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Organisation/Agenda & Minutes/1996 AGM


Held in NORDENEY, 7th September 1996



Mike Levine, chairman, Wolfgang Dittmann, Bruno de Wannemaeker, Luc Rogiers, Steven Schrier, Andrea Hoepner and 27 delegates representing  13 countries.

1. Apologies:


There were no apologies.

2. Minutes


of the 1995 AGM were presented and accepted.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes.

As the agenda covered all items, these were dealt with later.

4. President's and Secretary's report: 

see written report under AGMNOTES.

The Funboard Class is now in its 13th year. 45 boards were registered in the last 12 months, compared with 62 in the previous year. We are still the largest Class Fee contributors to the IYRU of all yachting classes so you have every right to claim the full support of your National Authorities.

The number of national asociations has been stable for some time.

Communications have improved with the Internet. Countries like Poland are very difficult to fax but we have regular E mail messages which encourageas a good feeling of a big family.

Because there was no European Championships, the office work was not as great as usual. But we are now having regular meetings with the other International Classes and the PWA.

You have seen in the last Newsletter a joint statement by IFCA and the PWA. This indicates the intention of working closely together. The latest intiative is judge and race officer training. You will hear more about this soon.

We have been asked by the IYRU to write a set of Funboard Racing Rules. This will be the first IYRU rule book published seperately from the yachting rule book. We had hoped the other windsurfing classes would get involved, but they want to stay with the Yachting IYRU rules. We will shortly have a draft for agreement with the PWA and then it will be presented to the IYRU in November.

This year we have the first WAVE Championships. It will be interesting to see how it runs.

We also had a World Speed Championships in Sotavento.

So you can see we are encouraging international competition in Production boards.

We only had problems with one association, the AFF in France. They were warned last year that if they did not run a production board ranking series, only one Frenchan could come to the IFCA Worlds. They informed us that their sponsors and supporters did not want to produce a production board ranking table..so there is only one Frenchman here.

This is a sad situation and we are doing everything to change it. We are talking to North, Bic and others in France.

Mike Levine commented on the progress of the Class, the affiliation with the PWA, the tremendous amount of hard work by the other Executives and work with the IYRU towards Perth 97.

Financial Accounts: The Hon Sec. reviewed the 1995 accounts. These were passed nem con.

5. Championships Reveiw:


Luc reported on the Speed Championships in Sotavento.  62 men from 15 countries, and 5 women from 2 countries. Top speed 37.46knots.

Mike mentioned the South American Championships at the end of September.

Steven reported on the European Wave Championships and entry forms were circulated.

6. Future  Events: 


Europeans 97: Polish represnetative gave a discription of conditions in Leba, on the Baltic coast, promising strong wind in September. Lots of accomodation and 25% of Germany prices.  Sponsorship would be raised locally  and the national authority will support the event.

The Swiss (Silvaplana) application was considered but there were doubts about the wind and the effects of high altitude.

The UK application was also considered but wind would be a problem.

Worlds 97:


Hon Sec reported on the conditions, dates, etc of the event which will involve all the international windsurfing classes. We are about to sign contracts after nearly two years of negotiations. The Government is underwriting the event costs. This will be an opportunity for competitors to spend the winter training and racing in western Australia. Holland asked whether we could get a good deal with the Airlines. The Hon Sec promised to look into this.

Worlds 98:


Texel. Stichting Texel made a short prentation. The venue would be the same as the 1995 Europeans but probably further north and in the middle of September, between Sylt and Brighton. The chairman promised a decision by the end of 1996.

Portugal: An application has been received but no details presented. Expo 98 would probably sponsor the event, which would have national authority support. The Executive(Bruno) will follow up the application shortly.

7. Measurement Rules:


The Official Measuerer gave a short report on the workings of the new 300  board rule which has definitely worked far better than the old 500 rule.  The registration of wave boards was also reported on. This depends upon the success of the European Wave Sailing Championships.

Unregistered Production boards would be allowed but because they are not IYRU registered, the event could not be an International Funboard Class championships, but just a production board championships. 

The Dutch raised the problem of young competitors who were using the cheaper, heavier versions of the Fanatic Geko which are not registered for IFCA racing.


8. Racing Rules:


Luc Rogiers is working on the drafts of a new set of rules based around the PWA and ISAF/IYRU sailing rules. There will be discussions with the PWA shortly to agree final wording of the Right of Way rules.

'Racing'. There was a discussion on whether we change to Racing rather than Course and Slalom. It was a view by some that Racing was a decision based on money and Media understanding of our sport. There was not a majority in the room for change. While associations are free to using either system and the rulebook would reflect this, IFCA racing championships will continue to be Course/Slalom events. Martin Moeller was concerned that Championship race directors might set courses which were unknown or untried. It was pointed out that if the sailors were unhappy with a course, the IFCA executive was always available to direct the race officer in the correct direction. IFCA had published the square 4 mark course in 1995 and it was being used by the PWA. Therefore it was acceptable to the Executive.

There was a discussion about the possible lowering of the windspeed including changing to the PWA rule. One experienced competitor thought the PWA windspeed readings were understated by the equipment and in fact races were rarely held in winds close to the official minimum. It was agreed that the present rule should not be changed.

Luc Rogiers asked the delegates to contact him about any right of way rule that they were unhappy with.

9: Constitution:


The new Logo and name were discussed. It was explained that the name, IFCA would continue to be the official name of the association, but the WWA would become the 'umbrella' name under which the association would operate. The precise details of this would be worked out later.

10. PWA/IFCA Agreement:


The general agreement has been published in the July Newsletter. The first effect was the introduction of rules giving IFCA sailors access to World Tour events by National and World Championship rankings. It was pointed out that due to the fact that most of the top 5 sailors at the worlds were already well up the PWA rankings, those sailors should be ignored when operating the rules, thus ensuring that at least 5 more IFCA competitors could attend PWA events. The Executive promised to take this up with the PWA.

11. IWF Forum:


The hon sec explained that regular meetings are held in London with IBSA, IMCO and PWA. In this way, all the classes are aware of each others activities and matters of mutual interest can be discussed.

There was a general discussion on the 2004 Olympic board.

Any other business:


Security. The Hon Sec made a request that sailors should be encouraged to keep a record of the serial numbers of their boards. Only in this way can there be a serious chance of prosecuting thieves.

Mike Levine commented that this years Norderney championships was well organised in every aspect except the shortage of boats. The clash of dates was explained by the Hon Sec.

The Dutch asked about the posibility of organising a European Tour. Money was thought to be the main problem.

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