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Brazilian Slalom Nationals report - by Wilhelm Schurmann
Posted On:  09/12/2011 10:39:32

After the South American Formula championship, it was time to switch disciplines for our slalom nationals. On Thursday morning, Gabriel Browne and myself met up with Mathias Pinheiro and took off to Icaraizinho on his big cargo van packed with equipment, this way we managed to get two days of good training where Gabriel and I used from iSonic 86 to iSonic 107.

The event was organized by T'ai Eventos and was held at Icaraizinho over the weekend, which is without a doubt, one of the best slalom spots in Brazil and guaranteed winds at this time of the year. On Saturday, the winds were a bit on the lighter side and sail ranged between 7.0s and 7.8s and 107 boards. A 4 jibe course was set with a very long first leg making speed essential on the first reach.

Gabriel Browne BRA 50, Mathias Pinheiro 5 and I (BRA 999) had a great fight on the first day with Gabriel and Mathias winning two races and myself one, by the end of the day, only 2 points separated us after 5 finals. This was one of the closest racing we had in years, at one point, we were on the second reach all lined up next to each other, with jibing position changing at every mark.

On Sunday, the stronger winds were back and as the day progressed and the tide rose, some nice swell were rolling into the course making it great fun on the outside jibes. The course was shorter and the jibes had some great action. Gabriel Browne nailed the first three finals to secure the victory and left the battle for second place between Mathias and I very close. After winning another final, I tied with Mathias in points and it all came to the last final of the day. Mathias had a perfect start and lead away on the first jibe, I managed to pull him in on the jibes and was breathing down his neck trying to pressure him. On the last jibe I tried sneaking inside him, it was going to be close, but I ended up getting stuck and catapulted over the front as Mathias sailed a great final to secure the last bullet and take second place at the nationals with myself in third.
Joa Henrique (Jao Jao) also was sailing very fast, but had 3 OCS and one DNF after an incredible catapult and could not recover. The fourth spot went to top freestyler Ian Mouro followed by Levi Lenz in Fifth.
In the Amateur category, it was a close fight between Luis Domingues who took the win followed by  Afranio Aguiar in second and Moabio Cristino in third.
Monica Veras took another national title on the women.
I was on my Isonic 107 and Neilpryde Evo3 7.8 on all races and Gabriel Browne as well, though he used 7.8 and 8.6 on the first day.

The event was once again very well organized with Bertrand doing a great job on the race committee. Special thanks to Henrique, Teka, and all the sponsors for making the event happen.

Top 5 results:
 1.  Gabriel Browne BRA 50  10,5
 2.  Mathias Pinheiro BRA 5  14,1
 3.  Wilhelm Schurmann BRA 999  15,4
 4.  Ian Mouro BRA 85 Masculino  28,7
 5.  Levi Lenz BRA 91 Masculino 37

Next event is the Formula North Americans in Miami from the 16th to the 18th of December. 
Cheers and best regards,
Wilhelm Schurmann

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