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& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association


European Freestyle Pro KIDS Tour (EFPKT) 2011

Notice of Race  /  EFPKT Photo Gallery 

Tour Website - tour co-ordinator:  Ruben Petrisie

tour results overall 2011

IFCA/ EU Freestyle Champions / U13

IFCA/ EU Freestyle Champions / U15

IFCA/ EU Freestyle Champions / U17 IFCA/ EU Freestyle Champions / U20

1. Ike bradley baker (GBR)
2. Remco v d Vet (NED)

1. Steven Max (ARU)
2. Mattijs Lasore (BEL)
3. Robbin van der Vet (NED)

1. Yentel Caers (BEL)
2. Tim Ruyssenaars (NED)
3. Steven Max (ARU)
1. Tim Ruijsenaars (NED)
2. Marco Livraghi (ITA)
3. Yentel Caers (BEL)

EFPKT Six Fours The End

Clouds and rain showed up on the last day of the efpkt finals and the 3rd edition of the European Fun board Expression.

Riders were put on standby throughout the whole day, unfortunately the predicted forecast failed to show up and the last day turned out to be a groovy cozy waiting day.

A few interviews and lifestyle shots were done while some riders had a bit of fun doing a small tow in session. The awards ceremony was held at 6pm and all of the event supporters and event sponsors were present including local star Valerie Ghibaudo-Arrighetti Vice slalom World Champion in 2008 and World Champion in 2009 who was one of the proud supporters of this event. The amazing event and the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour has come to an end with many happy faces positive vibes and new European Pro Kids Champions.

EFE/EFPKT final results

Girls Final results:

U 15 Final results after one single elimination:

Tow in Final results after 2 rounds:

1.Rolien Caers
2.Anna Chiochetti

3.Loick Leseauvage
2.Mattijs Lasore
1.Steven Max

3. Adrien Bosson
2. Nico Akgazciyan
1. Julian Mas

EFPKT Six Fours Day 4

A cloudy morning welcomed the riders on the 4th day of the EFPKT finals and the 3rd edition of the European Fun board Expression. After the skippers meeting took place wind gusts were measured up to 20 knots on the outside, short after riders were put on standby with the first possible start straight after lunch. The boats were organized and ready to take the riders and the judging crew out to the competition area which was put together a few hunderd meters of the coast.

Continuing with the rounds that were canelled yesterday we saw two Dutch brothers Robbin and Remco van der Vet battling it out against eachother. Robbin won with a few more moves than his little brother and was up against Steven Max from Aruba. Steven Max beats Robbin and makes it into the final against Mattijs lasore from Belgium. In the losers finals we had French kido Loick Lesauvage versus Robbin van der Vet who actually had a hard time keeping up.

In the battle for first and second we saw Steven and Mattijs giving their best performance in the gusty conditions both riders managed to impress the judges with stylish looking flaka's, grubbies and a few sail tricks combinations including a gecko from Mattijs where he took both hands of during the rotation.

The girls were up next but the head judge decided to wait as the winds droped down to 12 knots. After a 15 minute break the winds started to peek up to 18 knots again, so the girls got ready for their action. A few tricks were done by Rolien Caers while Anna Chiochetti was trying to get some more speed to show off some of her airial manouvers, however the heat got extended with a few more extra minutes as the conditions continued to be tricky. Rolien added a body drag and a switch stance vulcan to her trick list just before the end and down the winds go.

The head judge decided to extend the waiting period for the other rounds untill the forecasts would become better. So everyone was brought back to the beach and the winners could finally be announced in the main event tent.

The Tow in sensation was on for the sun set afternoon session.

Winning moves and riders: EFPKT Girls results # 1: EFPKT U15 single elimination results # 1 :
1.Double Burner by Julian Mas
2.one handed Burner by Loick Viandier
3.Air funnel by Jordan Ema otu
2. Anna Chiochetti
1. Rolien Caers
4. Robbin van der Vet
3. Loick Lesauvage
2. Mattijs Lasore
1. Steven Max

EFPKT Six Fours Day 3

Another great day here at the final event of the EFPKT and the 3rd edition of the European Fun Board Expression. After the skippers meeting was held at 10am the kids were introduced to a group of kids from AJIR a local student association. The students got to meet and greet the Pro windsurfing kids and got their first lessons and introduction to windsurfing, both group of kids had fun in the light morning winds.

