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& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/2011/S Americans Wave


Pacasmayo, Peru. 20 al 24 de Abril del 2011

Formato: Windsurf en Olas     Organizador del evento: Asociacion Peruana De Windsurf
International Windsurfing Association     Clase ISAF: International Funboard Class Association


Ricardo Guglielmino is the winner of the South American Windsurfing Wave Championships - FULL RESULTS

Event: South Americans Wave 2011
Venue: Pacasmayo, Peru
Date: 20-24 April 2011

Day 4: South American Windsurfing Pacasmayo.

After a day of rest, the day of the fourth day of competition began early. The strong wind and spectacular waves were the perfect combination to continue the South American Windsurfing Waves Pro 2011 "Copa El Faro Adventure Resort presented by Cementos Pacasmayo, the IPD and Jeep." To date, the repechage competitors had one more chance to stay in the championship and the Peruvians are doing an incredible job, while the main rounds of Open still making the rounds in northern waves.

Peruvians continue to amaze; Ricardo Guglielmino, the defending champion, easily advanced to the fourth phase of the main rounds of the Open. Alvaro Galdos sent one of the strongest competition, Christian Saurier (BRA) to playoffs, ranking second and taking a step closer to the title. Sebastian Aguirre Sebastian Molina and did the same in the third and fourth series. They join the previously mentioned to remain competitive and seek Copa El Faro Adventure Resort.
Our representatives will now have to deal with Levis Les (BA), Alex Vargas (CHI) Cajaty Gabriel (BRA) and Eduardo Hernandez (CHI), who also qualified for the Open fourth round.

The playoff rounds are best fought. Windsurfers give all out to continue competing, and that if they fail the lead, should leave the event. In these rounds, competitors must demonstrate and get all your claw to move forward and make it to the final.

Nicholas Sheri, Rafael Valderrama and Max Ramberg logrron classify playoff round 3 with Felipe Pizarro (CHI), Christian Saurier (BRA) and Rodrigo Cabrera (CHI). On the other hand, the Peruvian Wilfredo Blondet, Alessio Botteri - the youngest in the competition at only 12 years, and Carlos Gambirazo goodbye to competition in the company of Arturo Brazilian Job, which also failed to get the score needed to keep the "Cup El Faro Adventure Resort presented by Cementos Pacasmayo, the IPD and Jeep. "

Day 3: South American Windsurfing Pacasmayo.

Wind conditions were not appropriate to begin the third day of competition The event manager, Richard Kaufman announced that the day was not conducive to the start of the competition. The wind conditions did not improve by mid-afternoon, the fog was present.

Day 2: South American Windsurfing Pacasmayo.

With waves of more than three feet and winds of 11 knots, windsurfers of Youth and Open categories showed all their skills in the northern beach. Is forecast for Friday and Saturday, the waves increase in size and present a better scenario for the development of competition.

Pacasmayo wave machine turned on throughout the afternoon. The northern beach pumping the best waves going competition and is forecast to improve for the next few days. The second day of competition began at 2:30 pm with the second round of the Youth category at 3pm from the best windsurfers open in South America.

Wilfredo Aguirre Sebastian Blondet and placed in the second round of the main event of the Youth category. Both Peruvians have demonstrated a hunger for victory, sticking out the most of every wave they drink. With strong cuts on the lip of the wave and spectacular maneuvers with the sail, both Peruvians are emerging as future champions in this category.

Alex Vargas (CHI) and Christian Saurier (BRA) also became the third phase of the event and become strong opponents for our competitors Peruvians. Alex did in Junior Cup yesterday, while Christian is one of the best cards in the Brazilian team.

Alessio Botteri Peruvian and Brazilian Job Arturo playoff fell to third place after winning their respective series. They now must struggle to continue in the competition, because if you do not reach the top, leave the competition.

Ricardo Guglielmino, is the current champion of the Cup and his desire to contain the title and bear the name of Peru at the top, it shows in every move you make. Ricardo knows the beach like the palm of your hand and combined with his talent, resulting first in the series.

Day 1: South American Windsurfing Pacasmayo.

Pacasmayo gave the green light South American Windsurfing Championships in waves "Copa El Faro Adventure Resort presented by Cementos Pacasmayo, the IPD and Jeep." Competitors from five Latin American countries are already competing in the northern beach of the South American title in different categories. This event will distribute a total of U.S. $ 3,000 between the champions and has live streaming and real-time direct.

The start of the competition was postponed until 3pm to wait for improved conditions and windsurfers patience was rewarded with spectacular waves throughout the afternoon. Categories Youth Junior final and final Ladies were the stars of this first day Many Peruvians have begun with his right foot but the struggle is not easy. Wilfredo Blondet, Botteri Alessis Sebastian Aguirre and made it through to the next round in the Junior category, like Christian Saurer (BRA), Arturo Job (BRA) and Alex Vargas (CHI). Juan Carlos Gonzales and Carlos Gambirazo became playoff, with the latter who won first place and continues to compete.

The ladies final was pretty tight but our representative made the name of Peru very high. Taking a Veleritos experienced, Butrich Carolina was not overcome so easily achieved third place. The cup in this category was the Brazilian took Ligia De Almeida.

The Chilean Alex Vargas, only 16 years, reached the Junior Cup after beating Arturo Brazilian Job, who placed second and Peru's Alessio Botteri, which came in third position.

We also can go on facebook at:


Pacasmayo (PERU) is ready to receive all South American competitors for one of the most amazing Wavesailing events of the year. This championship will take place between April 20th and 24th and will include also prize money.

Pacasmayo is considered the longest wave for windsurfing in the world, so, just come and enjoy it.

Notice of Race


The South American Wavesailing Championship "El Faro Adventure Resort Cup 2011" will take place in Pacasmayo (Peru) from April 20th to April 24th. And this year you will have the chance to follow in the event online by TV webcast second by second, heat by heat all what happens there. This is the first time we include this technology in a windsurfing event here in Peru and we expect to have it for all international events coming in the future. This is not only the news, but we will have also the Score System online so you will see there how judges are qualifying the competion at each part of the competition and how competitors are advancing at real time.

We expect to have the Best competitors from South American countries, including 2010 South American Champion Ricardo Guglielmino (PERU) and 2nd place Christian Saurer (BRAZIL), also Levi Lens Brazilian star will arrive here. Eduardo Hermann (CHILE) and Tato Molina (URUGUAY) also will come to try to reach the title this year.

Follow us real time during the event here: www.surfperu.tv/sudamericano_windsurf/

Pacasmayo 22 marzo 2011 [HQ]
Esta fue la primera crecida de la temporada....los esperamos en el Sudamericano de Windsurf en olas del 20 al 24 de Abril
Length: 3:21