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Competition/EFPKT 2010

Read the full round-up in Windsurfer International December issue

European Freestyle Pro KIDS Tour (EFPKT) 2010

The European Freestyle Pro KIDS Tour (EFPKT) is the result of a collaboration between the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) and the European Freestyle ProTour (EKPT).

Tour Website - tour co-ordinator:  Ruben Petrisie

Six events are scheduled for 2010 and the series result will award the IFCA Junior and Youth European Freestyle titles.

NED Brouwersdam 8-9 May mailtinfo@brouwersdam.nl
GER Fehmarn 13-16 May mailtinfo@choppywater.de
GBR Hove Lagoon in Brighton 5-6 June mailtt50rev@freedom255.com
ITA Reggio Calabria Regatta 16-18 July


TUR Alacati 15-17 October mailtevents@alacati.info
FRA Six Fours 11-14 November mailtbosson.frederic@wanadoo.fr

Notice of Race

Six Fours les Plage, Le Brusc
-  event summary

The finals of the EFPKT took place from the 10th to 14th of November, on the South East coast of France on the beaches of the Six Fours Windsurf Organisation.

Le Brusc is a cool laid back village that welcomed 55 windsurfers who were ready to compete in freestyle and wave.  In the kids category we had riders from Holland, Germany, Italy and France.
The Mistral winds blew a solid 25-30 knots winds from the first day. It was super timing as it enabled 2 double eliminations in Freestyle to be completed. The choppy waters of Le Brusc made it rather difficult for the foreign freestylers as many of them were not used to the conditions in a spot like this one.

On the first day, after the inscriptions and skippers meeting, we completed 3 single eliminations in the following categories EFPKT U 17, EFPKT U 20, and the France Nationals which was run as an open event.

In the EFPKT U 20 single elimination finalists we had the local hero Adrian Bosson who took first place followed by Italian styler Mattia Fabrizi ,  and Italian Livraghi Marco on the third position.

In the EFPKT U 17 we had the Dutch young gun Tim Ruyssenars who sailed a nice heat leaving French super kid Lesauvage Loic who is just 10 years of age in 2nd and French talent Paco Mercade in 3rd.

In the French nationals we made it towards the quarter finals followed by a waiting period as the winds got lighter and lighter and lighter and so the final rounds needed to be postponed until the next day as the forecast looked windy again for the next morning. However the first day of the event was done as the sunset on a late French afternoon.

On the second day the skippers meeting was held at 9:30am with the first start of the French nationals at 10:00am sharp.

The Local hero Mr. Bosson could take the lead with a combination of a fluent morning routine packed with clean and stylish tricks. Italian funkster Filipo Bestetti took 2nd and the 3rd place went to yellow man Canepa Manu who sailed with a powerful classic style in front of the crowds.

Finally the double elimination rounds could start and we decide to run the French nationals first because of the strong winds which was predicted to get less in the afternoon but still would be enough for the kids to play and have fun.

In the French nationals we had a battle between Italian Funkster Bestetti and the Local hero Mr.Bosson for the first place, it was a tight heat and the crowd waited for a while under pressure as the judges took a while to recheck the judging sheets to make the final call. The victory went to Adrian Bosson who managed to pull off  more variety of maneuvers and some of the new school spinning tricks. Leaving Bestetti the Italian in 2nd and the 3rd  place went to Canepa Manu.

In the EFPKT U 20 Genazzani Demetrio managed to work his way up to the number 3 slot leaving Valentin Bockler in 4th. The final rounds were exciting as Mr.Bosson could not run the same routine as before while the Italian styler was on fire nailing new school tricks a few meters from the crowds it was clear that he had won, but… in order to claim his victory he had to beat the Local hero twice and yes they were at it again this time both sailors were busting more difficult tricks it was a real show down - a "super final".

Following heats were up for the EFPKT U 17.  The little 10 year old French kid lost his position and got stashed on 3rd place.  Meanwhile Paco Mercade from France went up one position and earned a well deserved 2nd place.  And the 1st place went to 14 year old Tim Ruyssenars who actually was the only rider in this event doing nice one handed Bobs (normal stance funnel).  The freestylers were all happy and most of them kept sailing until it was dark.  The forecast for the next day directed us to warn all wave sailors to be ready for action.

