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Competition/Competition Structure

Following the 2003 World Championships in Hyeres, FRA, the Annual General Meeting of the class, acting upon a recommendation of the Executive Committee, approved a dramatic change of direction for the class, subsequently approved by a ballot of national  associations.

It was decided that 'course racing' as a competition discipline was very well covered by the other ISAF windsurfing classes, in particular 'formula windsurfing'.

It was felt unnecessary and unwelcome to overlap functions and titles with International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC).

IFCA would focus in future on the development of the other 'funboard' disciplines of: freestyle and 'freewave';  slalom and speed.

Class Rules (equipment rules & limitations) and Championship Rules were revised during 2004, and formally approved by the Annual General Meeting of January 2005, held in Dusseldorf, GER.

IFCA will continue to: hold Championships (World and Continental); develop Tours (EPFT & ISA); and encourage National Associations to develop these disciplines.

After discussions with ISAF the Production Board Registration scheme has been revised to encourage wider participation by the windsurfing industry and the development of competitive windsurfing.

IFCA continues to work with its partners in the International Windsurfing Association to re-define and further streamline, or simplify,  the Windsurfing Competition Structure.


Zwitserleven Slalom World Championships
Men & Women

Texel, The Netherlands
8-13 June 2009

Notice of Race

Starboard Freestyle ProKids Worlds

Palau - Portopollo - Sardinia - Italy
22-27 June 2009

Notice of Race

IFCA Slalom ProKids/Junior Worlds & Youth/Masters World Championship

Beach, Bonaire
12-18 July 2009

Notice of Race

Slalom Youth & Master European Championship

Kiel/Schoenberger Strand, Germany
11-16 August 2009

Notice of Race

Slalom Ranking List

Freestyle Ranking List

WCR 2009-2012

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Production Slalom/Speed
Board List

ISAF Approved Series
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