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EFPKT Tour stop #3 in Bredene Belgium
Posted On:  05/08/2011 07:41:00

On the first day of the joint event with the Quicksilver King of the Groms and the Roxy surf Camp we found ourselves in an interesting Belgian summer weather with light winds, small waves and a bright smiling sun with lots of local beach goers who came to hang out on the beautiful sandy beach in front of the Twins Beach Club.

The event organizer and the race director at the Twins Club had prepared a few activities for the participants such as long distance Sup, Volley ball and Frisbee sessions.  Later that night a welcome dinner was prepared and served at the Twins Beach Bar followed by a Birthday Dub DJ jam session with BNG.

Day 2

Skippers meeting at 10:00 am on a nice calm morning with slightly side offshore winds with gusts up to 15 knots. The race director and the head judge decided to run the freestyle eliminations a few kilometers outside the coast with a best trick format, because of the gusty conditions the winds were better further on the outside. The riders came out towards the anchored boat as soon as the judges were located and the competition could officially start.

In the first rounds the wind was still light but some riders like Steven Max, Yentel Caers and Marco Livraghi managed to do a few planing tricks while others did a few light wind sail and board tricks combinations.  After the first rounds were done the wind started to get stronger so we continued straight after with a double elimination.

Day 2 Highlights:

5th place for Mattijs Lasore (BEL), who did vulcans and gecko combinations right infront of the boat with the judges.

4th place for Michiel de Cooman (BEL), who had a few nicer tricks with variety compared to his friend Mattijs. 

3rd place went to Marco Livraghi (ITA) with his personal flakas, spocks, punietas and sliders in the gusty conditions.

2nd place for Steven Max (ARU) busting clean tricks such as one handed spocks, fast grubbies, punietas and a few shuv-its off the small waves on the outside. 

1st place goes to the local kido Yentel Caers (BEL) who popped his tricks with a bit more power and style than rest of the riders. We saw him nail one handed flakas, a forward, punietas and a few more of spock combinations.

After the double the lunch break took place on the beach and the results were announced to the crowds. Straight after lunch the race director decided to for another single but, the wind started to get very tricky and it started to rain and rain and rain during the first rounds of the single elimination #2.

In the end the wind got way too light and the current got even stronger so the races were canceled for that day. Riders were on standby until 17:00 and were released after because of too much rain and still too light winds. It was an interesting day with a full double elimination done.

Stay tuned for the next reports . . .

IFCA/EFPKT Ruben Petrisie

Pictures: Patrick Kindt/Twins Club

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