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An ISAF Approved Series Production board or board range* is a mass produced board or board range, made in a production run of not less than 50 Slalom/Speed or 50 Freewave units per board in the range. Each board in the range must be produced from identical female moulds using the same construction specification.

*A range of boards may consist of up to 5 sizes of board with identical design purpose but varying dimensions making them suitable for different wind/wave conditions or crew weight.

These moulds (sets) shall have been inspected (Part II registration), together with a board from the production run, prior to the board being added to the approved list for International, Continental or World Championships. Boards for which ISAF Part I registration has been applied but have not yet passed the inspection, are eligible for National Racing only.

Speed/Slalom or Freewave boards can be used in international competition 30 days after the completion of the registration process Part 2 and ISAF receiving the appropriate fee. Boards not meeting this requirement or minimum production numbers will be ineligible for use in World or continental Championships.

This shall be done by way of individual board serial numbers and copies of shipping documents from the manufacturer being sent to the ISAF Secretariat.

Only a board 'Part II' registered by ISAF may race in Funboard Class Windsurfing Class international events.

1. Class Rules

When a manufacturer has decided that a new design shall be made available for competitors to race in Funboard (Production Board) events, he shall first check that the manufacturing procedure agrees with the 2004 Measurement Rules of the Funboard Class. In particular, 2004 Funboard Measurement rules 2.4 that concerns the ISAF logo which must be displayed on each board and Funboard measurement rule 4. The important parts of rule 4 are:- the minimum production run, the maximum width (850mm for Slalom boards); and minimum weight and stiffness.

Please contact ISAF for copies of the 2004 class rules (available on

2. Registration Part I

Immediately when a board manufacturer starts production, excluding prototypes, forms Part 1a & 1b must be completed. These require that a number of measurements and the average weight and stiffness of the hull be established. The form should be signed by a senior management executive of the manufacturer. The form should then be emailed or sent to the ISAF The full address is at the head of the form.

On receipt of these forms an invoice will be raised by ISAF and payment is due for settlement within 30 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Following on from the ISAF Executive February 2004 meetings, the fees have been reduced for Slalom boards only.

£300.00 British Pounds for a Slalom/Speed range of up to 5 Boards

£300.00 British Pounds for a Freewave range of up to 5 Boards

On settlement of this invoice the boards will be listed for National Racing.

Not less than 60 days after first receipt of form Part I the mould sets and production boards should be available for inspection. The builder will be required to liase with ISAF for the inspection to be scheduled. Reasonable pre-agreed travel costs will be paid by the builder to representative of ISAF.

3. Registration, Part II

When at least ten (10) boards have been manufactured and are ready for inspection with the production tooling, form Part II should be completed, noting any changes in specification from those originally stated on form Part I. This form should then be sent to ISAF and the inspection date fixed.


ISAF will enter the board on the list of ISAF Approved Series Production Boards only when the procedure and inspection has been completed and all invoices paid and costs settled.

4. Funboard Class Class World and Continental Championships

ELIGIBLE BOARD LISTS will be posted on the Class website 30 days prior to Continental Championships and IFCA World championships.

5. Design or Production Changes

If any changes are made to a registered board, the ISAF must be notified immediately. The changes may make the board liable for re-registration or a new registration.

ISAF (International Sailing Federation):

ISAF is based in the Isle of Man, an offshore island of the UK. All payments must be made to ISAF Ltd., Isle of Man. The administrative arm of the ISAF is ISAF (UK) Ltd.


ISAF (UK) Ltd., Clive Evans, Technical Coordinator, Ariadne House, Town Quay Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 2AQ, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 23 80635111; Fax: +44 23 80635789; Email:


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