although we hope this will happen it is not likely this will, but we will look if we can make a procedure.
3. Rule 6.3.1 has to be according the Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR). We will adjust rule 6.3.1. if necessary.
4. Rule 6.3.2 add “World” and “Continental”. We will look into this.
5. The 9th full fleet heat for the losers in round 1 has to be in the CR. The ladder needs to be changed.
6. The AGM disagrees with the new prize money split although the AGM agrees the prize money split needs to be revised. We will make a new proposal.

Although ITA, PER, GRE, SIN and POR agreed with the proposal there will be a new proposal for the Championship Rules prepared by the committee. This will be circulated to the IFCA members by e-mail for an e-mail vote.

8. Future Championships

Only Texel (NED) is confirmed for 2013.

10. Any other business

There was some discussion about the limitations of equipment in the Class Rules: should we change the 2 boards and 4 sails rule to 3 boards and 6 sails?
Opinions were:
- We bring more than 2 boards and 4 sails to the events anyway.
- 3 boards and 6 sails are too expensive (to buy and to transport)
- With 3 boards and 6 sails we can cover all wind and water conditions and we are more flexible

To make a discussion for changing the class rules one of the members has to make a submission for next year's AGM.

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