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Fuerte Wave Classic 2012
Posted On:  19/03/2012 12:35:20

Unfortunately also the last day of the event did not allow a competition, as there were just no waves.  The winning team of the 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic: Andrew Fawcett, Federico Infantino, Nicole Boronat and Yannick Anton. Congratulations!

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On the fourth day of the 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic the wind blew again from north eastern direction.  The goal was to get a second round done!  Cotillo was probably the spot with the best waves and the wind blew sideoffshore with 17 to 20 knots, in gusts a bit stronger.  However, heat 1 was started but cancelled: "Not enough waves came into the bay and it was really hard to find any good ones", said Andrew about his decision to stop. Some riders went out for a free session.

The forecast for Day Three at the Fuerte Wave Classic 2012 looked really promising. The plan was to run a second elimination at one of the North Shore spots. However, as the wind blew from north eastern direction Majanicho would not work to run a competition.  None of the Hierro spots worked either - the wind was too inconsistent and the waves were not really in order. The decision was Cotillo with strong wind conditions with 20 to 25 knots of relatively gusty side- to sideoffshore wind. Sometimes a bigger set hit the shore. The conditions were not ideal to run a competition so a photo and video expression session got started.

 Day Two - At a spot called "The Bubble" or also known as "The Right" ("Derecha"), the wind was howling from south easterly direction and the waves were breaking really close to the shore. It looked very difficult and the organizer Orlando Lavandera decided, that all participants and the media crew move to Majanicho. The conditions looked good, so the competition got started with an skippersemeeting at 12:00 and the first possible start at 12.15.

The heat duration was set to 30 minutes, with 5 minutes transition time and the best two waves counting. Heat 1 got judged by the riders of heat 3. Heat 2 got judged by the riders of heat 4 and so on.

Team 2 took the lead (6.7), 2 points in front of team 1 and 3, who are equal in points (8.7). Already a bit behind is team 4 (12.7).

Day 2 Video

Day One - Majanicho, located in the middle of the NorthShore and works best in the morning with eastwind. However the wind was not blowing from the perfect direction. Although most of the competitors went on the water, the wind was too gusty to start the competition.

 Day 1 Video.

The 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic had not even started when young local sailor Shannon Bohny had a terrible crash at Majanicho and broke his leg. He was out of the game so the teams were as follows:

Team 1: Iballa Ruano Moreno, Dario Ojeda, Tom Hartmann, Justin Denel
Team 2: Nicole Boronat, Yannick Anton, Andrew Fawcett, Federico Infantino
Team 3: Fanny Aubet, Jules Denel, Will Ward, Francisco Casas Garcia
Team 4: Amanda Beenen, Stephane Etienne, Jose Romero, Alberto Ferroni 


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