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EFPT at the Surf Worldcup
Posted On:  06/05/2014 07:52:57

Although the wind gods were playing tricks most days, there had been exciting fights for places for both the Surf World Cup Podersdorf and the Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship, drawing in cheering crowds on the beach with riders very motivated to fulfill their expectations.

Just as predicted by many insiders Steven Van Broeckhoven took victory over Tonky Frans (2nd place) and Adrien Bosson (3rd place) in the Tow-in Championship to defend his title for the second time! 

In the semi-final of the Freestyle Competition, Steven Van Broeckhoven was facing Davy Scheffers and Tonky Frans was competing against Jacopo Testa. The judges saw a firework of moves on the water with Steven being well impressive landing a huge reservoir of power-moves. In the end Tonky and Steven went through to the winners final which was started straight afterwards to guarantee a result for the first and second place.

In the winners final the wind stayed strong for the first half of the heat but seemed to decrease more and more as it proceeded. The judges favoured Van Broeckhoven in the end, showing shove-it spocks, a spock-culo and a barracuda which is very rarely seen in competition.

Continentseven announced the top three of the "Best Trick Competition". With a combination of a public voting on the C7 homepage, the ranking of the moves done by the EFPT judges and the selection by the C7 crew, the result favoured Steven Van Broeckhoven with a spock-culo in front of Dieter Van der Eyken (Starboard) with an air-funnel and Tonky Frans with a huge culo.

When he was asked on stage by speaker Roberto Hofmann about how it feels to win all the contests of one competition (freestyle/tow-in/best trick) Van Broeckhoven stated: "I came here mainly for the freestyle competition and it was my main aim to win it, but winning all of the different contests is super sick for sure! I am really really happy!"

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