After lunch the head judge went out in a boat to measure the winds on the outside as the winds finally started to pick up, wind measurements were between 12 and 18 knots and very gusty.

After a small meeting with the event organizer Fred Bosson they decided to give it a try for the U15 age category while others were put on standby encase the conditions would become better later in the afternoon. The Kids were transported by boat to the competition area further out the coast while the judges got organized in their own boat ready for the first heats to start.

Steven Max from Aruba was able to pull of moves like flaka's, willy skippers and spock combinations advancing all the way through to the final rounds. Local kid Loic Lesauvage also did great but did struggle a little in the gusty winds against Mattijs lasore from Belgium who mixed up his performance with a few aerial tricks and light wind tricks combination, Mattijs made it to the final. Unfortunately the competition had to be cancelled as the winds started to drop down. The head judge decided to wait for better winds but instead of up the winds went down, so everyone was sent back to the beach and released for the day.

Shortly after another late afternoon tow in show was organized for the crowds on the beach of Six Fours. Some of the younger kids got a chance to learn and try out the tow in session.

Mattijs Lasore quotes: "It was awesome so cool I think I would like to try again soon."

Steven Max quotes: "It was cool but it's not so easy"

Yentel Caers quotes: "It was great I did a clean funnel, I actually did try it before back at home the feeling is quite interesting"

Top freestylers such as Antony Ruanes, Davy Scheffers, Julian Mas, Bastian Rama, Nicolas Akgazciyan and even Thomas Traversa and many others gave a great late afternoon show pleasing the crowds with some fascinating spinning moves.

Best tow in impressions came from Nicolas Akgazciyan with a one handed burner, Antony Ruanes with a smooth switch kono close to the beach splashing water sprays in front of the girls and cameras.

Dutch Boy Davy with the highest switch kono making the crowds scream Ooooooooooh and the final craziest move was a really high almost double burner supported by a wave from another boat performed by the tow in king Julian Mas.

The wind forecast looks better for the coming days and we hope to see more freestyle action from the kids and the seniors.

EFPKT Six Fours Day 2

Another great day unfortunately with almost No wind but, the clear skys and the sun shine created nice vibes here at the event site. After the skippers meeting the riders attended an interview session to share their windsurfing stories and back grounds. The schedule for the rest of the day contained a tow in show and a Sup contest. Short after lunch a tow in warm up session was held and 10 riders got selected to enter the official tow in show.
Each rider got 3 chances to show of their tricks and only one of the best tricks could be scored by the judges with support from the crowd who where able to manipulate the scores by screaming for their favorite rider or the one who impressed them the most.

In the spot light we had Nicolas Telle who smoothly managed to pull of a clean one handed funnel followed by Jordan Emaotu who surprisingly popped into a Air Funnel. As the action continued the next riders; Adrien Bosson, Nicolas Akgazciyan and Julian Mas dominated the the show with a selection of higher and faster rotations of new school freestyle moves such as Huge burners, double Air funnels and a double Air Bob.

Later in the afternoon a sup contest was being organized by the board brand Fanatic. A course was set and the stand up paddling contest was on for kids, woman and seniors. Another tow in show was quickly organized as the sun started to set, creating a cozy atmosphere on the beach. Riders were pulling of cool freestyle moves in front of the chilling crowds while photographers, cameras and flashes were actively in action snapping amazing shots of the sun set freestyle tow in show.

Another no wind day yet again filled with activities and action here on the beach of Six Fours

Tow in Show top 3 results: Crash of the day went t Sup contest senior results:
1. Julian Mas
2. Nicolas Akgazciyan
3. Adrien Bosson
Thierry Castillan 1. Jean Marc Viande
2.Nico Akgazciyan
3. Nico Liminana

For more event info, pictures and video you may also surf to the events website http://www.efe2011.blogspot.com/

EFPKT Six Fours Day 1

A sunny welcome on the first day of the EFPKT Finals and the 3rd edition of the European Fun Board Expression. The inscriptions took place from 9-11am, with participants registered from France, Holland, Belgium, Italie and Aruba. After the skippers meeting was held riders were being put on standby because of a too light off shore breeze. During the waiting period a tow in demo session took place where one could see explosive freestyle tricks from the local freestyle stars such as Nicolas Akgazciyan, Julien Mas, Bastien Rama, Adrien Bosson, Anthony Ruenes and Davy Scheffers from Holland.

