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Competition/JY Freestyle Worlds 09


22–27 JUNE – Palau – Portopollo – Sardinia - Italy

Venue: Sardinia, Italy
Date: 22-27 June 2009

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DAY SIX - The sixth and last day of competition at the Junior and Youth Freestyle Worlds in Porto Pollo/Palau, Sardinia Italy had very good wind conditions since mid-morning when wind blows more than 25 knots. Just after for many hours a range between 30 and 25 knots allowed a fantastic day of racing.  In this excellent situation, Junior under 17 and Youth under 20 made their single, whose results will be added to the already raced double in order to decree the championship winners.

In Junior Under 17 division the four best have been Matteo Romeo ITA 493 vs. the Dutch Nick Van Ingen NED 122 and Bonaire's competitor Youp Schmit NB 12 vs the other Dutch Rick Hendrusch NED 120. Youp third and Romeo fourth. The final between the two Nick and Rick, usual in The Netherlands, ended with Rick as winner.

In Youth Under 20 division, Belgian Dieter Van der Eyken BEL 35 and Estonian Christofer Kalk EST 141 confirmed one time again in the top. But the Italian challengers changed than the previous double. Matteo Testa ITA 2610 and Marco Vinante ITA 205 reached the top. Testa finished as fourth, Kalk as third. No story in the final where Van der Eyken, surely the best competitor in the championship, easily won, showing to the people on the beach a very good number of tricks.

Of course Dieter Van der Eyken BEL 35 won the Youth under 20 World title, a worthy prize for a very able competitor and a very nice guy. Silver medal for the Italian Mattia Fabrizi ITA 991  and third place for Vittorio Mazzocca Gamba ITA 52.

Under 17 junior World Champioship has been won by the Dutch Rick Jendrusch NED 120, followed by the Italian Matteo Romeo ITA 493 and the other Dutch Nick Van Ingen NED 122.

First in Starboard Pro Kids Worlds under 15 is the representative of Bonaire Youp Schmit NB 12, second Italian Francesco Cappuzzo ITA 333 and third the very young kid from Aruba Steven Max Lageveen ARU 888. Obviously Steven Max is the best under 12 for the international meeting, where silver is the Russian living in Egypt Kostantin Smirnov RUS 111 and bronze Italian girl Alice Cappuzzo ITA 00.

At the end of this wonderful week of sport and friendship, we thank very much all institutions and volunteers that have hard worked for a successful event, without their support and job such events cannot be scheduled. Our most important thanks to Comune di Palau, Consorzio Operatori Turistici Orsus and the hosting sailing club Sporting Club Sardinia.


DAY FIVE - On day 5 the wind was lighter than in the previous days and so the best conditions for scheduling Trofeo Citta di Palau, a contest dedicated to young people of the host town of Worlds. Since two years the Mucipality of  Palau has made a big investment on the project "Vivere il mare - To live the sea", a rare engagement of a local authority in Italy toward a sustenable way of living the nature. 

"To live the sea" is a project involving primary and junior high schools of Palau in order to support the knowledge by young people of the natural resource of Sardinia worldwide appreciated: the sea.

Within this project windsurfing, a young oriented sport respectful of landscape and environment, plays a big role, thanking to the cooperation between local authorities and windsurf schools. With the collaboration of the Worlds hosting club, Sporting Club Sardinia in Porto Pollo, since more than 25 years one of the symbols of windsurfing world in Italy and Europe too, fifteen boys and girls from eight to fourteen years old, took the fascinating experience of watching a World competition, contacting every day their more experienced friends and taking the occasion for racing in front of people, often for the first time in their life.

Contest winner has been one of the guests, Palermo-born Alice Cappuzzo from Sicily. Second place for a local "adopted" Lucrezia Genazzani, followed by Francesca Mendola. 


DAY FOUR - The wind blew steadily for the whole day, allowing the youngest competitors to race. As a preview a race dedicated to women won by the Belgian Rolin Caers BEL 74, followed by the Danish Olivia Helnersen DEN 993 and the very good Sicilian Alice Cappuzzo. Just after started the second seeding for Under 12.

Once again the best have been Aruba's competitors - Steven Max Lageveen ARU 888 and Russian Konstantin Smirnov RUS 111.  The youngster from the Carribbean has been the winner. Third Jay Cudoni and fourth Alice Cappuzzo.

