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The IFCA North American Slalom Windsurfing Championships took place in Virginia Key Key Biscayne, Florida.  Miami delivered the conditions once again!  Friday and Sunday had slightly lower winds than Saturday, but they were still fantastic for the IFCA North American Championship

Sunday saw a four buoy downwind course that included a start and the first mark set right along the edge of the reef in some 2 – 3 foot breaking waves! Most sailors were riding their biggest kit of 8 to 10 meters for the men and pros, to get max speed in the 12 - 15 knot breeze

Micah dominated the races for the men's fleet.  It is easy to see why he is a world champion!  Plenty of other sailors were out there competing at a super high level as well.  Diego Domeniani of New York and Miami showed his hard work and training are paying off.

The men's fleet has seen the future and they have something to be concerned about!  The new generation of racers are already really fast.  It was really something to see the kids who had all the perfect gear we never had back in the day, and the level of enthusiasm was inspiring.  Kudos to the parents for supporting these kids in their efforts, they have a right to be proud!

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Micah Buzianis  . . .

"I am back in Maui now after a long event in Sylt, which was very cold and some tough off shore conditions, getting ready for the IFCA North Americans in Miami.  I am really looking forward to going and competing in this event, I have been to Miami a bunch of times for formula races but it will be really nice to do a slalom race there now!!  It has been a long time since I have been able to do any slalom in the US so it will be nice to show off this discipline and see all the people who are into slalom in the US.  It is also great timing for me since the PWA racing season is now over I have just received my new Neil Pryde racing sails and the new JP slalom boards so I will be bringing these along with me to start tuning them up and show them off!!!  Anyone who wants to come and try them out please come by.  I will also have the latest and greatest Tectonics racing fins to show off and let people try them out.  Please if you are in this area come by and race or just check out the event and support the racers!!!  Look forward to seeing lots of people out there and have some good winds and some warm elements!!!"



The venue is Virginia Key Park. Miami, Florida, and the event will run from 21st to 24th October.  
Alex Morales commented: "After 3 years of succesfully running the Miami Slalom Series, the International Funboard Class Association honor us with the opportunity  to run the North American Slalom Championship.  Last year Gonzalo Costa-Hoevel ARG-3 won the title, this year Micah Buzianis will also be present to fight for the title.  Many more top racers from all over the world will be present, alongside USA's finest pro and amateur riders,  to enjoy Miami's welcoming atmosphere and hospitality …."