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An ISAF "International" windsurfing class
& founder member of the International Windsurfing Association

Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/2003 AGM

Minutes of the IFCA Annual General Meeting

Held 21 October Hyeres France 19.00 hours.

1. Apologies for absence.

Kurt Svrcula (MAI), John Darling (CAN), Steven Schrier(GBR), Hideki Miki (JAP), Nicollay Kruppa (DEN).

2.  National associations represented by.

Poland - Piotr Jankowiak

Belgium - Bruno De Wannemaeker

Great Britain - Dan Ellis

Latvia - Uldis Asars

France - Marc Cardon

Since there is no quorum  (Constitution 8.4) there will be a postal voting.

3. Minutes of the 2002 AGM.

The only remark made - the Executive elected Nikolaj Kruppa - DEN as Sailor representative. No business arising out of the 2002 AGM minutes

4. Reports 2002/2003

- President's report IFCA

After carefully discussing and looking at all options the IFCA executive decided to leave the Formula Windsurfing discipline and focus in the future only on Slalom, Freewave and Speed.

It is the wish of the executive to stress once more that Formula Windsurfing is a IFCA baby that was born out of Course Racing. First the short boards (without a dagger board) where introduced in Course Racing, later the Wider boards appeared and the IFCA allowed the Formula Windsurfing Class to start as a separate class with the aim of one day becoming perhaps the new Olympic format.

Since too many classes are now claming titles in Formula Windsurfing (PWA Racing Tour, Formula Windsurfing Class, and the new Formula Experience Class) IFCA decided to no longer race in this formula.

This year was the last year we saw Formula Windsurfing on our Worlds and we decided only to give World Titles to Slalom and the Overall Racing.

We have now a great challenge to attract people back in Slalom and to try to get all the recreational sailors that slalom every weekend to do, occasionally, a slalom competition.

We are sure slalom is still the most common, easiest to televise and easiest to understand type of racing.

A new set of basic rules, both for national racing and International racing has to be carefully studied and tested in the coming years.

Oh yes, and we will put (with the help of IWA) put our new website life in a few days. Check it out: http://ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com/

Bruno De Wannemaeker, president

- Secretary's report IFCA

At the I.F.C.A. Annual General Meeting held Aug. 24, 2002 in Ostende, Belgium, the Executive members were confirmed:  Bruno de Wannemaeker (BEL) as President, Piotr Jankowiak (POL) and Kurt Svrcula (MAL) as Vice-President; Hideki Miki (JAP) and Luc Rogiers (BEL) committee members, John Darling (CAN) Hon. Secretary, and Steven Schrier (GBR) as Class Measurer.  Steven, who has been our Hon. Secretary since 1988 was thanked for his long-time past contribution as class President. 

As well, Lucy Horwood (GBR) and Nikolaj Kruppa (Denmark) became representatives of IFCA funboarders. 


IFCA attended the December 2001 ISAF Manufacturers' meeting in Paris, at which the project Formula Experience was introduced to general agreement. The success of the first official FE European championships in Brest, France, demonstrated the potential of this new Junior/Youth/Novice format

In February 2002 Bruno de Wannemaeker was elected Chairman of the I.W.A. for one year.  The IWA's website rapidly became a very successful tool for both "general windsurfing" and "class related" matters. 

 World Championships 2002

The 2002 IFCA World Championships took place in Westende, Belgium, and attracted 68 Men and 8 Women from 18 countries and 4 continents. Steve Allen from Australia and Lucy Horwood from the UK took the World titles. 

At the IFCA AGM President Bruno reported that the 2002 Worlds were unique in that the traditional slalom event had been put aside in favor of a two-discipline Formula and Freestyle event.  The intention is to restore Slalom as the primary discipline at the 2003 IFCA Worlds which will be held at Hyeres, France in October. 

Windsurfing racing rules

At the I.S.A.F. Windsurfing Committee meeting in November, the IFCA representative Lucien Rogiers was appointed to act as the liaison between the classes and the ISAF.  Following the decision of the Committee that the windsurfing classes should propose a revised Appendix B of the RRS, Luc presented his draft "Appendix B - Windsurfing Racing Rules" on November 24 to the windsurfing community for general discussion.  The intention is that these documents replace the Funboard Racing Rules (FRRs) and constitute a unified set of rules for all windsurfing disciplines. 