There was a great summerish atmosphere and a nice crowd enjoying the windsurfing activities here on the beach of Six Fours with in the background, a play list of classic hip hop music tunes.

The event Head Judge decided to run a light wind super session for the pro kids. All the riders including two girls had to go out and demonstrate some of their best light winds skills in front of the judges.

We had a few impressive performances from the girls Anna Chiochetti (ITA) and Rolien Caers (BEL) as well from other riders like Remco van der Vet (NED), Loick Lesauvage (FRA), Paco Mercader (FRA) and Tim Ruyssenaars (NED).

Riders who scored best where put into a final round containing out of the 6 best riders. Short after, another great show went down and this time the riders tried to pull of the most interesting sail and board tricks. In the spot light today was Mattijs Lasore (BEL) who pulled off some "eye poping" gecko combinations and a viriaty of sail and board tricks.

The first day with a tow in demo session and a light wind freestyle super session! hey it was fun and exciting for the crowds and everyone else around eventhough the winds failed to show up.

Continuing into the night with an opening ceremony including a welcome cocktail on the schedule, now putting everything together makes the first day of the event a great one.

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

Super session results:

1. Matthijs Lasore (BEL) 2. Steven Max (ARU) 3. Rolien Caers (BEL)

Resume of the first two days of action on the 2011 "European Funboard Expression" championships that took place in Six Fours (South France). Freestyle action with tow-in sessions . . . Resume of day 3 and day 4 on the 2011 "European Funboard Expression" championships that took place in Six Fours (South France)

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/six fours/efeposter2011.jpg

Six Fours gets ready to welcome the 3rd edition of the European Funboard Expression"

The wave & freestyle windsurfing championships will take place on the shores of Six Fours les Plages (South France), from October 29th to November 2nd. The 2 most expressive disciplines in windsurfing will again be highlighted on this 3rd edition of the European Funboard Expression.

more ...

World Champion Valerie Ghibaudo-Arrighetti supports Six Fours event

Crowned with multiple world titles, local sailor Valerie Ghibaudo-Arrighetti is THE French champion in the slalom discipline: Vice World Champion in 2008, World Champion in 2009 and Vice World Champion again in 2010!

Local to Six Fours where she trains regularly in the Bay starting from the spot of les Charmettes/le Brusc (headquarter of the club SFWO - EFE organiser), Valerie is pleased to promote the "European Funboard Expression" Championship and final of the EFPKT 2011 Tour. 

more . . .

EFPKT Alacati 2011

Regrets - the 4th tour stop CANCELLED.


EFPKT Tour stop #3 in Bredene Belgium

Day Three - A chilly sunny morning with no wind. A few activities were discussed at the skippers meeting and one hour after the riders were having a beach soccer competition. The locals won with 7:3 against the other riders from the different nations.

A tasty Beach BBQ was provided by the crew at the Twins Beach Club. The Roxy Camp girls and the Quicksilver Grommets did a few rounds of fun races while the windsurfers including Freestyle World Champion Steven van Broekhoven got organized for a windsurf tow in session.

Steven was around and did a few interviews with the press and the kids got a chance to hang out a bit with the local hero. Steven gave an exclusive freestyle show in front of the camera for the media. One could see him being pulled behind a boat and busting moves like Burners, Flakas and Goiters. It was a great session also for some of the kids who managed to pop out a few tricks.

Groovy music by BNG was pumping out of the beach speakers during the tow in session and at the same time the crowed was being entertained by Colin Hemet who explained and announced the moves to the crowds. The music sessions continued until the sun began to create this beautiful orange purple looking sky above the horizon here at the Twins Beach Club.

