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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2012/Slalom Worlds


10th to 15th September 2012
Sun Wind Surf Club, Golden Beach, Paros, Greece

This championship is for MEN only.
There may be prizes for highest placed Youth and Masters Men.

Notice of Race


Discounted rooms on offer at the Hotel Poseidon of Paros -
contact Nehama Weininger + 30 69 74 34 14 91 - nehama@mac.com

Sun Wind is located in the center of Golden Beach, a pristine, sandy beach - Paros' largest - where, the famous Northern wind "Meltemi" blows 80% of the time in the summer months and is strengthened by the channel created between Paros and the neighbouring island of Naxos.

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Golden Beach - Paros - 84400 Greece
Tel: +30 22840 42900
Fax: +30 2840 42901

Mobile: +30 6932 737376
info@sunwind.gr or
surf@sunwind.gr   www.sunwind.gr

Paros - Greece

Paros, the beautiful island on the Aegean sea. With its quaint villages, crystal-blue sea, golden sand, legendary wind and rugged interior, Paros has much to offer for diverse play, intense sport or just plain fun. Located in the heart of the Cyladic Islands, Paros is a typical Greek setting, able to maintain tradition and charm, while providing diversions and amenities for travellers from all over the globe.


Noteworthy among the many things to see and do in Paros is the famous Ekatontapyliani (Church of a hundred doors) located in the main town of Parikia. This stunning Byzantine cathedral was designed by an apprentice to the master
architect who built the glorious Agia Sofia in Constantinople. The church, open to visitors on most days, celebrated it's 1700th birthday in 1996, and is the oldest remaining Byzantine monument in Greece.

Paros is also the home of the Marathi marble quarry, the most transluscent marble in the world. This marble, coveted by Classical sculptors and architects, created a livlihood in trade, ensuring the island's prosperity from the early years. Creations from Parian marble include the Venus of Milos, the Temple of Solomon, and in later times, part of Napolean's tomb. Visiting the quarry is a worthwhile activity just make sure to bring a flashlight!

Petaloudes, or butterfly valley, is a lush oasis amidst the arid mediterranean landscape. An annual temporary home to the migratory Jersey Tiger moth, this beautiful garden can be visited from May to August. It's located in the hills between Parikia and Aliki and a small entrance fee is required.


Most of the larger villages have shops with traditional Greek fare including ceramic, leather, glass, jewelry and traditional fabrics and housewares. Cobbled footpaths wind through the whitewashed villages where boughs of bouganvilla and pots of geraniums color the backdrops. Naoussa, the second largest village on the island, has grown up around a fishing harbour that still flourishes today.

For your travelling needs Paros has post offices, banks, travel agencies, foreign newsstand, shipping and courier
services, laundry and dry cleaning, both a private and public medical center, dentists and veterinarians.


Greek food is delicious and varied. Traditional dishes abound at numerous restaurants and taveranas throughout Paros. Local products and fresh sea food enhance the island's specialties. Vegetarian meals can easily be found at most restaurants. In addition European fare is also widely available. If you choose to do your own cooking, or you just want to picnic, the markets, green grocer, butcher and fish markets should easily satifsfy your palate.



GO!GLOBO IFCA Slalom Worlds Paros
Posted On:  13/09/2012 10:31:59

There are 22 racers from 8 countries, 2 continents, racing in 2 heats of 11 competitors.  After registration on Tuesday it was possible to run just two races.

On Wednesday the first heats were started in shifty (30-40 degrees) and gusty winds of 15-20 inots.  After 2 heats the race committee decided to send the competitors to the beach to wait for more stable wind.  When the Race Committee tried to start race 4 later in the day the wind dropped below the 11 knots minimum and AP over A was hoisted.

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina is currently in 1st, Bora Kozanoglu from Turkey is in 2nd, and Andrea Rosatti from Italy is in 3rd. Today (day 3) we are not racing as there is no wind.  The Race Committee made the right decision this morning to cancel racing and give the competitors the opportunity to explore Paros.  The whole day has seen shifty winds of 4-6 knots

The forecast for tomorrow looks promising - a southerly wind should provide a very exciting racing. Should be high winds, waves, and the race will be just offshore.

Results after 3

Photo Gallery on Facebook / and from Petros Paros on Facebook

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