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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2010 AGM

Minutes of IFCA Annual General Meeting 2010


The AGM was held on November 19th at Hotel Solar, in Fleixeiras Beach, Ceara State, Brasil.


1.   Apologies for absence

Piotr Jankowiak, Kurt Svrcula


2.    National Associations represented

Delegates from -Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, FranceGreat Britain, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia Proxys from - Poland and Malaysia to Bruno de Wannemaeker.


3.    Adoption of the agenda



4.    Minutes of the 2009 AGM



5.    President's report

28 countries representing 5 continents are member of IFCA in 2009.

Last year we had some nice events.



In 2009 the Slalom Worlds were in Texel (NED) and the Junior, Youth and Master World Championship were in Bonaire (AHO).


This year the Slalom Worlds were in Fleixeiras (BRA) and the Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships in Almenarre (FRA).


Slalom Racing is growing in popularity. This year IFCA added the North American Championships to the calendar. In 2011 the South American and Oceanic Championships will be added to the calendar.



The second Pro kids, Junior and Youth Championships Freestyle 2009 was in Portopollo, Sardinia (ITA)


The Pro Kids, Junior and Youth World Championship Freestyle 2010 was for the second time organized in Bonaire from June 28th till August 1st. It was a great success with a lot of very young competitors.


The cooperation with the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) for the European Championships Freestyle continued with the tour sanctioned to award the European title to the series winner. The European winner in 2009 was Steven van Broekhoven (BEL). 65 competitors of 16 countries competed in the tour consisting of 4 events.


A new event in 2010 was the European Freestyle Pro-Kids Tour with 6 events in 6 countries, scheduled between May and November


Women in Windsurfing

IFCA started a new initiative with the help of Mara Van der Schaaf to bring more women into the sport, the aim "To encourage, support and motivate women in windsurfing, improve their status and boost the participation of women (competing) in windsurfing worldwide". In 2010 a Windsurfing camp was organized the weekend before the European  Championship Slalom in the Netherlands.  Unfortunately the camp was canceled due a lack of participants.


World titles 2009

Slalom                    Bernd Flessner (GER)

Slalom Master         Markus Poltenstein (AUT)

Slalom Youth           Enes Yilmazer (TUR)

Slalom Junior           Radoslaw Kurczewski (POL)

Freestyle                 No worlds

Freestyle Youth       Dieter van der Eyken (BEL)

Freestyle Junior       Rick Jendrusch (NED)


World titles 2010

Slalom Men             Sylvain Moussilmani (FRA)

Slalom Women        Alice Arutkin (FRA)

Slalom Master         Marco Begalli (ITA)

Slalom Youth           Maciek Rutkowski (POL)

Slalom Junior           Christian Justesen (DEN)

Freestyle                 No worlds

Freestyle Youth       Hendryck Balentien (AHO)

Freestyle Junior       Dylan Robles (AHO)


6.    Financial Report

See website IWA


7.    Championship Rules

Some discussion about the scoring when there is a double and a single elimination. In the Championship Rules the double and single elimination have the same value. The AGM asks to study if this can be changed. (ie double elimination counts double)


8.    PWA

IFCA wants to improve  cooperation with the PWA. Also PWA wants to cooperate with the IFCA. One of the key issues is the World Championships. PWA will organize the Pro Worlds and the IFCA the Amateur Worlds. The AGM welcomes the cooperation between IFCA and PWA but does not agree with the name "Amateur Worlds". The IFCA Worlds shall be called "IFCA Worlds".


9.    Windsurfing Competition Rules

The IFCA will propose to change WCR 64.1 to add 64.1(e): "When there is a minor and unavoidable contact, rule 64.1(a) does not apply and no board shall be penalized."


10.   Future Championships

The AGM approved the planned 2011 calendar and looked at the 2012 schedule



World Junior, Youth and Masters       Curacao                        Antilles             April 19th - 25th

World Men and Women                    Texel                            Netherlands       June 20th - 25th

European Men and Women               Hyeres                          France              Sept/Oct - tbc

South Americans                             Armacao de Buzios,RJ   Brazil                February 5 th - 25th

Oceanics                                        Dunedin                        New Zealand      February 16th - 19th



World Junior, Youth and Masters       Brouwersdam    Netherlands       July 20th - 24th

Europeans                                       EFPT Tour

GP                                                 Icarizinhio          Brazil                November


11.    Any other business



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