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Competition/2011/JY Wave Worlds




Lobitos, Piura, Peru     31st July to 7th August 2011    Organised by: Asociacion Peruana De Windsurf

Notice of Race  /  www.surfperu.tv/windsurf/

Lobitos August 5th – Junior and Youth World Titles given

Today we started competitions early, with a very tight heat between Zane Schweitzer (USA) and Jonas Handekyn (BEL). They worked very hard to accumulate good score to win the event, and after many good waves, Zane jumped over the next round and Jonas got back to the double elimination.

We had to complete a lot of rounds today with very good action on everyone of them. Juniors made a very big effort during the final rounds. Arthur Job (BRA) loose in his heat, letting Justin Denel (FRA) to advance to the finals and compete in it with Alex Vargas (CHI). During this heat Justin ride very good waves, with good style and with tons of bottoms and cut backs, plus few very good aerials in his best waves. Alex, did a good job, but in the final Justin performed a bit better. After this, judges decided to call competitors to the stage to give the final results and crown Justin Denel (FRA) the first Junior windsurfing World Champion in Wavesailing. In second place, Alex Vargas from Chile, followed by Arthur Job (BRA) and Alessio Botteri (PER).

The heats continued for Youths with lots of nervous for all competitors. Previous to the final, Christian Saurer (BRA) had to compete with Erick Razzera (BRA) that was coming climbing thru the double elimination ladder with lots of effort. In this heat, both had good waves and good style, but Erick took the biggest waves of the heat and did more radical cut backs in pocket of the wave. With this heat, it was clear that Christian Saurer (BRA) had finally reached the third place in the event, and left the final of the Youth division to Erick Razzera (BRA) and Zane Schweitzer (USA).

The Youth final was amazing. Erick worked really hard each bottom turn and each cut back, with lots of power in all the waves. He also did some good aerials that helped him to have a much better qualification of the judges. By the other side, Zane worked really hard in his aerials, he really took big risks for big aerials, but unhopefully, in the ones he did the highest ones he lost the control when landing to the face of the wave and falled into the white water. At the end of this heat, judges called both competitors again to the stage to crown Erick Razzera (BRA) as the first Youth windsurfing Worlds Champion in Wavesailing of the history. And gave the second place of this big event to Zane Schweitzer (USA). Third place Youth was given to Christian Saurer (BRA). Amazing how Brazil allocated 2 competitor in the podium on wavesailing. 4th place: Justin Denel (FRA) 5th place: Jonas Handekyn (BEL) 6th place: Sebastian Aguirre (PER) 7th place: Wilfredo Blondet (PER) 8th place: Matias Canseco (PER) 9th place: Alex Vargas (CHI) 10th place: Nicolas Dudet (MEX)

Competitors in the Junior division will receive 600 USD of prizing while Youths will have 2400 USD for their prizing.

Tomorrow the action continues as all competitors are called for 11.00am for the JEEP Open Expression Session of the Worlds Championship. There are 24 competitors that will show in this Expression Session the best of themselves to win this special title with a 1000 USD prizing.

Hope you can come to enjoy the Expression Session here in Lobitos, and if you can´t come for any reason, just remember to visit the official event website www.surfperu.tv/windsurf/ to follow this championship at real time all around the world.



Lobitos August 4th – Getting closer to the semi finals

We have completed the second day of competition in this first Junior and Youth Wavesailing Worlds in Lobitos beach, Perú. Many people, from different parts of the country, competitors and authorities showed to watch the best sailors of the world ripping in the good waves of Lobitos.Waves were yesterday a bit smaller than today, but last heats showed waves of 1.5-1.7 meters height with long wall for 5-10 bottom turns each ride. Our event director, Mr. Ricardo Kaufman, called all competitors today at 10am to continue with the Youth and Junior heats left from yesterday. Until now, we have completed all first and second round for youths and juniors, and most of the double elimination series too. In the Youths, Zane Schweitzer (USA), Jonas Handekyn (BEL), Justin Denel (FRA), Christian Saurer (BRA), Arthur Job (BRA) and Sebastian Aguirre (PER) has managed very good this competition and at this moment they have won all their heats and are waiting for tomorrow heats to define the title.

