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Competition/Freestyle Ranking

IFCA World Ranking System Freestyle

The International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) introduces a World Ranking System for Freestyle to provide a clear structure for the competitors, organizers, media and sponsors. This ranking should be used to prepare the first seeding of a next event.

To be included in the IFCA World Ranking an event has to fulfil minimum requirements:

-          The IFCA Class Rules are applied.

-          The ISAF RRS (Windsurfing Edition) are applied.

-          The event is open to every competitor (no obligatory additional membership on top of the entry fee).

-          An IFCA appointed observer is on site to ensure that all requirements are met. Licensed tour organizers can act as IFCA observers.

-          A minimum prize money of EUR 10.000,-

-          Every paid up national IFCA member association may request IFCA executive to add one open (inter-) national event to count for the IFCA World Ranking. For these events the minimum prize money is not obligatory.

Ranking Points:

Every event that counts for the IFCA World Ranking has a certain factor that transforms into the ranking points. The factor shall be announced in the official IFCA World Ranking Events Calendar and the NoR for an event.

-          An event that offers the minimum requirements has a factor of 1,00. This means that the winner will get 100 ranking points, the second 99 ranking points etc.

-          A national open event counting for the IFCA World Ranking has a factor of 0,50.

-          Events can receive a bonus on top of the factor if they offer more than the minimum requirements:

  •         IFCA World Championships have a bonus of 0.30

                                                                                                       Factor 1,30

  •         IFCA Continental Championships have a bonus of 0.10

                                                                                                       Factor 1,10

  •         If the prize money is EUR 15.000 or more the event has a bonus of 0.05                                                                                       

                                                                                                       Factor 1,05

  •         If the prize money is EUR 20.000 or more the event has a bonus of 0.10                                                                                       

                                                                                                       Factor 1,10

  •         If the prize money is EUR 25.000 or more the event has a bonus of 0.15 

                                                                                                        Factor 1,15

World, Continental and one prize money bonuses can be combined. For example: An IFCA World Championship with EUR 30.000 prize money has a factor of: 1.00 (base) + 0.30 (IFCA World Championship) + 0.10 (EUR 30.000 prize money) = 1,40.

Every competitor can compete in as many events as he wants. The actual ranking position will be based on the sum of the best 5 ranking points over the last 12 months. The ranking list is a continuous system. After 12 months the points are deleted.

The IFCA World Ranking Freestyle system will be started with the results of the Toro Andaluz EFPT event in Tarifa (Spain), March 2008.