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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Organisation/Reports to ISAF/2006

2006 Annual Report

to ISAF Windsurfing Committee

The second year of ISA Speed windsurfing, which IFCA organised in close co-operation with the ISA (International Speedsurfing Association), confirmed that the re-introduction of speed windsurfing as a stand alone discipline is here to stay. No new world records have been broken (so far) this year, but Fuerteventura, Karpathos and Namibia had a lot of competitors and exiting racing.

2006 was also the second year in a row where IFCA co-operated with PWA by allowing PWA to use the result of the IFCA Slalom World Championship as a tour-stop for the PWA Slalom 42 Tour.

In 2006 IFCA organized the following Championships.


The European Freestyle Pro Tour was for the third year in a row recognized as the Freestyle European Championships. It was a very successful tour again with 9 from the 11 events and 106 competitors from 23 countries. Andre Paskowski (GER) is leading the ranking at this moment.

There was no stand alone World Championship in 2006.

EFPT desires to stop the co-operation with IFCA from 2007 onwards and carry on alone. Quote: "After we realised that IFCA is not really interested in a constructive co-operation with EFPT we decided to terminate our contract with IFCA.  We think that the development in freestyle can grow much faster under the lead of a small group instead of being a member of a bureaucratic system." Unquote.

IFCA is not happy since this move from EFPT will once again weaken the windsurf sport and make the overall picture unclear for participants, media and spectators.


In analogy with the freestyle discipline IFCA recognized in 2006 for the first time the Euro Cup Slalom races organized by Choppy Water as the European Championships. The Euro Cup ranking has 152 competitors and crowned after 3 events Antoine Albeau (FRA) as European Champion Slalom.

The Slalom Worlds were held in Alacati (Turkey) with again more competitors than last year: 74 Men from 4 continents and 20 countries battled in 5 rounds of slalom to see Finian Maynard (VI) taking the World Title in front of Antoine Albeau (FRA) and Kevin Pritchard (USA).

In the women's fleet we had Verena Fauster (ITA) winning her first World Title. The Master Title was won by Massimo Masserini (ITA) and the Youth title by Pascal Somers (BEL).

In 2006 IFCA also introduced the Slalom World Ranking which includes all Major slalom events worldwide. By the end of this year it will rank over 15 events and almost 400 slalom racers worldwide. Leading the ranking are Antoine Albeau (FRA 192), Finian Maynard (KV 11), Ross Williams (GBR 83), Steve Allen (AUS 0) and Cyril Moussilmani (FRA 71).


The Overall World Title Speed 2006 will be decided during the Namibia event which is running while I am writing this report. The 2005 title went to Bjorn Dunckerbeck (AND) who beat Finian Maynard (BVI) and Antoine Albeau (FRA). There were 109 competitors from 24 nations and 5 continents taking part on the re-start of speed tour.

For 2007 ISA hope to be approved by ISAF as an International Class, a submission which is before this year's meeting, and which has the full support of IFCA.


IFCA have the following championships planned:

- Freestyle:

  • A one off freestyle European Championship in Bredene (Belgium)

  • The Freestyle World Championship tbc

- Wave Performance:

  • A new tour to be organized in co-operation with a Dutch event organizer

- Slalom

  • The Slalom Europeans to be decided by Euro Cup Slalom tour

  • The Slalom Worlds Junior Youth and Masters will be in Alacati (Turkey)

  • The Slalom Worlds Women and Men will be in Hyeres (France)


  • A new speed world tour will be published soon by ISA, that will include "production board" titles.


Bruno De Wannemaeker
President IFCA

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