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Organisation/Windsurfing Tours 2004


December 29th 2003


Under the leadership and guidance of the International Windsurf Association (IWA), which provides support services to the ISAF Windsurf Classes, the International Funboard Class and the International Formula Class, representing respectively Freestyle, Slalom and Course racing, have joined forces with the following agencies:

a) Choppy Water Event Management GmbH

To manage and promote two EuroCup tours. One for Slalom and one for FW Racing;

b) DMG Marketing Services GmbH

To manage and promote the European Freestyle Pro-Tour;

c) Destination Marketing International (DMI)

To manage and promote the two Grand Prix tours. One for Slalom and one for FW Racing; both encompassing events worldwide

In a recent meeting between the classes and the management agencies together, the principals of each company agreed to confine their activities to their specific tour or tours and co-operate with each other where and when overlaps arise.

On reaching this agreement, Ceri Williams, Chairman of the FW Class said "This is a giant leap forward in our efforts to establish a sustainable Formula Racing Grand Prix Tour with events in every continent. Sure, we're realistic and don't expect to go from "zero to hero" in one year but this means that we're well on the way to achieving our goals. The EuroCup circuit is great and has provided a wonderful service to the sailors.  Now is the time to take the concept to every continent and develop Formula Racing to the max!"

Matthias Regber of Choppy Water (EuroCup) added "I am sure that this meeting will be a big step forward for the sport of windsurfing. The joining of forces of the shortboard classes IFWC and IFCA will create significant synergy effects. By establishing clear and reliable structures a base has been made for a positive future development. Together we can work to improve the "system of shortboard windsurfing" even more.  Our aim is to make it easier and easier for people everywhere to understand the structure and how it works."

And Bruno de Wannemaeker, Chairman of the Funboard Class, said "Having three really competent tour management teams in partnership with us is really good news for the class. Next year will see a European Slalom Tour and the makings of a global Grand Prix Tour with ranking lists for each one. This will be year one so having 4 EuroCups, I Grand Prix, 2 Continentals and one world championship for slalom will really push high wind racing back onto the agenda again. The cla ss is returning to its roots!  Add to this a European Freestyle Tour with more than 10 events and I think you will agree that the class is moving forward with new confidence."

Gerhard Polak of DMG was equally positive saying, "The organization and coordination of these tours internationally will provide the sport and the riders with the necessary structure they need. It's a great step forward and we are pleased to be involved. The EFPT should be considered as a platform for Europe's top riders on the one hand and for new talented guys to join a professional tour and to give them the opportunity to develop their skills before moving on to other bigger world wide events."

Louie Hubbard of DMI said, "Our first priority is to introduce events, which are sustainable over a period of years and therefore build a strong base for both tours. Next, we will work hard to raise the level of media coverage and prize money offered to racers. DMI have strong relationships with quality event managers around the world, we will use these to ensure that the Slalom GP Tour and the Formula Racing GP Tour become strong circuits."

"The maturity of the IWA and its members has made us confident that working again with this sport can be both enjoyable and rewarding for all. We are not promising nor expecting overnight miracles but we do believe that steady growth on a global level is very achievable."

Finally, both chairmen emphasised the point that these tours are designed to support the PWA World Cup and Grand Slam events by giving opportunities to new young "guns" to develop their skills and experience as well as giving the event managers opportunities to build strong relationships with their local sponsors and the media so that their events provide real value for money for all involved.


For further information:



Competition Structure



1. World Championship

Slalom, FreeWave & Course racing

2. Global & Grand Prix Tours

PWA World Cup; GP Racing; GP Slalom

3. Continental Championships

Slalom, FreeWave & Course racing

4. Continental Tours

Euro Cup Racing; EuroCup Slalom; EFPT; North American, South American, Oceania, Asia

5. Regional Tours

Baltic; Scandinavia; Black Sea; S.E Asia etc

6. National Championships

Series; Tours and Events













Tour & Event Guidelines

1. The International Funboard Class will stage two world championships in 2004; One for Slalom and one for FreeWave. European Freestyle champions (men/women) will be declared based on the European Freestyle Pro-Tour end of season rankings.

2. The International Formula Windsurfing Class will focus on course racing only

3. Tours will produce Tour Ranking Lists and overall winners but not class champions unless by specific arrangement with the class concerned. For example the EFPT.

4. World and Continental Championships will produce class champions in line with ISAF regulations.

5. The appointed agencies working in partnership with the classes will co-ordinate the international tour calendars in a logical manner so that events will be grouped in continents both in terms of dates, seasons and regions.

6. The classes will do their best to ensure that the best quality and most popular tour events will be designated as Qualification Regattas for Continental or World Championships or both

7. World Championship & European championships will be "stand alone" single format events

8. Other Continental Championships may be "combined " events including course racing and slalom with a view to keeping costs down and encouraging development

9. Continental Tours will include a combination of single format events and combined events (course racing and slalom).

10. The classes wish to promote individual long distance and speed events and therefore will consider sanctioning requests on a case-by-case basis.

Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008

IFCA Boardlist - July 2004