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Competition/JYM Slalom Worlds 10



Almanarre, Hyeres-France

10 – 15 April 2010


An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event

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                       Visit the event website and photo galleries                       Also live coverage on Windsurf Journal (in French)

Day 5 - Nail Biting Finish!

Race Committee and competitors had become accustomed to the calm mornings, the wind flirting with them until lunchtime - but what a finish to a fantastic championship!

Another two rounds completed today made a total of 9 for the girls championship. 18 year old Alice Arutkin stamped her authority over the girls with two more bullets - three discards led to a perfect score of 4.2.  Olivia Piana managed to beat Alice twice during the week but otherwise had to settle for second, and Marie Airault was third.

Round 5 for the juniors brought a second discard into play but the top three positions remained unchanged.  Christian Justesen from Denmark won today's round and finishes with a perfect score.  French Thibault Bernard has consistently scored second to take home the silver, Jon-Hendrik Frey from Germany is third.

But what drama in the Youth Fleet!  Another round, another discard, has shaken up the rankings enabling Pole Maciek Rutkowski to leap from yesterday's sixth position to today's Champion!  French William Alikiagalelei has missed the Championship title by just point three!  Benoit Jacquier sitting in second place yesterday has been knocked off the podium by winner of today's round Benjamin Remy.  Both have equal points but Benjamin has better discards so takes third overall.

Italian Marco Begalli, winner of today's round, secured his position at the top of the masters leaderboard, but Pierre Moretti from France nudged Austrian Markus Poltenstein out of second down to third place in this championship.

A special mention for our other young champions:

Junior Girls: Emilie Lallement from France
Pro Kid under 15 years: Amado Vrieswijk from Bonaire
Pro Kid under 13: Camille Bouyer from France

Hyeres Windsurfing are to be congratulated on managing a great event despite the quite challenging conditions.

Day 4 - The Wind Blows!
A quiet start but the west wind rises slowly.  Although still a bit tight, the race committee is already on the water setting a slalom course in anticipation of a strengthening of the wind that is currently between 8 and 10 knots. On the beach, a sense of optimism as everyone prepares their equipment . . .

Soon after midday the course was in place with a finish on the beach for the show and a steady 15 knots!  Great conditions meant the day finished with another two completed rounds for juniors, youths and masters and the girls managed another three.

After seven completed rounds with two discards, three French girls sit at the top of the leaderboard. Alice Arutkin is first with straight wins, next is Olivia Piana with two bullets and three second places and Marie Airault is third.

Dane Christian Jestesen also looks untouchable in the junior fleet. With three straight wins out of four rounds he too has a perfect score at the top. French Thibault Bernard and German Jon-Hendrik Frey both have 7 points but Thibault has the better discard.

In the Youth fleet each round has been won by a different player - Jordy Vonk from the Netherlands took the first, Swiss Fabien Schenk the second, French Benoit Jacquier the third and Polish Maciek Rutkowski the fourth! Despite not actually winning a round, French William Alikiagalelei has the most consistent performance and deservedly heads the leaderboard.

Marco Begalli from Italy heading the masters fleet has only won one round whilst Markus Poltenstein from Austria in second place has won two. However, a fifth placing puts him behind in second place. Winner of the first round, Pierre Moretti from France, is only a whisker behind in third place.

Just one Championship day left!

Day Three

As the first briefing took place the wind was light and the  forecast was not very optimistic for the day, although hope is reborn in Hyeres at least since gently flowing west is promised for tomorrow, Wednesday.  With the strengthening in heat, this should allow some racing.

At midday the race committee put competitors on standby - only 5 to 8 knots of wind but everyone remained optimistic.

An hour and a half later a couple of participants tested conditions in the southeast wind. They were planing but not consistently. The committee boat announced between 8 and 13 knots and were trying to set the course but the wind was too unpredictable and the course was regularly moved.  Competitors waited for the slightest opportunity to race, their gear ready on the beach . . .

Meanwhile activity continued on the beach including the popular ramp skating that attracts many enthusiasts in the area. This ramp was designed and built by Patrick Gaudiot (office of HWO) assisted by his son Thomas and young volunteers from HWO - a total of 6 days of intense work for a high quality product.

At 2 o'clock it moves in Hyeres?  12 knots on the water, the flag was lowered, the first possible start would take place around 3.00 . . . !  Giving just enough time to get the youths on the water, the wind dropped and, after waiting 30 minutes, the race committee sent the riders back to the beach. Little hope in perspective.

By 5 the wind had shifted to south-west at around 6 knots.  Hardly anyone on the water . . . Lazing on the beach for all pending aperitif offered by the Funboard Center Erik Thiem followed by a meal accompanied by a video of events so far.

Competitors are expected from 10am tomorrow Wednesday for the first briefing of the day

Day Two Racing

With a rather pessimistic wind forecast for Tuesday onwards, the Race Committee intended to get in the maximumum amount of racing possible and at the scheduled start time of 11.00 it was looking good - 13 to 16 knots on the water.

The women completed race 4 and Olivia Piana beat Alice Arutkin and Marie Airault with Pole Agnieska Bilska in fourth.

The men were working through their qualifying rounds but sadly, before the semi-finals could begin, the wind dropped significantly and competitors were sent ashore to wait. After a couple of hours, as the wind flirted with the occasional 12 knots, the race committee decided to throw in the towel.

Day One Racing

Serious business today with a wind from south-east expected to rise during the day to 25 knots although after the first briefing at 10am, with riders and organizers on standby for a first possible start at 11am, the wind was well oriented but painfully only 10 knots!

133 competitors have registered, including 10 women, 32 Juniors, 38 Youths and 53 Masters, the largest fleet of this event.  The Masters were the first to the water late morning but the wind was unstable, oscillating between 12 and 22 knots, which posed problems for the race committee to set a correct course.

By 2pm the wind was well established and blowing between 20 and 30 knots, occasionally gusting 35, on the water of Almanarre.

By 3pm the wind was strong, steady at 30 knots. The course was set with 3 buoys downwind for the finals in each category and a crowd had gathered to watch this exciting spectacle.

Preliminary results - In Masters, Pierre Moretti wins ahead of Italian Marco Begalli, Gerald Pelleau, Andy Abenroth from Spain and Markus Poltenstein from Austria.

In the Youth fleet, Dutchman Jordy Vonk leads ahead of Portuguese Martim Monteiro and Polish Maciek Rutkowski.

In Juniors, Dane Christian Justesen pocketed the first final of the day before the French Bernard Thibault, German Jon-Hendrik Frey and another French Samuel Ruel.

After a well deserved break, the competitors left the beach late afternoon for a second round in each of the categories Junior, Youth and Master.  The wind eased slightly by the final stages but the whole world was excited to see the results . . . tomorrow!

Great anticipation of a new day of racing Monday as the first briefing is scheduled at 10am.

JYM Slalom Worlds, Hyeres - Registration Day
More than 120 competitors from 18 countries around the world have pre-entered for this event.  Whilst registration was going on many took the opportunity to test the water, although the wind was light and the water flat, watched by a good crowd enjoying the summer-like weather.

No relaxation tomorrow though - briefing is at 10.00 am with first possible start one hour later.

Notice of Race