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EFPKT Bredene update day 3
Posted On:  06/08/2011 20:44:01

A chilly sunny morning with no wind. A few activities were discussed at the skippers meeting and one hour after the riders were having a beach soccer competition. The locals won with 7:3 against the other riders from the different nations.

A tasty Beach BBQ was provided by the crew at the Twins Beach Club. The Roxy Camp girls and the Quicksilver Grommets did a few rounds of fun races while the windsurfers including Freestyle World Champion Steven van Broekhoven got organized for a windsurf tow in session.

Steven was around and did a few interviews with the press and the kids got a chance to hang out a bit with the local hero. Steven gave an exclusive freestyle show in front of the camera for the media. One could see him being pulled behind a boat and busting moves like Burners, Flakas and Goiters. It was a great session also for some of the kids who managed to pop out a few tricks.

Groovy music by BNG was pumping out of the beach speakers during the tow in session and at the same time the crowed was being entertained by Colin Hemet who explained and announced the moves to the crowds. The music sessions continued until the sun began to create this beautiful orange purple looking sky above the horizon here at the Twins Beach Club.

The official awards ceremony was held for the Quicksilver King Of the Groms and the winner of the surf contest got a wild card for the next Grommet event that will be held in the UK. Windsurfers were released and would have to be back tomorrow on the final day of the EFPKT Bredene. Oh and there might be a chance to continue the freestyle eliminations.

Stay tuned . . .

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