Last competition of the day the new single for Under 15. The first semi-final Steven Max Lageveen ARU 888 vs. Francesco Cappuzzo ITA 333. Cappuzzo gained the final. In the second semi-final Alvin Panzera ITA 320 vs. the athlete of  Bonaire Youp Schmit NB 12.  Schmit won and so Cappuzzo second, Lageveen third and Panzera fourth.


DAY THREE - Mythical weather conditions today in Porto Pollo, Sardinia Italy, on Wednesday June 24th, for third competition day of Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championships.  Since mid-morning the wind blew as well as possible and the sea was the best for Freestyle contest. More than eight hours of competition with wind over 20-25 knots all day long.

As scheduled it was time for Under 20 Youth Division, till now not yet racing.

After knock-out elimination, four competitors stand out: two Italians, Vittorio Mazzocca Gamba ITA 52 and Mattia Fabrizi ITA 911, the Estonian Christofer Kalk EST 141 and Belgian Dieter Van der Eyken BEL 35.

In the semifinal Fabrizi and Van der Eyken won while Kalk was third and Mazzocca Gamba fourth. The final Fabrizi vs. Van der Eyken was dominated by the young Belgian, a really good and impressive competitor, unanimously winner.

Following the double for Under 17 Junior Division. In this competition the best has been Dutch Rick Jendrusch NED 120, who was very able to defeat the Bonairean Youp Schmit, his friend Nick Van Ingen NED 122  and the previous day's winner, the Italian Matteo Romeo ITA 493.  So Jendrusch is the first, Romeo the second, Van Ingen the third and Schmit the fourth.

People gathered on the beach were waiting for the double of  Under 20 Youth Division with great anticipation.

As it happened in the morning, the four best competitors were Mazzocca Gamba, Fabrizi, Kalk and Van der Eyken. Mazzocca Gamba gained one position becoming third, and the final was again Van der Eyken vs. Fabrizi. The Belgian showed his best tricks so all people watching was really charmed. He is the real protagonist of this competition day and worthy winner.So become the favourite for the world title.


DAY TWO - Second day of competition for 2009 Junior and Youth Freestyle Worlds in Porto Pollo/Palau Sardinia, Italy. After a waiting time all over morning and good weather forecast for the afternoon, about at 2 o'clock p.m. wind started to blow increasing till 20-25 knots and more strong peaks.

The show has been wonderful and competitors raced for more than five hours, while many people on the seaside were enthusiastic watching the tricks.

The first competition was dedicated to the youngest under 12 in the double knock-out for their international meeting. Winner Steve, followed by the Russian Konstantin Smirnov (RUS 111) and Italian girl Alice Cappuzzo, very able to gain a good score as first in female division.

Just after it was time for Under 15 division, where Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA 333) from Palermo, Sicily was second fighting till the last trick with the Caraibic  Youp Schmit (NB 12), first in his category. Back to the two best athletes, Steven Max Lageveen (ARU 888). The young boy from The Caribbean is a very good rival for friends more aged then him. Very excellent Alvin Panzera (ITA 320) too, going up rising many positions. Fifth the Russian Smirnov, a very good competitor and a very nice and pleasant boy too.

The last race were for Under 17 Division racing for Junior World title.  In this sector an impressive regatta for Matteo Romeo (ITA 493) from Como Lake, that won many heats  with spectacular performance very appreciated by the jury and people gathered on the beach. In the final heat he won the Dutch competitor Nick Van Ingen (NED 122) , while third was Youp Schmit (NB 12) and fourth Rick Jendrush (NED 120).

Tomorrow, third day of competition we are waiting for the first appearance on the stage for Youth Under 20 Division, the most prestigious one.


DAY ONE - At 12.00, the jury was ready for the competition to begin.  The under 12's were first on the water and, after a tight competition, the first round was won by the strong Caribbean Aruba (888) Lagaveen Steven Max, second Cappuzzo Alice (ITA) and third Konstantin Smirnov (RUS 111).  Next off were the under 15's, and Youp Schmidt (NB12) took the honours, second place went to Steven Lagaveen Max (ARU 888) and third to the Italian Francesco Cappuzzo (ENG 333).

The wind was not strong enough for the under 17's, but did allow competition for the trophy of Palau, and the 21 young people of Palau took to the water to demonstrate their capabilities by showing beautiful moves of the old School Freestyle.

At 18.00, we were all very happy when the Race Director decided to end this first day of competition.

In the evening a buffet for all athletes and all to bed early to recover for the hard day that tomorrow promises.



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