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Posted On:  22/07/2011 19:35:22

21 July - At 10am the Skippersmeeting took place and all the important information was shared with the competitors.

Since there was not a lot of wind, the next announcement was scheduled for 11am.  The rest of the day the guys were preparing their sets, playing around doing sailtricks on a old set on shore.

12.30 a powerful pasta lunch was served to help prepare everyone for the upcoming action.  Unfortunately still not enough constant wind to start the competition, but there was enough time to check out the waterjump

In the afternoon a motorboat was sent out with camera-man to film some spectacular moves with a tow-in session.  This was great fun, and really the riders only need a little pop of wind in their sails to perfom their tricks.  So, later on everyone had their chance to give it a try!!!

By the end of the day it looked really promising, but there are forces you can't control and the start got postponed and postponed until it got cancelled in the end . . .Looking forward to some more action tomorrow!

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July 20 - Opening IFCA Pro Kids Junior & Youth Freestyle World Championship

After great preparation the last couple of days, we only had to do some finetuning and last alterations to the set up.  Sun was shining, very light wind-conditions and the organisation was ready to kick it off!

Slowly but surely shortly after 10am the first competitors showed up at the registration table.

Around noon there was one big cloud coming over, a great drop in temperature and yes, this is what summer is like in Holland ;-)

By 4pm everyone pre-registered made it to the stage or informed us of a late arrival.  Everything went according to schedule and all the riders showed up around 5pm in their Mystic-Event Shirt!

What a cool picture that was but it shows there are only 2 traditional surfer hairstyles...

21 Guys signed up for this competition with 8 different nationalities (Just a note... where are the girls here?), already sharing their tricks and information on how to impress the judges to upcoming days.

Dirk Doppenberg, master of the mic, informed everyone around to attend the opening and so they did!  Mr. Peter Feller of "Gemeente Goedereede" opened the Event officially followed by Mr. Jan Leen den Dikken of GZH-Natuur en Recreatieschap.  They were both quite proud to be in this position and the organisatiion as well, to have such important people coming over!

Furthermore the sponors should not be forgotten: Mystic, Surfmagazine, Centerparcs, Watersportverbond, IFCA, Porvincie Zeeland and Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam

Then the very cute car in front of the stage turned up the volume and all competitors followed the car to Center Parcs Port Zelande.

Here we were invited for a lovely BBQ and drinks. Mmm, great food!

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