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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Competition/Past Championships/2007 JYM Sl Worlds

Quiksilver Alacati Windsurf Festival

"ProKids" Slalom Worlds

Alacati  Beach Resort, Alacati, Turkey 
9 - 15 July 2007 

An International Windsurfing Association sanctioned event


EVENT WEBSITE     Full entry list     Registered Equipment List

14 July - Finals

Again this morning 25 knots gusting up to 30 knots and the Race committee managed to start promptly at 10h00. It looks as thought they had resolved the problems from the previous day and in no time 3 more eliminations were sailed. The traditional weather pattern occurred with a drop in the wind around noon to 15-18 knots and a shift to the left.

Pro Kids Slalom Worlds Under 17

Oliver-Tom Schliemann seems to have recovered from 2 bad races yesterday and with 2 straight wins he secured his world title. Maciek Rutkowski with 5 second places and one bullet ended as Vice-world Champion. Bjorn Sargoza was never in trouble and secured his third place.

In the under 15 group Morane Demont (a Girl!!) was attacked by TUR 888 Sina Kural but also here the title was decided on the "best discard rule" in favor of Morane of Martinique. Amado Vrieswijk, 11 years old from Bonaire, was able to beat a lot of older boys and girls and took 3rd place in the under 15. This also put him in first place in the under 13 group. A promising kid is the least we can say. Vice-world Champion went to local Cem Catrili and 3rd place in the under 13 sub-division was 9 year old Jurgen Saragoza! 

Youth under 20 World Championships

The return of the French could be the motto here with a strong attack of Maxime Gaubert with 2 bullets in a row. Enes Yilmazer missed a shift and by starting on the leeward side of the course lost his chances of the title. He made second place overall with the same points as "Max" but with a worst discard. With an impressive 2-2-3 last years vice-world champion Emirhan Kolburan took third place after a disappointing first day yesterday. Emirhan is focusing on freestyle lately and missed out some important slalom training days that could have put him on top of the podium. Joly Ophelie became first girl in this strong boys' fleet before the semi-local Lena Aylin Erdil and Pietrasik Agnieska from Poland.

Masters World Championship

The impressive constant Marcus Poltenstein secured his first world Title in the Masters fleet by beating 2 former World Champions Marco Begalli and Massimo Masserini. Marcus focussed this year on the championship after becoming father last year and took despite an OCS the title home. A footstrap problem for Marco and a broken boom for Constantino made it easier for Marcus to win but overall he was the best master on the fleet. Luis Marchegger, ITA 6 won the Grandmasters (>45) sub-division title ahead of his fellow Italian Franchini Giovanni and local Murat Sevincli.

Ladies championship

No big news today, Ophelie Jolie had no problems in defending her first place after the first day and 14 year old Morane Demont of Martinique is solid second. Agnieska Pietrasik fought her way back up to third place and completed the podium.



The youth is coming!! Antoine, Micah, Finian,…. be ready because a new fleet of kids is working hard to go fast and knock on the doors of the PWA. The kids of Bonaire WindsurfPlace, Martinique, HWO, Alacati Beach Resort are hot stuff!!  See You next year in Lake Garda 1-6 July 2008 for the 2nd Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships.

Thanks to Alacati Beach Resort (www.alacati.com), Quiksilver and Starboard for the support.

Friday 13 July - wind - wind -wind

The promised wind materialized in a solid 25 knots in the morning, sometimes gusting up to 30 knots.  With these challenging conditions everybody looked for the smallest sails in their registered equipment.

Pro Kids Slalom worlds Under 17

After the first elimination series it looked as if Oliver Tom Schlieman GER-1001 would have no problems in taking the title but, after an OCS in the 2nd eliminations and a fall in the first gibe of the final of the third elimination, Maciek took the lead after the first day. The solid performances of Bjorn Saragoza (3,1 and 2) put him in second place.

In the under 15 group Morane Demont (a Girl!!) is leading with 1 point on Tur888 Sina Kural. The Under 13 group looks to be under the control of the blond Bonaire surfer Amado Vrieswijk. 

Youth under 17 World Championships

This is the battle of HWO-Almanarre against the locals. Enes Yilmazer, last year's third on the Youth world championships, is leading but Maxime Gaubert and Thomas Gaudiot will not give the title away without a battle.

Remarkable also was the fact that Joly Ophelie managed to qualify for a final in this strong field of boys.

