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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Organisation/Reports to ISAF/2010

2010 annual report from IFCA to ISAF Windsurfing Committee

Membership - 28 countries, representing 5 continents, an increase on 2009.


The Slalom Worlds are to be held in Flexeiras, Brasil, from 16th to 21st  November.

The 2009 Slalom World Champion was Bernd Flessner (GER).

The Junior (Pro Kids) and Youth & Masters World Championship was organized in Almanarre, Hyeres, France, from 10th to 15th April. The Master title was won by Marco Begali (ITA) and the Youth title by Maciek Rutkowski (POL). The top woman in the championships was Alice Arutkin (FRA). The co-operation with the Starboard Pro Kids Slalom was once again a fantastic experience. In total 128 age group competitors participated in the slalom racing format in Hyeres.

The Slalom European Championship took place in the Netherlands as part of the annual Zwitserleven Round Texel Festival, from 14th to 19th June. This event was won by Julien Quentel (FRA).

Slalom Racing is growing in popularity - this year IFCA have added a North American championship to the calendar, to which will be added a South American and Oceanic championship in 2011.


The Pro Kids and Junior & Youth World Championship was organized in Sorbonne, Bonaire, from 28th July to 1st August. The Youth title was won by Hendryck Balentien and the Junior title by Dylan Robles.

European Championship. EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) continued the co-operation with IFCA with the tour sanctioned to award the European title to the series winner. The European title was retained by 2009 champion Steven van Broeckhoven (BEL). 65 sailors from 16 countries competed on the tour consisting of 4 events.

New for 2010 was the European Freestyle Pro-KIDS Tour - with 6 events, in 6 countries, scheduled between May and November.

Women in Windsurfing.

IFCA championed a new initiative to bring more women into the sport, the aim -'To encourage, support and motivate women in windsurfing, improve their status and boost the participation of women (competing) in windsurfing worldwide'.

2010 AGM

The 2010 AGM will be held during the Slalom World Championships.

Bruno De Wannemaeker
President IFCA

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