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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2011/JYM Slalom Worlds

picture by Bea Moedt

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complete Entry List

IFCA Worlds on Curacao comes to a close 

The wind conditions were far from great, which is unusual on Curacao this time of year. Still, the race directors and competitors managed to sail one elimination round so official World Champions could be crowned. During the week, thousands of spectators came to the Surf Town and even more followed the event online.

During 5 possible days of racing, it was only possible to race one late afternoon. During the final day the windpredictions were great, but in reality the wind didn't show up. On Day 4 all the classes, except one (the Masters), completed an elimination round. The final heat of the Masters could not be sailed on the final day. The competitors did go to the starting line for a last chance, but no luck. This meant that by official IFCA rules there are six World Champions in the Masters class.

Jean Patrick van der Wolde (under 17) and Delano Moreno (under 13) from Curacao ensured local success by becoming the first IFCA Slalom World Champions for Curacao in history. "I am very proud. I don't feel special but I did win", Jean Patrick comments. "The means a step up. Now I have to prepare for the Youth class next year, which is much harder."

Overall, the organization looks back on a great event. The goal is to promote local windsurfing and to put the spotlight on Curacao as a perfect choice for future international windsurfing events. Bruno de Wannemaeker, President of the IFCA recaps: "Event-wise it was fantastic: great organization, great food, great people but very unlucky with the wind." Bruno Marques, International ISAF judge, adds: "Very friendly, fantastic organization, all you can ask for in an event. I hope it will become an annual regatta forever."



1. Sergio Mehl (Argentina)
1. Monique Meijer (Bonaire)
1. Constantino Saragoza (Bonaire)
1. Joris Bosman (the Netherlands)
1. Nikaj Droop (the Netherlands)
1. Diego Domenianni (USA)

Youth - U20

1. Gutek Kurczewski (Poland)
2. Jocelyn de Souza (France)
3. Jordy Vonk (the Netherlands)

Junior - U17 (+U15)

1. Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Curacao)
2. Justin Denel (France)
3. Amado Vrieswijk (Bonaire)

Junior - U13

1. Delano Moreno (Curacao)
2. Alex Halank (Australia)
3. Jean Paul da Silva de Goes (Curacao)

Sports Class

1. Ben van der Steen (the Netherlands)
2. Behrend Veenhuizen (Curacao)
3. Remco Osnabrugge (New Caledonia)

Download Official Final results

Finally we got some action on Curacao
Posted On:  24/04/2011 06:09:22

Late afternoon the wind picked up and the race director decided to go for it. Heats were held until nightfall, which is around 19:00 PM on Curacao.

Earlier in the day, everybody and everything was ready for it: the first race. All the contestants couldn't wait any longer for the moment that they would hear the start sign. But the start sign never came. 5 seconds before the start, the race was cancelled because the wind dropped suddenly.

Diego Domenianni was pleased to hear this because he made a false start. Phillip Muller and Jorn Schulte already expected this, "the race couldn't continue under these conditions." although Jordy Vonk, from the Netherlands, said that the organization could let the Junior competition start, they can race with these conditions. "We shouldn't all be in the water at the same time".

Bruno de Wannemaeker, president of IFCA, regrets the fact that the wind isn't like it's supposed to be, around 25-30 knots during this time of the year. "But, the day isn't over yet; the forecasts are still predicting some wind for later this afternoon. That's what we are all rooting for!"

Only one more day to go. Tomorrow looks promising and we hope to get some more elimination rounds in. The party in Surf Town was more quiet than other nights, as competitors went for some well deserved rest.

Results Day 4

Also we have the equipment forms for the die hards!  EQUIPMENT JYM 2011 WC

Photos from Day 4

Day 3: The wind was late, but a great day with big crowds! Posted On:  23/04/2011 06:59:01

Still no official IFCA races today due to lack of wind. We were able to hold a funrace. All competitors were asked to participate, and it was a surprise that there were approximately 70 contestants. Everybody is eager to go surfing!

With 70 competitors starting together at the same moment, the chaos at the first gibe marker couldn't be avoided. The first price for participants above 18 was a six-pack of Polar beer, so all the surfers went crazy.

Ben van der Steen was practically leading the race from the start. But, just a couple of meters ahead of the finish, the wind dropped. At that moment Jocelyn de Souza (17 years) took his shot, but he was already too late. Van der Steen finished first and can proudly receive his six-pack of Polar. Runner up, de Souza, deserves some credit for defeating a lot of great surfers. The third place was for Amado Vrieswijk, the sixteen-year-old racer from Bonaire. Very nice Amado!

We are hoping for a lot of wind tomorrow because want to see some great surfing. Luckily we could give the big crowds (hundreds visited Surf Town today) a taste of what slalom windsurfing is all about.


 Marco Begalli vs. Nikaj Droop

. . . time for a questionnaire with two time ICFA World champ and real contender this year


A moment with Ben van der Steen

So Ben, can you tell us your main reason why you are here at Curacao?
I'm here to help and coach some windsurfers: Jordy Vonk, Coen Swijnenburg and some masters, including Nikaj Droop. Besides that, I'm competing in the Sports Class.

What do you think of your competitors? Did you meet them already?
Yeah, I met them yesterday at the camp fire. I've never seen them racing or training before. So I can't tell you whether I'm able to beat them.

