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European Funboard Expression 2012
Posted On:  13/06/2012 11:32:41

The French European Funboard Expression freestyle contest will host an EFPT stage this year!  Six Fours Les Plages - 27-31 October 2012.

Since 2009, the local windsurf club Six Fours Windsurf Organisation and the company Open Ocean Media have organised the European Funboard Expression contest together. A windsurfing championship for freestylers and fans of freestyle.

From a simple local contest, based on wave & freestyle, the EFE has grown to what is now an important meeting point for many riders at the end of the season. With the support of institutional partners such as TPM (Urban Community), the Regional and General Councils and also the town hall and tourism office of Six Fours les Plages, as well as Station Nautique, the event hosted in 2010 and 2011, the finals of the European Pro Kids tour (EFPkT). It brought a lot of freestyle addicts from France, Europe and even the Caribbean!

In 2012, the kids will let the freestyle pros enter the arena of Le Brusc, as Six Fours will host a stage of the famous European circuit, the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT). The EFE organisation had already been approached a few times by the EFPT staff because they saw a solid opportunity to welcome an official stage of the EFPT through the EFE. It is only this year, with a lot of positive support from local partners and sponsors, that Fred Bosson and Steve Palier, the organisers, have decided to move one step ahead.

"Since 2010, we had to think twice without hurrying" say the organisers. "Before welcoming the best freestylers and convincing the partners to help raise the prize money of € 5.000, we prefered to wait a few years and organised the National Funboard Expression and then the Pro Kids Championships. The past years have been very successful. Thanks to a great communication, the EFE is now well known and our organisation is perfectly set up."

This year, from October 27th to the 31st, an international fleet of freestyle riders will battle at the local spots of Le Brusc. We expect sailors from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and even the UK. They will have to face the hot local talent Adrien Bosson (winner of the EFE 2010), the French rider Julien Mas (winner of the Tow In session in 2011) and also the world class sailors Nicolas Akgazciyan (5th Podersdorf Surf World Cup in 2012) and Antony Ruenes (ranked 7th PWA freestyle in 2011) !

The European Funboard Expression 2012 will be dedicated to the French freestyler Vincent Mellouet (winner of the EFE 2009), who tragically passed away at the beginning of this year.

More news to come throughout the summer on our Facebook page and event's official website.

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