Coming from the double elimination we have guys like Erick Razzera (BRA), Wilfredo Blondet (PER) and Matias Canseco (PER) that need to win their tomorrow heats to get back to the main competition rounds.

In the junior division we will see tomorrow a heat with Arthur Job (BRA) coming from the double elimination competing with the looser between the heat of Alex Vargas (CHI) and Justin Denel (FRA). Alessio Botter (PER), the youngest kid in this event, finally got a 4th place after loosing in a very tight heat with Arthur Job.

The wind today was really good with conditions about 20-24 knots most of the day and forecast shows a similar day for tomorrow, with bigger waves that can reach 1.5-2.0 meter height.

Hope you can come to enjoy all the competition here in Lobitos, and if you can´t come for any reason, just remember to visit the official event website www.surfperu.tv/windsurf/ to follow this championship at real time all around the world.

We are very near to the start of the first Wavesailing Junior and Youth Worlds Championship of our sport, and more competitors start to arrive to the event.

The registration days will be July 31st and August 1st at Lobitos Hotel, and competition will start on Tuesdays morning for all divisions. Hope you can come to enjoy all the competition here in Lobitos, and if you can't come for any reason, just remember to visit the official event website www.surfperu.tv/windsurf/ to follow this championship at real time all around the world.

Today we want to welcome to two more young stars of windsurfing that will be here for the competition:


At 17 years old, Zane Schweitzer from Maui, is a great ambassador for the sport of windsurfing. He loves windsurfing, specially Wave sailing, Freestyle and Racing. He is constantly working to perfect his skills on maneuvers such as push loops, double front loops, aerials, flakas, grubbies, spauks and more... Besides his love of windsurfing, he also loves surfing, motocross and Stand Up Paddling.

Windsurfing is a family sport, his grandfather Hoyle invented windsurfing and started the first windsurf production company in the world.

His dad Matt Schweitzer has 17 world titles and 5 time world champion, and his mom, Shawneen Schweitzer, was also a champion windsurfer.

His last achievement was in the lasts year North American famous Tour in Pistol River Wave Bash that he was crowned as the winner in the Junior Division. Zane has been one of the top amateur competitors in the Hawaiian surfing competition scene competing in HASA and NSSA for the past 6 years. This is the fourth trip of Zane to Peru, he has come before for the Formula Experience Worlds Championship 2008, and then for surfing, wavesailing and paddle surfing….so he know very well this spots and how to take the most of them!


Nicolas Dudet from Cancun, Mexico is actually 18 years old and is one of the best juniors following the American Windsurfing Tour that now is having very high level of competition. He is now living in the USA and likes a lot sailing in Wadell, Santa Cruz.

He learned windsurfing in 2005 when he was only 12 years old and since then he is working really hard to get the most of him to learn new tricks every time he can go sailing out there.

When he was just a kid in 2007 he won the first place in the Olympic National games in Mexico and he was really happy about that. After this period sailing Bic Techno class, he decided to go to Wavesailing and dedicate 100% in his dream of being a windsurfing star as Robby Naish. He actually loves Wavesailing and wants to give all for it.

Click here and check an interview some years ago in the beginning of Nicolas career on windsurfing:



Jonas comes from Belgium, he is 18 years old and last year he won the Belgium Wavesailing National Championship 2010, this was a very good surprise for some, but was a consequence of a very good windsurfer that one year before won the Junior Wavesailing title in Belgium. Jonas loves windsurfing, but also likes a lot Surfing and enjoys classic movies like The Endless Summer and Surfer Girl. He likes a lot being at the beach, and has spent most of this summer also working as a lifeguard in the local surf club in Bredene, Twinsclub.

He spends a lot of time windsurfing during summer vacations, and the rest of the year he studies hard because he is at university in Ghent where he does Physical Education Training. Still during studies time, Jonas handles his schedule to go windsurfing every times it´s windy, and also takes part of his time to share with all windsurfers in the world a cool Blog where he posts lot of his pictures, stories and windsurfing videos. So, follow Jonas Handekyn from any place just by clicking his official website: http://www.jonashandekyn.tk/


Christian Saurer was born in Brazil and lives in Florianopolis. He sails mostly in the famous Ibiraquera wavesailing spot, and is a very good friend of Kauli Seadi since he was a kid. Christian went to Peru in 2008 and had the chance to watch the first South American Wavesailing Championship ever. One year later he jumped on the tour and showed all that he was one of the best windsurfers of all South America. He is actually 3 times Youth South American Wavesailing Champion and has demonstrated his skills winning in Peru, Chile and Brazil this 3 last years.