The official awards ceremony was held for the Quicksilver King Of the Groms and the winner of the surf contest got a wild card for the next Grommet event that will be held in the UK. Windsurfers were released and would have to be back tomorrow on the final day of the EFPKT Bredene. Oh and there might be a chance to continue the freestyle eliminations.

See images here

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

On the first day of the joint event with the Quicksilver King of the Groms and the Roxy surf Camp we found ourselves in an interesting Belgian summer weather with light winds, small waves and a bright smiling sun with lots of local beach goers who came to hang out on the beautiful sandy beach in front of the Twins Beach Club.

The event organizer and the race director at the Twins Club had prepared a few activities for the participants such as long distance Sup, Volley ball and Frisbee sessions. Later that night a welcome dinner was prepared and served at the Twins Beach Bar followed by a Birthday Dub DJ jam session with BNG.

Day 2
Skippers meeting at 10:00 am on a nice calm morning with slightly side offshore winds with gusts up to 15 knots. The race director and the head judge decided to run the freestyle eliminations a few kilometers outside the coast with a best trick format, because of the gusty conditions the winds were better further on the outside. The riders came out towards the anchored boat as soon as the judges were located and the competition could officially start.

 In the first rounds the wind was still light but some riders like Steven Max, Yentel Caers and Marco Livraghi managed to do a few planing tricks while others did a few light wind sail and board tricks combinations. After the first rounds were done the wind started to get stronger so we continued straight after with a double elimination.

Day 2 Highlights:
5th place for Mattijs Lasore (BEL), who did vulcans and gecko combinations right infront of the boat with the judges.

4th place for Michiel de Cooman (BEL), who had a few nicer tricks with variety compared to his friend Mattijs.

3rd place went to Marco Livraghi (ITA) with his personal flakas, spocks, punietas and sliders in the gusty conditions.

2nd place for Steven Max (ARU) busting clean tricks such as one handed spocks, fast grubbies, punietas and a few shuv-its off the small waves on the outside.

1st place goes to the local kido Yentel Caers (BEL) who popped his tricks with a bit more power and style than rest of the riders. We saw him nail one handed flakas, a forward, punietas and a few more of spock combinations.

After the double the lunch break took place on the beach and the results were announced to the crowds. Straight after lunch the race director decided to for another single but, the wind started to get very tricky and it started to rain and rain and rain during the first rounds of the single elimination #2.

In the end the wind got way too light and the current got even stronger so the races were canceled for that day. Riders were on standby until 17:00 and were released after because of too much rain and still too light winds. It was an interesting day with a full double elimination done.

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

Pictures: Patrick Kindt/Twins Club


tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/res-1.jpg

The winners of the first single elimination of the IFCA PRO KIDS World Championships were announced today after the final rounds continued this morning here at Brouwersdam.

Full report

Final Results

Single elimination U15 highlights: In 3rd position from Belgium 13 year old Mattijs lasore who made it to the loser's finals by impressing the judges and the crowds with his routine of sail combinations and an outstanding clue first gecko. 2nd position went to Steven Max from Aruba who managed to pass his heats with nice performed moves such as spocks, flakas and shakas but, It wasn’t enough against the winner Ethan Westera from Aruba who performed clean double flakas, shakas and grubies. In the early rounds Ethan also kicked out Francesco Cappuzo who actually also is one of the strong riders.

Single elimination U17 highlights: A great one handed Bob was done by Dutch Kid Tim Ruijssenaars who also took the 3rd position by kicking Francesco out who might have been struggling in the gusty conditions.

The battle for 1st place was between Ethan Westera and Rafael de Windt. Both riders did well and the end decision was a close call but, Rafael de Windt had more powerful and stylish tricks such as a one handed spock but at the same time throwing kisses to the crowds definitely not something we have seen before in this competition.

Single elimination U20 highlights: In the semi finals from Germany Valentine Boeckler vs Dutch kid Nick van Ingen. Valentine seemed to have a few tricks that were not so clean as Nick's. Nick also had more new school freestyle tricks and advanced because of great variety. Valentine meets Rafael de Windt in the loser's while Nick goes head to head with his friend Rick Jendrusch who just won from Rafa. The 3rd place went to Rafa as he performed with power, style and right in front of the beach.