On the third day the winds shifted a bit and the wind swells were rolling just fine to run the French nationals wave event which also was an open event.  The event moved to the wave spot la coudoulere which is a 5 min drive by car. Everything was set up by the event organizers and crew.  We managed to run a single elimination on a long day full of wave riding and jumps including the French windsurfing chikas rounds.

for Pictures:  EFE/EFPKT Images

Results EFPkt – 20 ans after 1 double elimination  
1/ Mattia Fabrizzi (Italy – Fanatic/North)        
2/ Adrien Bosson (France - SFWO – Fanatic/North)    
3/ Demetrio Genazzani (Italy)            
4/ Valentin Boeckler (Germany – Tabou/Vandal)             
5/ Nadir Balena (Italy)        

Results EFPkt – 17 ans after 1 double elimination
1/ Tim Ruyssenars (Nederlands – Aerotech/Roha.eu)
2/ Paco Mercader (France -SFWO – Tabou/Hot Sails) 
3/ Loic Lesauvage (France - SFWO)
4/ Valentin Abrial (France - SFWO) 
Full EFPKT results see here…



EFPKT Alacati Final Report

From 15th till 18th of Oktober the EFPKT (European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour) took Place at Alacati in Turkey. Young riders from Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Turkey joined the Competition. The Favorite was 15 years old Rick Jendrusch from Netherlands, who just won the Pro Kids World title and got second in the Dutch Championships, but also the Germans Valentin Boeckler and Julian Wiemar made it clear, that they are guys to watch out for.The first two days it was not possible to start a competition, but the third day the wind finally showed up with gusty conditions and so the young guys showed their skills and sailed heats with a combination of light wind moves like Geckos or sail tricks. There was a bit of pumping to show a couple of sliding tricks in every heat. Really amazing was the show of Rick Jendrusch who sailed on a 4.3 and went into planing earliest showing really fast Flakas, Eslider etc. Rick, Valentin and Julian got qualified for the A-Final.

But couple of minutes before the final the wind dropped and the last Heat of the day was the B Final between the Polish Karol who also managed to performed well in the previous heats. Karol also won the B Final and took the 4th position.

A competition without a final wouldn´t be a successful compitition. So the organizers decided to run the final on Monday the 18th. As promised the Wind kicked in with 25kn at 10.00 am in the morning the final got started and we saw a nice show from the three top boys. Pretty tight was the decision between 2nd and 3rd position. In the end Valentin made it in front of Julian on 2nd place while Rick managed to put down again another amazing show by pulling many difficult tricks. It eventually awarded him a well deserved first position at this 4th stop of the EFPKT in Alacati.

see results...

Following the success of the previous edition launched in Nov. 2009, the "National Funboard Expression" will try in 2010 to bring together again all wave and freestyle addicts, pros and amateurs, on the spots of Six Fours in South France, from 10 to 14 November.       

This year, the "National" event becomes "European" as it will host the finals of the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour in addition to Expression Freestyle – Freestyle contest open to riders over 20 y.o and National Funboard Expression Vagues – Wave contest open to all riders       

Freestyle and Wave categories of the "National Funboard" still remain in the program and will be launched according to the daily conditions encountered. The local wind, the famous "Mistral" (NNW) could blow at this time of the year and so reveal the 2 local spots of Le Brusc and La Coudouliere. In this context, Ruben Petrisie, manager of EFPkT circuit will work alongside french judge Pascal Joly and his crew that will officiate under the aegis of the AFF (French Funboard Association), IFCA and FFV (French Sailing Federation). They will decide together, according to the daily conditions, to launch the Freestyle or Wave contests.        

Organized by the local club SFWO (Six Fours Windsurf Organization), everything has been set up to warmly welcome all Freestyle and Wave addicts coming from Europe, to demonstrate that windsurfing can definitely offer a great show, whatever are the conditions.        

More on http://www.europeanfunboardexpression.com/


Alacati Surf Paradise Club play host to round 4 of the new freestyle tour  from 15th to 17th October.  Alacati has a proud record for hosting memorable freestyle and the upcoming event should be no exception!

"Alacati Surf Paradise Club (ASPC) occupies the best high wind spot on the western coast which makes us the most famous windsurf spot in Turkey. Our bay is a natural playground for windsurfers from the entry level to high action freestylers. We offer a vast stretch of flat and shallow water area and our bay averages a consistent 4 to 5 bft wind all summer long which will be great for the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour, Alacati! The small friendly beach bar & restaurant is a perfect place where you can chill out . . ."

See you on the water !!!