How about your training schedule?
I live in Tarifa, in the South of Spain, that's the place where I train the most. I often go to the gym, mountain biking, wave surfing, and windsurfing of course.

And how does mountain biking and wave surfing improve your skills in windsurfing?
You need a lot of strength to surf, especially in your legs. Mountain biking and training at the gym gives me that extra strength.

What are your best results until now?
2008 World Champion IFCA and Winning at the 2006 PWA, Wave Israel.

You're here with Jordy, Coen and Nikaj, any expectations?
I expect them to be at their best! I hope they will all end in the top 3 positions.

Coen and Jordy joined the conversation to talk about Ben's way of training and coaching.

Coen: Ben helps a lot with tuning my gear. When we are training he always corrects me when I'm doing something wrong. And then we do it over and over again.

Jordy: He has got a lot of experience, the experience that I still miss. By practicing with Ben I get the chance to improve myself and gain some experience.

So Ben, what's your impression of Curacao?
I haven't seen a lot, although I think the island is very nice. Except with the lacking of wind at the moment of course!

And do you like our Surf Town?
I do! It must have been a hell of a job to put this all together. It's like windsurfing should be: a nice atmosphere, campfire, relaxed people.

Last question, what's your ambition for 2011?
My greatest ambition for this year is to finish Top 5 at the PWA Slalom.

IFCA JYM Curacao - Day One, No Wind
Posted On:  20/04/2011 21:05:41

There hasn't been any races on Day 1. The wind stayed steady around 8 knots (a minimum of 11 knots is needed). Predictions for the next couple of days are looking good though.

The delay gave the volunteers and organization the time to relax after the big opening ceremony. The Surf Town has been perfected for the expected crowds this Easter weekend. The competitors enjoyed themselves with some wake-boarding and Stand UP Paddle-boarding (offered by local windsurf school Windsurfing Curacao).

If you want to know who is competing in which class, check the complete Entry List.

More on the event website, including photos from Bea Moedt to give you an impression of the day.

Prime minister Schotte opens IFCA JYM Slalom Worlds
Posted On:  20/04/2011 12:15:04

The IFCA Slalom World Championships on Curacao has officially started with a grand opening ceremony. With 85 competitors from 16 different countries from 4 different continents, this is the biggest windsurfing event on Curacao since the 90's.

During the opening ceremony there were various prominent speakers, such as Prime Minister Schotte, Minister of Education and Sports Lionel Jansen, President of the IFCA and main sponsors Albert Heijn and InselAir. They all had a similar message: the unique accomplishment of the organization and the Curacao windsurf community to be able to organize such a big international event.

The ministers officially opened the Surf Town, which features various shops, bars and entertainment. Afterwards there was a DJ and completely in style: a campfire on the beach.

Want to see more pictures? Opening Ceremony Facebook Album

How does Marco Begalli prepare for the IFCA Slalom Worlds?

So Marco, the Worlds is coming up. How do you prepare?

Marco Begalli: First of all I try the course a couple of times. then I try starts, finding the right angle with the corner and only after that I'll decide if I will start closer or not to the boat.

What will be your strategy immediately after the start?

If I'm in the first position and I have clean wind, usually my speed will let me win. But of course I always have to watch what is happening on my shoulders. If I'm not the first one to enter the jibe, who knows. I have to find a space between the other competitors that will let me take the lead. In any case, if you are in first or second position after a jibe, you're going to want to pump to get back planing as quick as possible.

Being the first at the mark is important

Give us one reason why you should the Champion Title again

In every regatta I do my best. Even if I'm 45 I will hunt down as many trophies as possible in 2011, especially the ones I won last year. Thanks to my training, I feel better every year. I happen to have many secret weapons, but first of all is my personal perfect trim and the right feeling with the rig and board.

From April 19th through April 24th 2011, the IFCA Slalom World Championship for Prokids, Youth, Juniors and Masters will be held on Curacao.
The organization lies in the hands of the Curacao Challenge, which, in just its third edition, has proved to be a welcome addition to windsurf competitions around the Caribbean and of course the world.
Curacao has great wind conditions year round with tradewinds blowing of around 20 knots. With an average of 8 sun hours a day and absolutely no need for a wetsuit, this beautiful Caribbean island has everything a windsurfer dreams of. The conditions are similar to neighboring islands Aruba and Bonaire, which are two of the world's most popular windsurf destinations.
The race itself will be held at the St. Joris Bay, a secluded bay on the northeastern side of the island where nature is still completely intact, no boats and has Curacao's best wind conditions.
Curacao has good flight connections from Europe, the US and of course Latin America and the Caribbean. Within all destinations of Caribbean airline company Insel Air, they will transport your gear for free. More details will be available on the event website. Also there are deals for accommodations available.  Check out our complete overview of lodging. The overview is presented by the Curacao Tourism Board (http://www.curacao.com/). This website provides a huge amount of information.

During the event there will be more than just surfing. A Surf Town will be created featuring various activities all with elements of the Curacao lifestyle. Caribbean windsurfing at its best! Also, on our website we will post pictures, videos, results and reports daily. If you want to make sure you don't miss anything, follow us on Facebook  or Twitter .

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

Notice of Race