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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
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Competition/2012/PJY Freestyle Worlds

for Pro Kids, JUNIOR & YOUTH

Event website / Facebook / EFPKT / FINAL RESULTS

Day 5, the final day of the the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships presented by SONY.......( more )

The 4th competition day started off slow with super light winds. It was a perfect day for the local public to spend time on the beach, it got super busy right after lunch time and a sup (stand up paddle) contest was organized for everyone who wanted to join. ......( more )

Finally a sunny windy morning, a perfect day for the official windsurf freestyle competition here at the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships presented by SONY.......( more )

Bright skies and steaming temperatures on the second day of the Sosh Freestyle cup / 2012 IFCA Pro Kids, Junior, Youth Freestyle World Championships. After the skippers meeting a group picture was taken on the beach in front the event site. ......( more )

The day started off cloudy with temperatures around the 26 degrees, the first skippers of the event was held in the riders lounge area at 13:00 after the inscriptions took place. The general event information and the event crew were presented to the riders. ......( more )

Riders Introduction

tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Riccardo/riccardo lifestyle.jpg
Riccardo Marca:
My friend told me about this event, so I thought... "why not?"

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/johhny yalgen/johhnyface.jpg
Johhny Yagen:
I'm very excited to attend this event, it will be my first international event in another country.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/steven max/stevenkono.jpg
Steven Max:
I have been participating in many of the IFCA's Worldchampionships events for over 5 years now. It's always fun and exciting to be part of the IFCA and EFPKT events.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/mats/matflips1.jpg
Mats Moyson:
saw the event last year in Brouwersdam, and my friends told me the experience to participate would be great.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/arons/aron pose.JPG
Aron Etmon:
Yes, I am really excited because it has been 2 years since I last did the IFCA Pro Kids Freestyle.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/rafa/rafa shuv it.jpg
Rafael de Windt:

I am super excited can't wait actually, it's so close. But first have to study for school for a week have major exams after that, cannot wait to get on the plane to go to Marseilles.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Michiel/michie ey.jpg
Michiel de Cooman:
I'm happy to attend at this event although it hasn't been easy to combine it with school exams. But no better way as a start for my summer holidays.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Mati/mati face.JPG
Mattijs Lasore:
I am always exited for an event! And now it’s a really big one for sure!

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Nicolo/nicolo face.jpg
Nicolo Tagliafic
I am very excited both for the importance of the event and because I can share with other young talents my passion for this beautiful sport.
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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/maaike/maaike3.jpeg
Maaike Huvermann:
Last year at Brouwersdam, I saw the event partly and I saw that it was fun to participate in the event. I heard about this event from Nick van Ingen and I found more details from the event on EFPKT website.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/yentel/SHOVIT.jpg
Yentel Caers:
seems to me a super fun event with lots of young freestyle talents,

and also because there are more than just windsurfing.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/kostya/Kostya Rus 1 (2 of 2).jpg
Kostya Smirnof:
hope it will be great It is cool when you are joining the surf community. I was training when I had free time from school and when it was windy.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Antoine_lifestyle.jpg
Antoine Albert:
It's my first international event because I live in New Caledonia so it's unfortunately a little bit far away from Europe and whatever kind of windsurf event.

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tl_files/pics/stories/2012/WK marseilles 2012/interviews/Riccardo/riccardo lifestyle.jpg

Sylvain and Benoit Moussilmani are twins and both champions of internationally recognized windsurfing. Respectively, 2010 World Champion and two times Champion of France, they have already done much for their sport and are now the ambassadors of a whole generation of riders.

Their curls in the wind and always smiling, the twins rarely go unnoticed. "Les Mouss", as they are known on the circuit, perfectly convey the values of the sport: communion with nature, sports challenges and surpassing oneself.

For the sake of further promoting their sport, the organizers of the "Mouss Sosh Freestyle Cup", wanted to push on the center stage the young generation of windsurfers. Therefore, the 2012 event hosts for the first time the final stage of World Cup Windsurfing: Sony Freestyle Pro Kids. In this unique French stage, two world titles will be awarded:

- for those under 17 years - for those under 20 years - and an IFCA Class title for under 15 years.

This new wave of windsurfers each more talented than others and want to get noticed by their peers, we guarantee the performance along the beach Borely. Competition scheduled from Wednesday 20 to Sunday, June 24, Beach Borely Check out the Notice of Race and sign up now!

Enter by 23 May and get a 30 euro discount!!

 View spectacular action from 2011!