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A moment with Ben van der Steen
Posted On:  21/04/2011 13:49:23

So Ben, can you tell us your main reason why you are here at Curacao?
I'm here to help and coach some windsurfers: Jordy Vonk, Coen Swijnenburg and some masters, including Nikaj Droop. Besides that, I'm competing in the Sports Class.

What do you think of your competitors? Did you meet them already?
Yeah, I met them yesterday at the camp fire. I've never seen them racing or training before. So I can't tell you whether I'm able to beat them.

How about your training schedule?
I live in Tarifa, in the South of Spain, that's the place where I train the most. I often go to the gym, mountain biking, wave surfing, and windsurfing of course.

And how does mountain biking and wave surfing improve your skills in windsurfing?
You need a lot of strength to surf, especially in your legs. Mountain biking and training at the gym gives me that extra strength.

What are your best results until now?
2008 World Champion IFCA and Winning at the 2006 PWA, Wave Israel.

You're here with Jordy, Coen and Nikaj, any expectations?
I expect them to be at their best! I hope they will all end in the top 3 positions.

Coen and Jordy joined the conversation to talk about Ben's way of training and coaching.

Coen: Ben helps a lot with tuning my gear. When we are training he always corrects me when I'm doing something wrong. And then we do it over and over again.

Jordy: He has got a lot of experience, the experience that I still miss. By practicing with Ben I get the chance to improve myself and gain some experience.

So Ben, what's your impression of Curacao?
I haven't seen a lot, although I think the island is very nice. Except with the lacking of wind at the moment of course!

And do you like our Surf Town?
I do! It must have been a hell of a job to put this all together. It's like windsurfing should be: a nice atmosphere, campfire, relaxed people.

Last question, what's your ambition for 2011?
My greatest ambition for this year is to finish Top 5 at the PWA Slalom.

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