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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2011 AGM

Minutes of IFCA Annual General Meeting 2011


The AGM was held on June 24th 2011 in the Riders Lounge, Texel, Netherlands.


1.    Apologies for absence

Piotr Jankowiak, Kurt Svrcula, Engin Kalafatoglu and Ian Jones


2.    National Associations represented

Delegates from: Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Proxy from:  Malaysia (Bruno de Wannemaeker).


3.    Adoption of the agenda



4.    Minutes of the 2010 AGM



5.    President's report

30 countries representing 5 continents were members of IFCA in 2010.


There are still some problems with the prize money from the WC Slalom in BRA. The Government (Tourism Ministry) has still to pay the organizer, so that IWA can pay the riders. So far we have received confirmation that the government will pay in a few weeks the organizer. We are confident that the money will come soon.


The 2011 junior, youth and master Slalom WC, in Curacao, had some problems with the venue and a lack of wind.


Slalom is still growing in popularity.


World titles 2010

Slalom Men                  Sylvain Moussilmani (FRA)

Slalom Women             Alice Arutkin (FRA)

Slalom Master              Marco Begalli (ITA)

Slalom Youth                Maciek Rutkowski (POL)


Freestyle Youth             Hendryck Balentien (AHO)

Freestyle Junior            Dylan Robles (AHO)


6.    Financial Report

See website IWA.


7.    Championship Rules

Freestyle/wave overall ranking

The general idea is to test the following during the next year: calculate only double eliminations once a double elimination is finalized, therefore:

·         If only a single elimination is finished it will count.

·         If a double elimination is finished it will count.

·         If a double and a single elimination are finished only the double will count.

·         If 2 double elimination are finished both will count.


Validity of Titles

The proposal is accepted by the AGM. “Titles shall only be awarded if one elimination is completed up to and including the final”.


Master and Grandmaster age groups

The proposal is not accepted. The age for Master and Grandmaster will stay the same as in the other windsurfing classes.


8.    Future Championships

The AGM approved the provisional 2012 calendar.



Worlds                                       San Juan, Argentina (November)

World Junior, Youth and Masters     Alacati, Turkey (July)

Europeans                                  Sylt, Germany (July)



World Junior & Youth                      Marseille, France



9.    Elections

Bruno de Wannemaeker (BEL), Engin Kalafatoglu (TUR), Eric Kling (NED), Bora Kozanoglu (TUR), Piotr Jankowiak (POL) and Ian Jones (GBR) are re-elected for the next period. We are still looking for a women’s representive.


10. Any other business


There will be a poll about the discards in elimination competitions (slalom, freestyle and wave). If 2/3 of the nations want to change we will make a submission to ISAF.


Discards      Races (NOW)             Races (as in FW)

0                1-2                          1-3

1                3-4                          4-6

2                5-7                          7-10

3                > 8                          > 11



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