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2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships confirmed!
Posted On:  17/05/2014 15:30:18

The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships are confirmed for Westerland, Sylt (Germany) from July 22nd to 26th 2015. The International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) have signed a contract with the Choppy Water GmbH as local organizing authority. The 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships will be the sportive highlight of the Volvo Surf Cup 2015 which is one of the biggest funsport events in Germany. The Championships offer a total prize money of 15,000 euros.

The Slalom World Championships are the annual highlight of the International Funboard Class Association and the most important slalom event of the year. It invites windsurfers from all over the world to fight for the prestigious title. The winner is crowned as official "IFCA Slalom World Champion". "We are extremely proud that the IFCA has selected Choppy Water as host of the 2015 Slalom World Championship. We will do our best to make this Championship a memorable event for the Class and all the competitors," states Matthias Regber from the organizer Choppy Water.

At the Volvo Surf Cup the 2015 Slalom World Championships will be embraced by a giant funsport event. Since several years the Volvo Surf Cup is one of the biggest beach festivals in Germany. The promenade is crowded with visitors, tents and presentations of the various sponsors and partners. At the beach the tourists are entertained with several funsport activities. In the evenings the party program is entertaining the crowd. Over 120,000 spectators are expected for the event.

At Sylt the North Sea can offer a huge variety of conditions from flat water with eastern winds to mast high waves when westerly storms are hitting the coast. Sylt is the most famous island of Germany. Located in the middle of Europe the venue can easily be reached from Scandinavia, Poland and the Baltic countries but also from southern and western Europe.

The date of the event marks the peak of the summer holiday season. All regions in Germany and most of Europe have holidays. Sylt is literally exploding with the huge number of tourists. So place and time are offering the perfect platform for the 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships.

Choppy Water has an excellent reputation as organizer of windsurfing events. For over 15 years the company has organized national and international windsurfing events and championships in Germany and co-ordinated events and series like the "Windsurfing Euro-Cup" all over Europe. "We are sure that we have found the best possible package for our 2015 Slalom World Championships," smiles IFCA president Bruno de Wannemaker.  "There are very few organizers with an expertise like Choppy Water. The IFCA Class always hoped that it would be possible to position the Slalom Worlds at the summer event on Sylt. Now this is finally possible and we are stoked to present our performance on the water to the biggest public in the history of the class."

Event facts:

Date: July 22nd to 26th 2015 (competition days)

Venue: North Sea, Westerland, Sylt (GERMANY)

Event: 2015 IFCA Slalom World Championships

Prize Money:  15,000.00 euros

Expected spectators: 120,000

Organized by: Choppy Water GmbH in co-operation with FWVK


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