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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Organisation/Reports to ISAF/2009
2009 annual report from the International Funboard Class Association to ISAF Windsurfing Committee

Membership -  includes 23 countries representing 4 continents.


The Slalom Worlds was held in Texel (NED), from 8th to 13th June.

The 2009 Slalom World Champion is Bernd Flessner (GER).

The number of competitors was lower than expected.  The entry - competitors, countries present, and the total absence of women/girls - was the direct result of PW (Professional Windsurfing Association) policy.  Several months after publication of the dates, and the NOR, of the World Championships, they announced a prize money slalom event on the same dates in Spain.  Despite our numerous communications with them, trying to convince them that they should not organize events conflicting with our scheduled World Championship, they refused to move their dates.  Initiative should be taken that this can never happen again in the future.  We are the only ISAF recognized body for Funboard events and our World Championships should be kept free at all cost.

The Junior (Pro Kids) and Youth & Masters World Championship was organized in windsurfing paradise Bonaire from 12th to 18th July.  The Master title was won by Markus Poltenstien (AUT) and the Youth title by Enes Yilmazer (TUR).  The cooperation with the Starboard Pro Kids Slalom was once again a fantastic experience.  It was eye-opening to see very young kids starting to windsurf in Bonaire on Sorobon beach and competing in both slalom and freestyle disciplines.  The age group "superkids" was 5-9 years old.  The baby-kids were only 2-4 years old.  No wonder the top freestylers of the world are all from Bonaire!

This year IFCA introduced the Youth & Masters European Championship in Germany during August.  This event was won by the current World Champion Bernd Flessner (GER).


The Pro Kids and Junior & Youth World Championship was organized in Porto Pollo, Sardinia,  from 22nd to 27th June. The Youth title was won by Dieter Van der Eyken (BEL) and the Junior title by Rick Jendrusch (NED).

European Championship.  EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) renewed the co-operation with IFCA with the tour sanctioned to award the European title to the series winner.  The European tile was won by Steven van Broeckhoven (BEL).  Over 55 sailors from 16 countries competed on the tour consisting of 6 events.

2009 AGM

The 2009 AGM was held during the Slalom World Championships.  A further expansion of the junior and youth program is planned including a Pro-kids European Freestyle Tour.  The slalom and freestyle World ranking systems were amended.  Special focus for the next years will be put on Women in Windsurfing.  The newly elected Women representative on the IFCA board, Mara Van der Schaaf  (NED) already started some projects to promote women windsurfing and get more girls in the sport and in the picture.

Bruno De Wannemaeker
President IFCA

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