Masters World Championship

The first ever participation of AHO-1, Constantino Saragoza was impressive. Taking home the first elimination series in front of Marco Begalli (Master World Champion 2005) set the pace. On top of that Marco sailed the wrong heat in the second elimination and AUT 30, Markus Poltenstein, totally focused, placed himself on the top of the ranking after the first day with a 3rd, first and second place…..exiting….

Luis Marchegger, ITA is actually leading the Grandmasters (>45) sub-division before his fellow Italian Franchini Giovanni.

Ladies championship

3 French, 2 Turkish and one Polish girl are fighting it out for the ladies title. After the first day it looks like FRA 64, Ophelie Jolie will have no problems in winning but 14 year old Morane Demont of Martinique is already knocking at the door. Morane misses her coach Remi Vila but nevertheless did very well against all the older girls with a 2nd, 3rd and a first place in the ladies fleet.





Friday the 13th!!

2 engines stopped working, 1 anchorline broke, 1 boat sunk, 1 engine did not start but in the end we have a valid championship with 3 eliminations in every fleet!

Markus Poltenstein, Enes Yilmazer, Maciek Rutkowski and Joly Ophelie leading!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the last day, first start is scheduled for 1000, last possible start 1600, prizegiving 1800 hours. 


Update Thursday evening

The wind materialized from the North around 19h00 and we started one race for the masters. Sadly the the wind was too irregular to continue so tomorrow morning we will have the skippers meeting at 0900 hours to be ready to start racing at 1000. 

Results for the first heat, masters

Thursday 12 July - Low-Wind Freestyle

More then 20 competitors entered the low-wind Freestyle contest. The expert Jury with Frans Bolweg, Erik Kling and Marcus Poltenstein (!) selected 3 finalists. The impressive "old-style" rail-rides of Constantine Saragoza did not help him to win from the youngsters. Finally POL 23, Maciek Rutkowski took the win and the Quiksilver goodies home by beating 2 Bonaire kids in the final.

 It's Thursday, still waiting for wind - today probably, but tomorrow and Saturday definitely!!
See windguru predictions.



Competitor Profile

Jurgen Saragoza - NB 109

Jurgen Saragoza from Bonaire with sail number NB 119, is the youngest competitor ever on an IFCA event. Jurgen is 9 years old and started windsurfing in 2000 when he was only 2 years. Read More




Alacati Windsurfer's Paradise

Alacati Beach Resort as host of the event is a five star boutique holiday village situated at the far most point of Alacati (say "allah-tsjate") beach close to the town of Cesme. It is new, equipped with all possible features and up to European 5 star standards. The windsurf board shaped swimming pool, the Otto's Beach bar with Turkish and Italian pizzas, wireless and wired internet, 980 Satellite TV channels and the Babylon discotheque makes it a perfect destination for the (spoiled) windsurf fanatic! It is not cheap but worth every penny!!

Testimonial: "I was here two years ago….believe me there was nothing here, only sand and stones….now it's really a paradise: a fantastic resort perfectly integrated in the environment with all that you need for a fantastic and unforgettable holiday…the food in the hotel restaurant "Niki" is like French cuisine…. for sure one of the best locations for windsurf and for fun mixed together…

In the boutique area you find Quiksilver, Roxy, Protest, Slam and local clothing shops. There are several windsurf schools like the one from Bora Kozanoglu, the TTA windsurf school, The Alacati sail and surfschool, …..all of them with up-to-date equipment and licensed teachers.

The typical north trade wind kicks in every day during the spring and summer and normally reaches 18 knots, on peak days 30 knots. The bay is 1.8 km wide and you can easily stand up to 800 meter. In the morning the wind is light and this makes Alacati the perfect place for learning to windsurf in the morning with moderate winds and to learn the beach start, water start or to train the speedgybe and other racing techniques.






Registration day at the first ever Junior, Youth and Masters World Championships Slalom 2007.

Last year the IFCA Slalom Worlds held in Alacati, Turkey was an overwhelming success with in total 114 competitors. 30 of them were Youth (9 competitors from 5 countries) and Masters (21 competitors from  9 countries) so IFCA decided to organise in 2007 for the first time a separate Junior, Youth and Masters Slalom World Championship.

This proved to be a good decision since no less than 59 Junior, Youth and Masters registered today.

16 in the Junior Pro Kids Worlds (under 17)

20 in the Youth World Championships (under 20)

23 in the Masters World Championships (35 and over)

In the Junior Pro Kids Worlds we will have 2 sub divisions: we have 5 competitors under 13 !! and 5 competitors under 15 !!.