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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2010/S American Wave

  Perú Brazil Chile
Tamaño maximo de Olas (mts) 1.8 1.5 2
Viento maximo (nudos) 23 32 28
1 Ricardo Guglielmino PERÚ 14
2 Christian Saurer BRASIL 15
3 Andres Tovar CHILE 19
4 Eduardo Herman CHILE 21
5 Felipe Wedeles CHILE 22
6 Ivan Saurer BRASIL 37
7 Kauli Seadi BRASIL 53
8 Rodrigo Cabrera CHILE 57
9 Matias Vargas CHILE 70
10 Camilo Galeano COLOMBIA 71
11 Jose Luis Asturquiza CHILE 73
12 Vincenzo Sciaraffia CHILE 73
13 Alex Vargas CHILE 80
13 Carlos Gambirazio PERÚ 80
15 Wilfredo Blondet PERÚ 81
16 Gonzalo Camiruaga CHILE 86
17 Fulvio Sciaraffia CHILE 90
18 Paulo Sciaraffia CHILE 95
19 Wilhelm Shurmann BRASIL 101
20 Levi Lens BRASIL 103
21 Konan Lang BRASIL 104
21 Nicolas Schreier PERÚ 104
23 Diego Fabre CHILE 105
24 Luis Ninkotter BRASIL 106
25 Eric Razera BRASIL 107
25 Sebastian Aguirre PERÚ 107
25 Martin Rojas CHILE 107
25 Luis irribarra CHILE 107
25 Juan Luis de Heckeren CHILE 107
30 Ricardo Valderrama PERÚ 109
30 Gabriel Cajaty BRASIL 109
32 Enrique Letelier CHILE 111
32 Benjamin Fabre CHILE 111
32 Andres Escobar CHILE 111
35 Christian Sanchez ARGENTINA 113
36 Gonzalo Ribba CHILE 115
37 Salvio Korman BRASIL 117
37 Felipe Pizarro CHILE 117
37 Jose Tomas Santa Cruz CHILE 117
37 Julio Pereiera CHILE 117
37 Pablo Pizarro CHILE 117
37 Victor Pucci CHILE 117
43 Sebastian Galdos PERÚ 118
44 Carolina Butrich PERÚ 120
45 Cristobal Santa Cruz CHILE 123
45 Paolo Schiraraffia CHILE 123
45 Rodrigo Oyanedel CHILE 123
45 Eduardo Gambra CHILE 123
45 Jose Miranda CHILE 123
      Suma final
1 Christian Saurer BRASIL 4
2 Matias Vargas CHILE 16
3 Vicenzo Schiaraffia CHILE 17
4 Wilfredo Blondet PERÚ 17
4 Carlos Gambirazio PERÚ 17
6 Alex Vargas CHILE 18
7 Fulvio Schiaraffia CHILE 20
8 Sebastian Aguirre PERÚ 21
9 Erick Razera BRASIL 22
      Suma final
1 Ivan Saurer BRASIL 3
2 Rodrigo Cabrera CHILE 7
3 Paulo Schiaraffia CHILE 13
4 Gonzalo Ribba CHILE 14
5 Salvio Korman BRASIL 15



After 3 stops of the Wavesailing South American tour, Ricardo Guglielmino (Starboard/Severne/Mormaii rider) got to podium in the first place of the Open Division.

The event took place in 3 of the most famous South American Wavesailing spots. The first stop was in July in Lobitos, the north of Peru. This is a place of very long tubular waves and good wind, mostly for 4.5 sails. During this event we had all, good 2m height waves and 1m very long waves and sunny warm days.

Then, in early October we stopped in Ibiraquera, Brazil. There we had 2 days of intense wind conditions over 25 knots mostly. This was maybe the most complicated for most riders as one day we had port tack conditions and the other day starboard tack conditions.

The last flight was to Matanzas, Chile. This spot came with 2 days of great wind conditions varying from 18-28 knots. Medium size waves gave all competitors the chance to show the best tricks in the wave while very good and high jump maneuvers.