The battle for 1st was an amazing show between the two local boys however a higher shaka from Rick and a cleaner Kono separated the two from each other. Rick Jendrusch wins at his home spot and was well supported by the locals and the crowds.

Full report

EFPKT Minnis Bay event summary

The first stop of the EFPKT took place on the coast lines of Birchington, a village Northeast of Kent in England. Minnis Bay is a friendly beach with perfect conditions for sailing, windsurfing and coastal walking routes. The first event of the EFPKT was a Joint event with the UKWA tour. Both tours were hosted by the Minnis Bay Sailing club who provided parking, camping facilities and a BBQ dinner.

The forecast looked perfect throughout that weekend with good winds and spring temperatures predicted; on the first day in the morning the riders went out to try out the conditions and prepared themselves for the first elimination rounds right after the inscriptions and the skippers meeting.

On both days we managed to finish 2 repercharge rounds (two double elimination rounds)

The winners of the First 2011 EFPKT Tour stop:

U 15 category:
Ike Bradley Baker from the Uk who managed to get extra points with his chop hops and sail tricks leaving his opponent Harry Davis in second place.

U 17 category:
Here we got to see impressive performances from local talent Oscar Carmichael and the defending champion Tim Ruyssenaars from Holland, both riders nailed down some styling flakas and a routine of solid grubbies, Spocks and switch stance tricks but the Dutch kid Tim surprised us with a few new tricks like Culo’s and one handed Bob’s leaving the local hot shot Oscar Carmichael in second place.

U20 Category:
Sam Conroy who did a great performance was the ultimate winner, winning all his heats with his powerful style by pulling off nice double flakas, spin loops and stylish e sliders. He kept a solid routine of tricks throughout the event while Alex Mitchell who unfortunately did not managed to get enough points to overtake the powerful Sam.

The EFPKT is back this year with a selection of 5 confirmed events throughout Europe.

The first stop this season will take place for the first time in the UK, where windsurfing freestyle is well recognized among the young generation. The event is a joint event with the UKWA Freestyle Tour and takes place at Minnis Bay, Kent from the 28th to the 30th of May.

Pre registration is still open, drop a mail to info(@)efpkids-tour.com

We are proud to announce that the local windsurf legend Nik Baker is involved and has provided great prizes from Fanatic Boards, North Sails and Ion , there will also be accessory prizes from DaKine provided by Surf Sales the UK Distributor. 


Holland, Brouwersdam is this season's second stop where we will combine the IFCA Freestyle World Championships with the EFPKT from the 20th to the 24th of July; only at this particular event EFPKT riders are able to earn double points for the 2011 EFPKT overall Rankings. The event NOR is already online and pre registrations are open online on the IFCA website.

Or you may also send an e mail to info(@)brouwersdam.nl or info(@)efpkids-tour.com

The third stop will be happening shortly after the World Championships on the sandy coastline of Bredene in Belgium.
This year Twins Club is hosting the EFPKT event from the 3rd to the 6th of August.  More information will be online soon on the event website. Stay tuned for the updates.

Our fourth stop will be down in the bay of Alacati in Turkey where the crew at ASPC windsurf center are again more than ready to host yet another event this season from the 21st to the 23rd of October. More info will be available later in the season.

Last but not least the Finals are happening at Six Fours, France a great location that offered super conditions last year. The European Freestyle Pro Kids Champions will be crowned in France on the last day of the event which will be held on the 29th of October to 2nd of November.   
The EFPKT defending Champions:

Velentien Boeckler from Germany // http://www.valentinboeckler.de/
Rick Jendrush from Holland // http://www.rick-h120.nl/
Tim Ruyssenars from Holland //  http://www.windmaniac.nl/
Julian Wiemar from Germany //  http://www.g-2111.de/

Updates:  ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com 
Tour coordinator: Ruben Petrisie

The European Freestyle Pro KIDS Tour (EFPKT) is the result of collaboration between
the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA)
with support from the International Windsurfing Association (IWA)
& the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT)
Our Mission: To create great event experience for windsurfing kids
and to award the IFCA Junior and Youth European Freestyle titles 2011 in the U 20, U 17, U 15 and the U 13 Age categories.