Christian is not only a very good windsurfer, as he also enjoys most of his Windsurfing trips Surfing until the wind starts picking up. His favorite movies are The Windsurfing Movie II and Second life. He may have seen hundreds of times the first one of them. Christian must be one of the windsurfers that has sailed most in Peru during the last 3 years, and knows very well the waves from Lobitos.

This year is very special for Wavesailing, as IFCA has decided to give their first medal for Junior & Youth world title at Windsurfing sport.

Wavesailing is recognized as the most exciting and adrenaline discipline in our sport, and leads the Worlds attention thru the Professional Windsurfing Association tour recognized by ISAF, and considered by most of the windsurfers in the world as elite of the sport. There, most professional and legends of the sport as Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunckerbeck, Jason Polakow, Kevin Pritchard, Josh Angulo, Kauli Seadi and many others has reached the hall of fame of our sport.

With the goal to enforce new generations to raise in this way of professional wavesailors it born the first IFCA Wavesailing Medal for Juniors and Youths. For the first year, this event will be held in Lobitos, Peru, considered one of the best left waves in the world, with good winds and great conditions for a World Championship

This event will give a 3000 USD money prizing for the IFCA medal, plus 1000 USD prizing for an expression session Open division, where all sailors from any age can compete too and give a nice show to all the world thru the Tv real time at www.surfperu.tv/windsurf/


Alex Vargas is actually the South American Junior Champion, he was born in Chile and is 16 years old. He has been competing in international wavesailing events since 2009 and is looking for the IFCA medal this year. He is the first competitor to arrive to Peru to train for this event, and he is soon to complete his first training week in the north of Peru.

"What I like a lot of windsurfing is enjoying it with myself. My main goal is to continue getting better and better and learning new moves. I expect also to have good results in the competitions, but my dream is to live of Windsurfing, live on Windsurfing and to teach more people this great sport".


Justin Denel, 15 years old, is the young brother of Jules Denel. He was born in France and actually is one of the most recognized promises for Windsurfing in Europe. He is not only one of the best Wavesailing juniors out there, as he has won this year the second place at Junior Slalom IFCA worlds championship at Curacao and is considered the youngest windsurfer in the Formula Windsurfing Cup.

Justin has been training a lot lately, we have seen him trying all from "big forward loops" to tricky "one handed goiters". We are sure he is going to call the attention of media in this event, and in the future of our sport.

Enjoy this great video, with good wave action from Justin and Jules Denel at their home in France.

 In just six weeks - from 31 July to 7th August - IFCA's first Junior and Youth Wavesailing World Championship will happen in Lobitos (PERU), a place considered by many people as one of the longest and most perfect waves of the world.

Kauli Seadi was here last year competing in the South American Championship there and made a great movie about the place, that I am sure will motivate you and your crew to come to compete here.

The event is open for any junior (under 17 years old) and youth (u20). But we will also have an invitational Open division too for the older ones that want to compete too.

The event will consider at least 5000 USD in money prizing and will be transmitted worldwide at real time thru internet during all the event.

Lobitos is a great place in this season, with average weather in 26-29 celcius degrees air temperature, 19 degrees water temp, sandy and safe spot for wavesailing with mostly 1-2 meter height tubular wave about 150-300 meter long and 15-28 knots daily.

Hope to see you soon, for more information please send us an email or Check out the Notice of Race

IFCA are proud to announce that the 2011 Junior and Youth Wave World Championships will take place in Lobitos, Peru, from 31st July to 7th August.

The event will be organised by Asociacion Peruana De Windsurf, who, together with IFCA, have been working hard over the past few years to develop wave competition in South America.

There are many great locations for wave sailing in the continent, and many in Peru - spoilt for choice APW finally confirmed Lobitos, which hosted a leg of the 2010 South American Wave Championship (series).

Details are posted in the Notice of Race. The championship will be preceeded by a "Open Expression Competition" - a good opportunity to train and prepare for the championship - and explore the fantastic wave conditions with the best wave riders in the region!