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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2005 AGM

Minutes of the IFCA Annual General Meeting 2005

Held August 16th in Silvaplana at 19.00 hours.



1.            Apologies for absence


Kurt Svrcula (MAL), John Darling (CAN), Steven Schrier (GBR), Hideki Miki (JAP), Nicolaj Kruppa, (DEN); Lucy Horwood



2.                  National associations represented by


Bruno De Wannemaeker

Great Britain

Dan Ellis and Ross Williams

British V.Islands

Finian Maynard


Gerhard Polak


Engin Kalafatoglu


Matthias Regber


Piotr Jankowiak


Christian Muller


Micah Buzianis


Allison Shreeve















10 countries represented and 2 officers constitutes a valid quorum



3.             Adoption of the agenda


No requests so agenda will be as proposed



4.             Minutes of the 2004 AGM


3 remarks on the 2004 AGM minutes

-          the figures in the financial report in article 5 should read as

total assets on 31/12/02 - 9.235,54 Eur.

total assets on 31/12/03 - 9.006,04 Eur. (= - 229,50 euro)

total assets on 31/12/04 - 9.238,41 Eur. (= + 232,37 euro)

-          Since IMCO did not decide to hand over their reserve funds to IWA, IFCA will not do it also.



5.                 Reports 2004/005


- President's report IFCA



The European Freestyle Pro Tour was recognized as our IFCA Freestyle Europeans. It was a very successful tour with so far 7 from the 11 events organized

The Freewave Worlds will start tomorrow here in Silvaplana and has all the starts on the entry



The Slalom discipline is booming and we have great confidence in the future of slalom.

The Europeans where very good organized in one of the best slalom areas of the World Alacati in Turkey. Allthough the participation of Non-Turkish competitors was low the level of the 13 slalom sailed was very high with Finian Maynard winning the event and Ben Vandersteen being European Champion. Allison Shreeve who won the ladies event.

The Slalom Worlds where organized in Fuerteventura and counted as a tour stop for PWA.

All the top racers where present and 6 exiting slaloms where organized. Micah Buzianis took the title before Bjorn Dunckerbeck and Karin Jaggi was the fastest lady.



So Far 2 from the 3 tour stops are sailed with tremendous success both in the amateur as pro-fleet. The last stop will be in Namibia.



No events in 2005



- Financial Report IFCA / IWA


Bruno De Wannemaeker commented on the IFCA/IWA Income & Expenditure by Class for the periods January through December 2004.

Since all expenses and Income for the class are handled through IWA, the IFCA reserve money is almost not touched


IFCA budget 2005

To guarantee a smooth organization in Fuerteventura IFCA bought 2 wind meters and a set of racing flags out of the expenses budget for the travel of jury and race management. The possibility to buy 2 marine radios will be further examined

On request of the IWA, and approved by the IFCA AGM,  2 non-budgeted costs in 2005 are accepted

-          600-1000 euro for restyling the website and the IFCA logo

-          travel expenses for the representation of IFCA (BDW) in Singapore during the November meeting ISAF



6.         Rules and Regulations


The following IFCA submissions where discussed and approved


            IFCA Class Rules - event advertising

2            Appendix B Windsurfing Competition Rules

avoid dangerous sailing and clarification

3            Appendix B Windsurfing Competition Rules

Seeding rule

4            Appendix B Windsurfing Competition Rules

            Slalom starting signals

5            Appendix B Windsurfing Competition Rules

            Slalom at the Olympic games



7.         2006 and onwards event schedule.




Europeans with EFPT

Worlds in Alacati - Turkey


Europeans with new Dutch Organiser

Worlds:  (tbc) a possibility could be to work with PWA and upgrade on of their tourstops to IFCA worlds?


Europeans with Eurocup Circuit? Financial deal to be finalised !!

Worlds in Silvaplana - Suisse or in Alalcati? To be finalised by executive


                        World Tour with ISA





Europeans with EFPT

             Worlds in Neusiedlersee - Austria



Europeans with Eurocup Circuit? Financial deal to be finalised !!

Worlds in Alacati - Turkey, Silvaplana, France?


Europeans with new Dutch Organiser

             Worlds in Guincho - Portugal


                        World Tour with ISA


-          The AGM remarked that Silvaplana was perhaps not a good choice for a Slalom Worlds 2006 since a wider wind range that 11-20 knots would be more appreciated. Further to be investigated by Exectutive. Alacati is also candidate for 2006

-          A minimum of 35.000 euro should be the aim for the IFCA World Championships.

-          Remarks where ventilated concerning the level of the Race director, the local organiser, the crew,…..on some events. Training regattas and training of the team should always be incorporated with new event organisers.



8                    Election of IFCA Executive


The new Ifca Executive for 2005-2008 is


-          Bruno De Wannemaeker            (BEL)

-          Dr. Kurt Svrcula                         (MAL)

-          Piotr Jancowiak                         (POL)

-          Hideki Miki                                (JAP)

-          Engin Kalafatoglu                       (TUR)

-          Eric Kling                                  (NED)


Racers representatives should be proposed by the racers:


Lucy Horwood and Nikolay Kruppa are candidates. Both are not very active in neither slalom and freestyle so we ask for additional candidates that are active in slalom and/or freestyle.

The Tour organisers asked to have one co-opted member in the IFCA executive. The executive will examine this request and advise.



9.         Any other business


-          Strategies to get more media interest in IFCA Slalom, Freestyle and Wave should be worked out: What doe sit take to get daily reports in the newspaper all over the World from our World Championships. Reuter or other agencies should be contacted to prepare a strategy.

-          "mould" or "no mould" for Production board manufacturing will be further investigated by ISAF on request of AB+

-          BDW explained the current structure of the windsurfing classes and a discussion was started about the future.

-          The proposed ifca logos were discussed and Dennis Little name was suggested to prepare something in exchange for free participation in future worlds…. Piotr will also make some proposals.



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