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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2006 AGM

Minutes of the IFCA Annual General Meeting 2006

Held August 3rd in Alacati Beach Resort at 20.00 hours.



1.  Apologies for absence


Kurt Svrcula (MAL) & Hideki Miki (JAP)


2.   National associations represented by

Belgium                        Bruno De Wannemaeker

France                          Bruno De Wannemaeker, letter

The Netherlands             Erik Kling

Germany                       Jorg Volenec, Michael Naumann

Turkey                          Engin Kalafatoglu

Poland                          Piotr Jankowiak


6 countries represented and 4 officers constitutes a valid quorum


Also present, Matthias Regber of Choppy Water.


3.  Adoption of the agenda


No requests so agenda will be as proposed  


4.  Minutes of the 2005 AGM


-     Racers representative:

o        We will launch the question again via the IFCA website to find a male and female representative

-     Representative

o        Eurocup: Mathias Regber

o        EFPT: question to be asked

o        ISA: no need anymore if they become independent class

-     report on mould/no mould discussion: Production AB+ boards has moved to Tunisia so the problem is not existing anymore

-     Importance of media coverage of IFCA events:

o        Slalom Europeans Alacati via Eurocup

o        Slalom Worlds Fuerteventura via Rene Egli: very good

o        Freestyle Worlds Silvaplana: very good

o        Slalom Worlds 2006 Alacati: Eurocup + Irel + PWA, no film crew possible in budget


5.                 Reports 2005/006


President's report IFCA



The European Freestyle Pro Tour is recognized as our IFCA Freestyle Europeans.

2005: Very successful tour with 10 events and 101 participants

2006: Tour has started with 7events so far from 11 and already 101 participants so far

EFPT was not happy with IFCA last year, specially the not granting of slalom worlds to Silvaplana and the improved cooperation with PWA seems the problem. On launching the discussed Freestyle world ranking they threatened to stop co-operation so we suggested they propose alternative for near future. No feedback so far.



The Slalom discipline is still growing and we have great confidence in the future of slalom.


2003 : organisation : HWO Almanarre - France

39 participants, 12 pays

23 hommes

4 femmes

8 masters

4 jeune 


2004 : organisation : Taiwan / Isle of Wight



2005 : organisation :  Rene Egli / Fuerteventura

72 participants, 20 pays

47 hommes

7 femmes

14 masters

4 jeune                         


2006 : organisation :  Sportworksgroup / Alacati

114 participants, 24 pays

73 hommes                      

11 femmes            

21 masters                        

9 jeune                         


The Slalom Europeans 2005 were very well organized in one of the best slalom areas of the World Alacati in Turkey. Although the participation of Non-Turkish competitors was low the level of the 13 slalom sailed was very high with Finian Maynard winning the event and Ben Vandersteen being European Champion. Allison Shreeve won the ladies event.


The Slalom Worlds 2005 were organized in Fuerteventura and counted as a tour stop for PWA.

All the top racers were present and 6 exciting slaloms were organized. Micah Buzianis took the title before Bjorn Dunckerbeck and Karin Jaggi was the fastest lady.



2005 : 3 tour stops are sailed with 110 men and 17 women. During the last stop will be in Namibia 13 national and the world record speedwindsurfing, sailing on the Nautical mile was broken



No events in 2005/2006, we trust the organization of wave events to the PWA


- Financial Report IFCA / IWA


Bruno De Wannemaeker commented on the IFCA/IWA Income & Expenditure by Class for the periods January through December 2005. Singapore, EFPT meetings and the help in Bruno's purchase of a notebook made the year result end on minus 1024,79 euro.


total assets on 31/12/02 - 9.235,54 Eur.

total assets on 31/12/03 - 9.006,04 Eur. (= - 229,50 euro)

total assets on 31/12/04 - 9.238,41 Eur. (= + 232,37 euro)

total assets on 31/12/05 - 8.213,26 Eur. (= - 1024,79 euro)


IFCA budget 2006

- The possibility to buy 2 marine radios is further examined and accepted. Through a mailing to our MNA's we will ask if countries are interested in a common purchase.

- 600-1000 euro for restyling the website and the IFCA logo           


6.  Rules and Regulations


The following IFCA submissions were discussed and approved


1  IFCA Class Rules : 85 -> 80 cm with for slalom boards

2  Support ISA to become independent ISAF class


7.  2007 and onwards event schedule.




Europeans with EFPT (tbc)

             Worlds in Neusiedlersee - Austria (tbc)



Europeans with Eurocup Circuit

Men and Women Worlds in France?

Junior, Youth and Master Worlds in Alacati

during new, yearly "wind festival" middle July

together with Eurocup, kitesurfevent, Beach volleyball, concerts ……..

(proposal to follow)


Europeans with new Dutch Organiser


                        World Tour with ISA




Europeans with EFPT (tbc)

             Worlds in ???



Europeans with Eurocup Circuit

Men and Women Worlds in Maui / San Francisco / hood river

Junior, Youth and Master Worlds in ??????


Europeans with new Dutch Organiser


                        World Tour with ISA


8.  Partners

- Cooperation with IWA: no problems
- Cooperation with PWA: to follow further up
- Cooperation with ISA:  Support launch Speed Windsurfing Class

9.  Any other business


Meeting ended at 21h15, Engin Kalafatoglu invited board members, spouses and attendees for a nice dinner in Babylon Restaurant.


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