After the 3 days the winner was the Peruvian Ricardo Guglielmino, who now has the South American Wavesailing title. He had 14 points at the end of the event, while the Brazilian Christian Saurier had 15 points and Chilean Andres Tovar (Starboard/Neilpryde) 16 points. Was really a very tough competition showing that South America is really strong at windsurfing competition right now. Christian, was also the South American Youth Champion while his father Ivan Saurier the master champion.

“For me this is one of the most importants events I have ever ride. Having a South American Championship with about 50 competitors and 5 countries participating makes me feel really good about all the effort I have done for this championship”, said Ricardo Guglielmino.

The South American championship tour was followed by competitors of Peru, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina and had 49 participants. We expect for next year more countries get into the tour and this open the chances for soon SA more wave world titles in the next years too.
This is an IFCA sanctioned event, organized in collaboration with the Peruvian Windsurfing Association, Windsurfing Chile and AWBS.

Round Three - Matanzas, Chile

After touring America for the 2010 IFCA South American Wave Championship circuit, I won!  I'm very happy and wanted to share this with you all!
The circuit began in Lobitos skills (Piura) in the month of July, and then continued in early October at the famous beach in Brazil Ibiraquera. The closing event for the entire circuit, and the one that defined the South American championship was held on the beach "Matanzas" in Chile and ended Monday.
I am very happy to have won this title, I treasure especially because it involves competing in the 3 countries at the highest level of South America (Brazil, Chile and Peru) and that of a great value because you have actually earned under the conditions of all countries, ie no preference for either.
I arrived in Chile in second and favorite for the last time, after excellent results in Brazil and Peru. Had climbed on the scoreboard all the time and the final stage would be crucial, especially for demanding circuit that included the top 50 competitors from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Somehow got pretty quiet, just had to make a good impression and I was sure this would be, but the unexpected happened, the impossible and the only thing that was not in the plan and was entering the first heat of the powers of the whole picture and I play for draw against 3 local competition, including the best windsurfers of Chile, the most knowledgeable of the Matanzas beach and perfect wind ... the wind is very strong: Felipe Wedeles.

I had already beaten Felipe in Brazil and Peru, but not on this beach!  In Matanzas, the wave is very aggressive and capricious, and adding that the wind was blowing above 25 knots, so I'm not so used, I complicate everything, especially because I ran in the first heat of the championship, though they had not trained before the run because there was no wind.

By losing the first heat of the championship, although it sounds unbelievable, I went from favorite to "last post" of the event, along with 7 more removed. And I went to the dreaded, complicated and exhausting playoff series, which have only one chance to return to the podium. If I lost once I was out. And I went to the playoffs in any place, but finally ... it's the worst.
For me it was about to touch the top and fall off the larger gap. Back at the campsite at night I thought too, about how he had given that title that seemed unattainable, especially money and time that this had cost me to go and fall to the bottom. But then I motivate myself, but who else ... hehe, and I decided to change the minds and assume that the championship had not begun for me. And despite the difficulty of climbing a playoff if he could climb onto the podium get a title with much more personal value if he wins the South American direct. I have to believe me because I had no other!
On their part the Brazilians and Chileans were more relaxed with me at the bottom of the scoreboard and the beach more complicated for me, the title became easier and Brazil aimed to be the champion flanked by Chile, which was relegated to a third time place.

Although it sounds strange, on the morning of the second day I went to the rock face where the wave bursts and decided, blank paper and pencil in hand, to write my whole day, since as I would like to be my first heat until the end of the event, end championship celebration and more. And so I went into my first heat and I had first. The second heat was hard for me ... I had to beat 3 Chilean including Kike Letelier (former South American champion and who had previously lost several times) .... so I did my best, good air and a perfect loop forward with a hand me saved ... and so, heat after heat followed up where needed, almost non-stop because as the shortened playoff tree had no breaks. At the end of the day I got a score of 14 points between 3 heats, and Christian Saurier (Brazil), who was after my first drop was 15 points. So, I managed to win the championship one point ahead of second place. And Andres Tobar, the Chilean who was the 2009 Open champion and local Sudamericano Matanzas, took third place in the championship to a point behind Christian.
OPEN Results:
1 - Ricardo Guglielmino (PERU)
2 - Christian Saurier (BRAZIL)
3 - Andres Tovar (CHILE)
It has been one of the most hotly contested championships as we have discussed point by point each in the championship.
The awards show was very good, excellent campsite in Chile, strong camaraderie. And the weather this time was wonderful, plenty of sunshine, warmth and lots of people on the beach watching the championship. 

