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Competition/2011/JY Freestyle Worlds

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Final Results

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tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/res-1.jpg

The winners of the first single elimination of the IFCA PRO KIDS World Championships were announced today after the final rounds continued this morning here at Brouwersdam.

Single elimination U15 highlights: In 3rd position from Belgium 13 year old Mattijs lasore who made it to the loser's finals by impressing the judges and the crowds with his routine of sail combinations and an outstanding clue first gecko. 2nd position went to Steven Max from Aruba who managed to pass his heats with nice performed moves such as spocks, flakas and shakas but, It wasn’t enough against the winner Ethan Westera from Aruba who performed clean double flakas, shakas and grubies. In the early rounds Ethan also kicked out Francesco Cappuzo who actually also is one of the strong riders.

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-3.jpg

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-5.jpg

Single elimination U17 highlights:

A great one handed Bob was done by Dutch Kid Tim Ruijssenaars who also took the 3rd position by kicking Francesco out who might have been struggling in the gusty conditions.

The battle for 1st place was between Ethan Westera and Rafael de Windt. Both riders did well and the end decision was a close call but, Rafael de Windt had more powerful and stylish tricks such as a one handed spock but at the same time throwing kisses to the crowds definitely not something we have seen before in this competition.

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-4.jpg

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-18.jpg

Single elimination U20 highlights:

In the semi finals from Germany Valentine Boeckler vs Dutch kid Nick van Ingen. Valentine seemed to have a few tricks that were not so clean as Nick's. Nick also had more new school freestyle tricks and advanced because of great variety. Valentine meets Rafael de Windt in the loser's while Nick goes head to head with his friend Rick Jendrusch who just won from Rafa. The 3rd place went to Rafa as he performed with power, style and right in front of the beach.

The battle for 1st was an amazing show between the two local boys however a higher shaka from Rick and a cleaner Kono separated the two from each other. Rick Jendrusch  wins at his home spot and was well supported by the locals and the crowds.

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-1.jpg    tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/res-4.jpg

Results single elimination 1 Day 4 double elimination:

The double elimination continued after the winners of the single were announced. The wind was strong enough for a day full of freestyle action at Brouwersdam.

In the U15 spot light we had Francesco Cappuzo from Italy who sailed 7 heats and made a strong come back with high forward loops, shakas, e-sliders and clue first spock 540's kicking out Steven Max who got stucked on 3rd position. Francesco went on to face Ethan Westera from Aruba but Ethan was fresh and ready to defend his position with stylish e-sliders grubies and switch stance combinations of tricks while Francesco had a hard time staying in the competition area and obviously lost most of his energy fighting his way back to the top.

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-12.jpg     tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-11.jpg

In the U17 spot light again Francesco Cappuzo who surprisingly kicked out Tim Ruijssenaars who was not sailing at his very best.. crashing some of the most important tricks such as Kulo, Bob and swich stance chacho while Cappuzo was pulling off more tricks with some high scorers such as shakas on both tacks and powerful air flakas. He made his way to meet with Ethan Westera who also had a bad day in the windy and choppy conditions here at brouwersdam. Francesco who was on the heavy side took advantage of the conditions and made his way to final against Mr styler Rafael de Windt from Curacao.

tl_files/pics/stories/2011/PROKIDS WC/event images/day4/end-14.jpg

Both riders performed well after a long day of competition.

However a few tricks done by Rafa such as a clean double flaka, combinations of switch stance maneuvers and including his trade mark move "spock and kiss" right in front of the beach allowed him to take the victory in the double elimination on the 4th competition day.

In the U20 spot light there was this Dutch dude Pim vd Borgt who sort of wasn't even there as he got kicked out very early in the single rounds. In this double elimination he was the MVP (most valuable player) he won every single heat and kicking out Tim Ruijssenaars and Nick van Ingen all the way to be facing Rick Jendrusch in the final rounds of the double elimination.

He was pulling off konos, switch konos, ponches, Shakas, 1 handed funnels and forward loops to name a few. Rick Jendrusch in a way happened to be prepared for his battle against Pim vd Borgt. The judges had to really pay attention to this heat as both riders were on fire until the last few minutes it looked like someone's fire didn't hold it long enough a few crashes were made by Pim and Rick managed to add an extra trick right in front of the final signal of the heat with that extra trick being done Rick took the victory in this double elimination on the 4thcompetition day here at the IFCA PRO KIDS World Championships at Brouwersdam.