 Round 3 Regio Calabria

The marvellous mile of Reggio Calabria was the place of the 3rd EFPKT stop in Italian after the UK event announced its event dates change. The WDS and Windsurf Nation - AICW, the Italian Windsurf Class Association organized a very good event. It was a pity to have only a fewer riders than expected, because they were ready to manage up to 60 windsurfers.

The first day of the competition the wind was not consistent and the Race Director canceled the game. On the second day we had not enough wind and it was very hot. However it was a lot of fun and a freestyle clinic was held for the numerous kids of the local clubs by the President of WDS Mr. Roberto Raffa. 

The last day the event could finally start with winds blowing at 20 knots. Heat after heat they managed to complete a double elimination in each category. Mattia Fabrizi won the U20 contest which was not a surprise at all, with his up to date freestyle skills and also currently known as the freestyler of the year in Italy. Francesco Cappuzzo won the U17 category in a face off battle-heat with Matteo Todeschi. At night prize giving and a big show with live performers and fashion show found place inside the village.

BIG Thanks to Reggio Calabria and all Organizers who made this event possible.

  Round 3 - Kids Tour, UK leg to be re-scheduled
The UK leg of the new kids Freestyle tour, which was to be hosted at Hove Lagoon over the weekend of 5th/6th June, will have to be re-scheduled.

"In the last few years there have been many UKWA windsurfing events at Hove Lagoon with overnight camping and daytime parking always allowed on the promenade. Brighton and Hove City Council have just decided to rigidly stick to their rules and have completely banned vehicles from the promenade at any time of the day or night. They have also refused to allow overnight parking at and severely restricted vehicle access to the Lagoon itself, as well as warned that local on street parking restrictions will be enforced.

Despite a lot of negotiations, pleading and promises from myself as well as the Lagoon management the council will not accept any compromises.

There are no campsites or other parking areas within a reasonable distance so this has made it impossible to hold a large windsurfing event at that location and no alternatives are available.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience it may cause but it is with regret that we must now cancel this event.  We will of course try to find another venue and reschedule the event for a later date, we will advise you of this in the near future."

Trevor Funnell.

  Round Two - Fehmarn

The second tour stop of the newly founded "European Freestyle ProKids Tour" took place on Fehmarn from 13th to 16th  May 2010.  Fehmarn offers the perfect spot for freestyle eliminations because of its great flat water area.

The Netherlands dominated this event with two riders, Rick Jendrusch (H-120, Starboard, Severne) and Tim Ruyssenaars (NED-66) and four kids under the age of 20 took part in this competition.

The other two competitors were Valentin Boeckler (GER-315, Tabou, Pro Limit) and Julian Wiemar (GER-2111) from Germany. So it became a freestyle battle between the Netherlands and Germany. Despite of the rainy, cold weather and wind conditions of up to 25 knots, the kids completed three freestyle eliminations. The Dutch talent Rick Jendrusch showed off his full freestyle form, already in the first elimination. The second place went to 17-year old Valentin Boeckler. On position three and four we had Tim Ruyssenaars and Julian Wiemar.

In the following two eliminations, the two kids from the Netherlands clearly pulled off their ultimate freestyle skills and left the Germans behind them.

At the end of the day Rick Jendrusch became the overall winner of the first "European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour" stop on Fehmarn. The second place went to Tim Ruyssenaars. Position three and four went to the two Germans, Valentin Boeckler and Julian Wiemar.

  Round One - Brouwersdam

The first stop of the tour was in Holland at the famous zeil en surf centrum Brouwersdam. The organisation was well prepared and welcomed the young riders on the 8th of May.

Light winds blew on the first day of the event.  While the riders were waiting for the winds they took part in a low wind activity program which included a body slide contest and a SUP race all provided by the event organiser.

Later in that afternoon the wind picked up and the younger catogories were able to complete a double elimination with light wind freestyle manoeuvres. The U17 catogory had a fun race.

On the the second day the winds were still very light. Competition started for the younger ones U13, U 15 and U17 who normally are able to sail in lighter winds, while the U20 were on standby untill 15:30 that afternoon.

Sadly the winds did not show up; the Open class and U20 age group had to be cancelled for this event.

Despite the light winds conditions we are proud to look back to a acomplished event, with results for the following catogories:

U 13 - Marco Xausa
U15 - Tim Ruyssenaars
U 17 - Rick Jendrusch
U 17 Girls - Babette Broeren

Full results and link to photo gallery will be published on the Tour website