I'm happy because I wanted this so much and have not stopped for months to achieve this. I am very pleased. When I got the title in 2008 it was difficult, but the level today on the circuit is very strong, and today there are also many new people that are prepared months to come to each date. There are youth taking maneuvers like double forward loop that belong in the world professional circuit. It's incredible!

Ricardo Guglielmino

Round Two - Ibiraquera

The second date of the South American Wavesailing Championship was held in Ibiraquera (Brazil) from October 6-9th and saw the best windsurfers of the region and of the world battling for the title.

We had 2 days of very good wind conditions gusting up to 35 knots and starboard and port tack conditions so all competitors had to give the best of them all the time.

In the Open division WILHELM SHURMANN (BRAZIL) got the first place followed by KAULI SEADI (Brazil), LEVI LENS (BRAZIL), KONAN LANG (BRAZIL) and RICARDO GUGLIELMINO (PERU). We had here competitors from Chile, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina, but for sure, most Peruvians and Chileans competitors had little experience in Starboard tack conditions so some had a few problems in the second day of competition.

In the Youth division Christian Saurier and Erick from Brazil got the first two places followed by Carlos Gambirazio from Peru.

Ibiraquera gave all of us a very different perspective of windsurfing in South America, specially because was the only stop in the tour that have some Starboard tack condition. The first date in Peru, and the next date in Chile have always port tack conditions.

This event is the second one in the tour and will finish in Matanzas, Chile, where all competitors will have their last chance to get into the podium.

Until now, the first place after two events in the Open is given to Kauli Seadi (Starboard/Neilpryde/Mormaii/Bra) followed by Ricardo Guglielmino (Starboard/Severne/Mormaii/Peru), while in the Youth (Sub 20) Christian Saurier is confortable in the first place, followed in a tie between Carlos Gambirazio and Wilfredo Blondet from Peru.

The first date of the South American Wavesailing championship July 20-24th "SAPET CUP" was awesome. We had good wind and wave conditions all the days so we completed all the double elimination series competition, with 22 competitors registered from Brasil, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

The judge of the event was composed of 4 members of the International Surfing Association judges staff that were prepared for this event and judged already previous windsurfing international events here in Peru.

Lobitos is a really good spot for competition because offers good long tubular waves between 1-2 meters and consistent winds from 15-25 knots mostly . . . and sunny days always. Competitors did the best show possible with good aerials, takas, goiters, back loops, push loops and many other maneouvers. And at the end of the event Kauli Seadi won the medal in the Open division, and Sebastian Aguirre (Peru) in the Youths.

The South American championship continues in October in Brazil and Chile, so keep tuned!



1- Kauli Seadi (Jp-Neilpryde) - BRASIL
2- Eduardo Hermann (Starboard-Neilpryde) - CHILE
3- Ricardo Gugliemino (Starboard-Severne) - PERU


1- Sebastian Aguirre (Starboard-Severne) - PERU
2- Christian Saurier (Neilpryde) - BRAZIL
3- Wilfredo Blondet (Starboard-Severne) - PERU


4- Ivan Saurier - BRASIL
5- Gonzalo Ribba - CHILE
6- Rodrigo Cabrera - CHILE

The IFCA South American Wavesailing Championship will have this year 3 stops, the first one will be at Lobitos, Piura, Peru from July 20-24th. This spot have great windsurfing conditions with a solid tubular wave and strong winds mostly between 18-28 knots daily, plus great weather conditions. At this moment we have confirmed sailors from Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru and hope to see other ones joining soon. Hope to see you all soon. Registrations will start on June 15th so stay tuned!

Notice of Race / Event Brochure