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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2004 AGM

Minutes of the IFCA Annual General Meeting 2004

Held 23rd January 05 in Dusseldorf, Germany at 17.00 hours.

1. Apologies for absence.

Kurt Svrcula (MAI), John Darling (CAN), Steven Schrier (GBR), Hideki Miki (JAP), Nicolaj Kruppa, (DEN); Piotr Jankowiak ; Lucy Horwood, Luc Rogiers, Achilleas Tzimas, Bruce Kendal

2.  National associations represented by

Belgium Bruno De Wannemaeker
Great Britain Ceri Williams
Holland Lieuwe Faber and Eric Kling
France Marc Cardon
Turkey Murat
Germany Matthias Regber
ISA Jan Cas Smith
Greece Bruno De Wannemaeker (appointed by Achilleas Tzimas)
Japan Bruno De Wannemaeker (appointed by Hideki Miki)





9 countries represented and one officer constitutes a valid quorum

3. Adoption of the agenda

No requests so agenda will be as proposed

4. Minutes of the 2003 AGM.

No remarks on the 2003 AGM minutes

5. Reports 2003/2004

- President's report IFCA

This is the first IFCA year after stopping the combined  racing/ slalom events that we have been doing since the beginning of IFCA. We decided to let go the Racing to the FW class to avoid double medals and confusion. From this year on we focused on 2 disciplines: Slalom and Freewave (combination of Wave Performance and Freestyle)

We organized the following Championships in 2004.


The European Freestyle Pro Tour was recognized as our IFCA Freestyle Europeans. It was a very successful tour with 11 events and 115 competitors from 14 european countries. Mateo Guazonni of Italy was the most consistant over the season and won the title.

The Freewave Worlds where organized this summer in Guincho – Portugal. We had competitors of  3 continents, 12 countries but although we had waves, we did not have wind! So we were unable to have a valid result.

The Slalom Worlds were at first announced for Taiwan in early september . They were cancelled after political problems and rescheduled for the Isle of Wight, during the Whiteair Extreme Festival at the end of October. Due to the short notice, a boycott by the PWA, we had to change the format down to an Invitational Event and had no valid World Championships.

In Germany, Holland, the UK, Belgium and a lot of countries is slalom growing very fast again. We should continue to work on this discipline in the future.

Other activities the IFCA executive have developed:

-          Together with ISAF we worked out a new Production Board Scheme

-          With ISA (International Speed Association) we founded the basis for a World  Speed Tour  with 4 International events and we established the cooperation of  ISA and WSA. We try to help them to apply for recognized ISAF class in November 2005.

- Financial Report IFCA / IWA

Bruno De Wannemaeker commented on the  IFCA/IWA Income & Expenditure by Class for the periods January through December 2003 and 1 January to December 2004.

Since all expenses and Income for the class are handled through IWA, the IFCA reserve money is almost not touched  (only bank charges and interests will be invoiced and received in 2004)

IFCA financial report:

total assets on 31/10/03 - 9.213,04 Eur.

total assets on 31/10/04 - 9.006,04 Eur. (= - 229,50 euro)

total assets on 31/10/05 - 9.238,41 Eur. (= + 232,37 euro)

See enclosed excel documents with


The IWA overview is downloadable from the IWA website.

During the meeting we discussed the request of IWA to put all the IFCA reserves in the IWA accounts as the FW and Raceboard class already have done.

We decided to see what will happen to the Mistral Funds. If they decide to do the same we will also consider it.

6. Rules and Regulations

- New format IFCA Class Rules

-          2 boards and 4 sails for slalom only events

-          slalom boards minimum width 250 mm

-          age limit Youth is now under 20 in stead of under 19

-          removed G11b

see revised attachement1

- Amendments IFCA Championships Rules

-          we removed the old 4.2 International Events

see revised attachement2

- Amendments IFCA Constitution

-          we removed the old article 10.2 -> 10.5

see revised attachement3

- Appointment IFCA "Secretary General" (Rory Ramsden nominated)

The AGM decided to allow Rory Ramsden to do the job of Secretary General of the class. He will do this not in his personal name but the job and title is linked to the job and title of the IWA Executive Secretary.

John Darling remains the Honorary Secretary of the IFCA

7.  2004 and onwards event schedule.

-          The EFPT Tour will continue as Freestyle Europeans ;

-          The Freestyle Worlds are in Silvaplana - Switzerland , August

-          The Slalom Europeans are  in Cesme - Turkey, June 22-26 ;

-          The Slalom North Americans  are in Squamish, BC - Canada , July 19-24 ;

-          It is expected that a continental slalom championships will be organized in South America and Asia

-          The ISA has scheduled 4 events:

-        2-10/4:  Port St Louis

-        22-30/7: Fuerteventura

-       15-23/10: Namibia

-        19-27/11: Taiwan

-          A Dutch organizer was granted permission to start to work on a 2006 wave tour on the same basis as the EFPT leading into a European Wave title 2006. If possible a one off event could already be organized in 2005 .

8.  Any other business.

- Windsurf Structure 2005-2008

 A long discussion was held about the Racing Structure in 2005-2008.
All national associations attending presented their National scheme. A lot of similarities where found.

We ask the delegates to send a one-page memo with their National structure to the IFCA President for further distribution around the World and discussion within IWA and ISAF Windsurfing Committee.

- IFCA Slalom, Freestyle and Wave Ranking System

The AGM agreed to investigate the FW ranking system during 2005 and introduce it if possible / interesting for IFCA.

- IFCA Logo

A competition was launched for a new "dynamic" IFCA logo. Some proposals were already sent, one of them for the time being already displayed on the IWA website. We still welcome more proposals.

- INDOOR windsurfing

The question was raised if IFCA should involve directly in the new  Indoor events. Request for an indoor slalom title where received. IFCA decided for the time being not to get involved in Super X and Indoor windsurfing as this is the more "show" part of the sport and leave this to the PWA.

- AGM 2005

A timeslot will be defined later during the Silvaplana Freestyle Worlds in August.


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