Results double elimination 1 :

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben petrisie

The third day of the IFCA ProKids World Championships started with a mellow cloudy morning. After the skippers meeting the riders were put on standby. This time not for too long as the sun shine finally came through and the wind slowly started to pick up.

The race director decided to run an unofficial expression session for the under 15 pro kids age category. The whole fleet attended the expression session in winds up to 15knots and was judge on their overall expression.

The 3 finalists:
The 3rd position went to Steven Max from Aruba
In 2nd we had Julian Wiemar from Germany
and the winner of the unofficial expression session was Ethan Westera another new talent from Aruba who was able to impress the judges with a flawless no handed flaka as his best trick.


After the lunch break the wind got a little stronger and the first heats of the IFCA pro kids world championships could finally start.

A lot of heats were done while some with a few cancelations as the wind got gusty and unstable at sometimes. But we managed to reach the final rounds of 3 single eliminations of each age category.
In the afternoon the wind got even trickier and caused a few more heat cancelations so the event was called off by the race director and the final rounds will continue first thing the next morning with a much better predicted forecast.

The U15 pro kids elimination was dominated by 2 new talents from Aruba, Ethan Westera who simply styled his way through every single heat while Steve Max who l managed to perform well with one of the highest shakas done today in the: "cold euro summer conditions" in his words.
Both riders will battle for first place in the winners final.

On the other side of the elimination there was 13 year old Mattijs Lasore from Belgium "the crowd pleaser" with his funky gecko combinations and sliding one handed spocks. Mattijs made it to the losers finals and will battle it out with Robbin vd Vet from Holland.

In the U 17 youths elimination there were a few close calls but that didn't stop Mr Rafael de Windt from Curacao who made it through all his heats with clean moves such as one handed funnels, double flakas, e sliders and grubbies.

Ethan Westera who also competes in this category managed to kick out a few good riders such as Julian Wiemar from Germany and Tim Ruijssenaars from Holland. Both above mentioned riders will face each other in the winner's finals the next day.

And on the other side of this interesting elimination we had Francesco Cappuzo from Italy who was stopped by Rafael de Windt. Francesco will meet with Tim Ruijsenaars in the loser's finals for the battle for 3rd place.

The U 20's juniors elimination was dominated by 2 Dutch talents, Nick van Ingen and Rick Jendrusch. Nick van Ingen kicked out Valentin Boeckler from Germany in the semi finals with a fluent routine packed with some of the latest new school freestyle tricks.
Rick Jendrusch the local freestyler simply knew how to pull out the most explosive tricks popping out one of the best Konos seen so far at this event.

Rick Jendrusch made it to the winner's finals after kicking out Rafael de Windt in the semi final, now both Dutch talents will battle it out for first place while Rafael de Windt and Valentin Boeckler will do the same for 3rd.

Stay tuned for the updates winners will be announced the next day after the final rounds.

22 July - On the first competition day the skippers meeting took place at 10am sharp. The kids were all excited and ready to go but, unfortunately the wind forecast didn't look too promising here at Brouwersdam so the kids were being put on standby. In the meanwhile the kids had the opportunity to play and have fun on the famous water jump.

Later in the day the water sports television crew showed up to shoot some media coverage. The conditions still were not good enough so the event organizer selected 3 riders to attend a tow in windsurfing demonstration instead.

The selected riders: the local hero Rick Jendrusch NED 120,

Rafael de Windt CUR 45 from the island of Curacao

and Francesco Capuzzo ITA 333 from Italy.

All of them managed to do a few impressive moves (funnels, flakas, konos) in front of the television crew. Everyone enjoyed it and the television crew was happy and did an interview with Rick.

The rest of the day continued with the kids on standby until the late afternoon.

Finally the wind started to kick in and some youngsters went out and play in the Dutch waters as some of them had to get used to sailing in a wetsuit or even shoes. The wind didn't improve so the race was called off at 7pm with the skippers meeting scheduled for 10am the next day.

 21 July -

At 10am the Skippersmeeting took place and all the important information was shared with the competitors. Since there was not a lot of wind, the next announcement was scheduled for 11am. The rest of the day the guys were preparing their sets, playing around doing sailtricks on a old set on shore.