Herewith I respectfully submit the IFCA Class Report for 2002.

John Darling, Honorary Secretary IFCA

- Financial Report IFCA

Bruno De Wannemaeker commented the de IWA Income & Expenditure by Class for the periods January trough December 2002 and 1 January to August 2003.

Since all expenses and Income for the class are handled through IWA, the IFCA reserve money is almost not touched  (only bank charges and interests will be invoiced and received in 2003)

IFCA financial report:

total assets on 31/12/01 - 10.262 Eur.

total assets on 31/12/02 - 9.235,54 Eur.

total assets on 31/10/03 - 9.213,04 Eur.

See enclosed excel documents with

-          IFCA 1998 -2003 information up to end October 03 and (att1)

-           the IWA overview until end September.(att2) (e-mail iwaoffice@internationalwindsurfing.com to request copy)

Bruno De Wannemaeker, treasurer IFCA

-          I.W.A Report.

From February 2003 I left the chair as president of IWA and Ceri Williams of the FW class took over. In my year of the chair I focused on 3 items: Try to get as much MNA's to join, the sailnumber issue and the new Appendix B.

Ceri says: The IWA has been working in 2003 to fulfil its declared Role: "to unite, assist and serve" the sport of Windsurfing, and its member Classes. We should UNITE behind the "flag carrier" for our sport - Olympic Windsurfing. We must "rationalise" our competition structure - proliferation of classes and titles only leads to confusion and missed opportunities. We must continue to deliver - and improve - the quality of events programmed; attract new participants into the sport, keep current sailors motivated, and encourage back into the sport the vast pool of sailors currently "dormant"!

ASSIST and SERVE - amongst the initiatives introduced: The White Paper - 2008 Olympic Equipment; The "Longboard" Racing Sructure2003/2004; Formula Windsurfing Structure - and Youth /Junior Policy; IFCA "formula" Slalom; review of the racing rules; and many more .

The IWA employs 2 persons: administrative secretary Annie Smith from Hayling Island and Rory Ramsden, former IMCO-men and now as executive secretary.

Bruno De Wannemaeker, president IFCA

5. Slalom and Freewave equipment and class rules

During the meeting we discussed about possible new rules for Slalom and Freewave from 2004 onwards. Valuable input came from Kevin Pritchard (USA) and the day after from Antoine Albeau (FRA).
Based on this information a first draft was send out to the IWA and IFCA executive. A lot op people, including Phil Mc Gain of PWA, congratulated us on the work already done and gave us additional input.

A final submission will be presented, after postal approving by our MNA's, to the ISAF Conference in Barcelona, effective from 2004 onwards. (See Att3)                     

6.  2004 and onwards event schedule.

A - Freewave = Wave/Freestyle

A1 - European Championship 2004 = European Freestyle tour 2004.

A2 - World Championship 2004.

Guincho Portugal

21 - 24 July 2004 (tbc) date overlap with Fuerte PWA event !!!

15.000 Euro

B - Slalom.

B1 - European Championship Slalom (tbc)

Paros - Greece

June or September 2004

20.000 euro

B2 - Other Continental Championships Slalom

To investigate:

        North American Continentals: The Gorge, . . . . 

        South American Continentals: El Yasue, Aruba, . . . .

        Asian Continentals: Omaezaki, Pucket, Malaysia, . . . . 

         Oceania Continentals: Freemantle, . . . .

        African Continentals: Morocco, South Africa, Capo Verde, . . . . .

B3 - World Championship Slalom

Alacati Windsurfers Paradise (http://www.alacati.com/) - Turkye

20.000 euro

July  !!! avoid date overlap with Gran Canary and  Fuerte PWA event !!!

7.  Any other business.

- World Championships in Hyeres.

-  Race organization: very very good.

-   B U T  

               i.      No lunches provided

               ii.      no high speed Internet

               iii.      no inside camping and

               iv.      entry fee too expensive.

- Classes should work more together.

- Direct competition with PWA events should be avoided and cooperation is necessary - a World Ranking (as FTP ranking in tennis) should be produced together with IWA and PWA. All events should score to this ranking to show a clear World Ranking List.

-  No prize money for continentals and worlds of International Classes should be an aim. The titles should be the attraction not the money.

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