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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2007 AGM



The 2007 IFCA AGM was held on October 4th in Almanarre, France at 20.00 hours.
at the Race Office, Centre BTP



1. Apologies for absence:

Piotr Jankowiak (Poland), Eric Kling (Netherlands) , Kurt Svrcula (Malaysia), Engin Kalafatoglu (Turkey), Miki Hideki (Japan),


2. National associations represented by

Belgium                Bruno De Wannemaeker

Denmark               Nikolaj Kruppa

France                  Didier Flamme

Also present Matthias Regber, IFCA Executive (Euro-cup).  Some non-voting delegates were present and could give free input.


Following persons delegated their vote to the President: John Darling (CAN), Piotr Jankowiak (Poland), Eric Kling (Netherlands), Kurt Svrcula (Malaysia), Engin Kalafatoglu (Turkey) and Miki Hideki (Japan)


3. Adoption of the agenda



4. Minutes of the 2006 AGM

The minutes were approved

A Notice will be posted to ask for candidates for the job as sailor representative on the IFCA Board. Meanwhile Bora Kozanoglu showed interest.


5. Reports 2006/007 
- President's report IFCA, see in attachment
- Financial Report IWA was given

- Financial Report IFCA was given

Bruno De Wannemaeker commented on the IFCA/IWA Income & Expenditure by Class for the periods January through December 2006. The Singapore travel expenses and the participation in Bruno's notebook made up the negative results.

total assets on 31/12/03 - 9.006,04 Eur. (= - 229,50 euro)

total assets on 31/12/04 - 9.238,41 Eur. (= + 232,37 euro)

total assets on 31/12/05 - 8.213,26 Eur. (= - 1024,79 euro)

total assets on 31/12/06 - 6.037,83 Eur. (= - 2175,79 euro)

projected budget assets on 31/12/07 - 2.997,83 Eur. (= - 3040,00 euro)


The additional expenses for IFCA for 2007 were approved:

            Expenses Stickers Jun, Youth & Masters                                    1000,00 euro

            Expenses Media Slalom Worlds                                                  2000,00 euro


6. Rules and Regulations 
a. Submissions 2007

IFCA prepared 2 submissions to ISAF November meeting 2007

1) Keep windsurfing in the Olympics

2) Sailnumbers for Racing disciplines (incl. Slalom)

Both were approved by the meeting


b. IFCA World Slalom Ranking

We have now more then 400 slalom sailors in the ranking. It is working very well but should be promoted and communicated more aggressively to our MNA's!!

As a test we will limit for 2008 the Women ranking to the top 3 events/year since there are not a lot of events where ladies can participate.  A separate event calendar pointing out women events should be developed and promoted. This way the few women that we have, yet can be teamed up for bigger fleets.

7.  2008 and onwards event schedule. 
- 2008   Freestyle Europeans with EFPT (tbc)
- 2008   Slalom Europeans with Eurocup 
- 2008   Slalom Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds in Torbole                        7-14 July
- 2008   Freestyle Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds in Bonaire                    Late July
- 2008   Slalom Worlds in Portugal, Figueira da Foz                                  31/8 - 6/9
- 2008   Freestyle via EFPT??


- 2009   Freestyle Europeans with EFPT (tbc)
- 2009   Slalom Europeans with Eurocup 
- 2008   Freestyle Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds in...... 
- 2009   Slalom Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds in Bonaire                      Early July

- 2009   Slalom Worlds in Germany - Sylt                                               29/7 - 2/8

                        (combined with freestyle worlds?)

                        or alternatively in Squamish (Canada)


8. Partners
- Cooperation with IWA   nothing to report
- Cooperation with PWA to be further followed up. It cannot be a one way communication: ifca allows pwa, and pwa takes away afterwards our merits…..

9. Any other business

Following items should be discussed in the near future with a questionnaire to our MNA's

- black flag rule or FW rule -> one over = no generall recall for ½ fleet racing…..

- angle courses = 95 degrees should be 100-120 - drawing in championship rules

- new seedings is no must after every elimination

- 30 minutes after new course or seeding is too long

- Grand Prix for organisers who want something with a bigger name than EuroCup or are outside Europe

- prize money issue, do we need prize money for the Worlds? I think that all agreed that a title should be a value of its own and that prize money is nice but not obligatory.

- gold and silver final instead of loser…..

- first gold final and then silver final in eliminations

- midweek party

- don't end event on Sunday, end on Saturday and party….

- 2 year limit on production slalom boards to be further investigated with manufacturers before a decision is made.

- An urgent effort is needed to dynamise the website



End of the meeting 21h30



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