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Day 3 - Expression session
Posted On:  24/07/2011 10:56:35

The third day of the IFCA ProKids World Championships started with a mellow cloudy morning. After the skippers meeting the riders were put on standby. This time not for too long as the sun shine finally came through and the wind slowly started to pick up.

The race director decided to run an unofficial expression session for the under 15 pro kids age category. The whole fleet attended the expression session in winds up to 15knots and was judge on their overall expression.

The 3 finalists:
The 3rd position went to Steven Max from Aruba
In 2nd we had Julian Wiemar from Germany
and the winner of the unofficial expression session was Ethan Westera another new talent from Aruba who was able to impress the judges with a flawless  no handed flaka as his best trick.


After the lunch break the wind got a little stronger and the first heats of the IFCA pro kids world championships could finally start.

A lot of heats were done while some with a few cancelations as the wind got gusty and unstable at sometimes. But we managed to reach the final rounds of 3 single eliminations of each age category.
In the afternoon the wind got even trickier and caused a few more heat cancelations so the event was called off by the race director and the final rounds will continue first thing the next morning with a much better predicted forecast.    

The U15 pro kids elimination was dominated by 2 new talents from Aruba, Ethan Westera who simply styled his way through every single heat while Steve Max who l managed to perform well with one of the highest shakas done today in the: "cold euro summer conditions" in his words.
Both riders will battle for first place in the winners final.

On the other side of the elimination there was 13 year old Mattijs Lasore from Belgium "the crowd pleaser" with his funky gecko combinations and sliding one handed spocks. Mattijs made it to the losers finals and will battle it out with Robbin vd Vet from Holland.

In the U 17 youths elimination there were a few close calls but that didn't stop Mr Rafael de Windt from Curacao who made it through all his heats with clean moves such as one handed funnels, double flakas, e sliders and grubbies. 

Ethan Westera who also competes in this category managed to kick out a few good riders such as Julian Wiemar from Germany and Tim Ruijssenaars from Holland.  Both above mentioned riders will face each other in the winner's finals the next day.

And on the other side of this interesting elimination we had Francesco Cappuzo from Italy who was stopped by Rafael de Windt. Francesco will meet with Tim Ruijsenaars in the loser's finals for the battle for 3rd place.

The U 20's junior's elimination was dominated by 2 Dutch talents, Nick van Ingen and Rick Jendrusch.  Nick van Ingen kicked out Valentin Boeckler from Germany in the semi finals with a fluent routine packed with some of the latest new school freestyle tricks.
Rick Jendrusch the local freestyler simply knew how to pull out the most explosive tricks popping out one of the best Konos seen so far at this event.

Rick Jendrusch made it to the winner's finals after kicking out Rafael de Windt in the semi final, now both Dutch talents will battle it out for first place while Rafael de Windt and Valentin Boeckler will do the same for 3rd.

Stay tuned for the updates winners will be announced the next day after the final rounds.

IFCA/EFPKT ruben petrisie    

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