12.30 a powerful pasta lunch was served to help prepare everyone for the upcoming action. Unfortunately still not enough constant wind to start the competition, but there was enough time to check out the waterjump

In the afternoon a motorboat was sent out with camera-man to film some spectacular moves with a tow-in session. This was great fun, and really the riders only need a little pop of wind in their sails to perfom their tricks. So, later on everyone had their chance to give it a try!!!

By the end of the day it looked really promising, but there are forces you can't control and the start got postponed and postponed until it got cancelled in the end . . .Looking forward to some more action tomorrow!

July 20 - Opening IFCA Pro Kids Junior & Youth Freestyle World Championship

After great preparation the last couple of days, we only had to do some finetuning and last alterations to the set up. Sun was shining, very light wind-conditions and the organisation was ready to kick it off!  Slowly but surely shortly after 10am the first competitors showed up at the registration table.

Around noon there was one big cloud coming over, a great drop in temperature and yes, this is what summer is like in Holland ;-)

By 4pm everyone pre-registered made it to the stage or informed us of a late arrival. Everything went according to schedule and all the riders showed up around 5pm in their Mystic-Event Shirt!  What a cool picture that was but it shows there are only 2 traditional surfer hairstyles...

21 Guys signed up for this competition with 8 different nationalities (Just a note... where are the girls here?), already sharing their tricks and information on how to impress the judges to upcoming days.

Dirk Doppenberg, master of the mic, informed everyone around to attend the opening and so they did! Mr. Peter Feller of "Gemeente Goedereede" opened the Event officially followed by Mr. Jan Leen den Dikken of GZH-Natuur en Recreatieschap. They were both quite proud to be in this position and the organisatiion as well, to have such important people coming over!

Furthermore the sponors should not be forgotten: Mystic, Surfmagazine, Centerparcs, Watersportverbond, IFCA, Porvincie Zeeland and Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam

Then the very cute car in front of the stage turned up the volume and all competitors followed the car to Center Parcs Port Zelande.

Here we were invited for a lovely BBQ and drinks. Mmm, great food!

 Interview Zeil en Surf Centrum Brouwersdam - A few words with MR. Uwe Jendrusch:

We have been organizing many events on the Brouwersdam like for example "Pro Kids Netherlands" and Summer Jam, a water sports day introducing sailing, windsurfing, waterjump, fashion show and much more to the everyone who's interested in being busy on or by the water!  The spot is called Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersd am, positioned at the Grevelingen lake. It has grown into one of most ideal locations to learn and practice water sports since 1993. 

Starboard Pro-Kids 2009 saw spectular action - check out the videos below.  Following that, the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) approved the first stop of the newly created EFPKT to start here in Holland in May 2010! For kids it is so much more fun to start with competition. They can check what their level is, meet new friends and check out the latest tricks among the young ones.      

Freestyle is also a great opportunity for days with lighter winds.We may surely expect lots of fun! Fun! Fun and loads of spectacular tricks. And if the wind would drop down, no worries at all we have plenty of activities for the kids. 

Light winds blew on the first day of the EFPKT event last May. While the riders were waiting for the winds they took part in activities which included a body slide contest and a SUP race!

Come to the Brouwersdam and join our event and never forget: Taking part is the most important thing!!!

Starboard Pro-Kids 2009 Brouwersdam Dag 1

Starboard Pro-Kids 2009 Brouwersdam Dag 2

Belgian Steven van Broeckhoven, top PWA freestyler (who just won 2011 PWA Podersfdorf) spent formative years training and competing at Brouwersdam.

"Every day is different as I want to go windsurfing. I travel a lot and every place is different. When I'm at home I check the wind conditions and for how many days it will blow. Than I drive to my homespot, the Brouwersdam in Holland to train together with Davy Scheffers. I stay there until the wind stops . . ."

"The windsurfing scene in Belgium is rather small. There are very cool events and freestyle events, but less wind and less competitors than in Holland. In Holland you find more spots too. That's why my homespot is in Holland." 

more . . .

Davy Sheffers started with the PWA in 2009, this year has gained 3rd place Surf World Cup Podersdorf and 7th place Vietnam PWA Freestyle.