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Windsurfers Again Take Down The Kites At La Ventana Classic
Posted On:  31/01/2011 17:02:55

The 6th Annual La Ventana Classic Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and SUP race in Baja Mexico kicked off this past January 20th where the competition doubles as a fundraiser for our the local schools and community of Baja.

The event features an 11 mile Kite and Windsurf race from Cerralvo Island to La Ventana in addition to a 11 mile SUP Paddle Royale race from Cerralvo Island to La Ventana. Then it's on to Kite and Windsurf Course Racing followed by a Big Air and Old Skool Trick contest.

On January 21st the Classic Island Crossing long distance race was held featuring a 9-10 mile off-the-wind reach from Cerrevalo Island to Palapas Ventana resort and another 1 mile dead downwind to the beach at La Ventana. Approximately 120 competitors including kiters and windsurfers completed the race. With fresh Baja Breezes of about 20 mph and relatively flat waters it was on.

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Much like the recent Lord of The Wind Showdown, where Kevin Pritchard did the damage, it was the Windsurfers again coming out on top over some of the worlds fastest kiteboarders.

The first three finishers were WINDSURFERS:

1st Bryan Metlaf-Perez
2nd Tyson Poor
3rd Macrae Wylde

Followed by three KITEBOARDS

4th John Heineken (middle)
5th Damien LeRoy (right)
6th Sean Farley (left)

The winning women windsurfers were the daughter-mother team of:

Fiona Wylde
Ellen Wylde

The winning women kiteboarders were:

Kirsten Ulmer
Shannon Gormley
Marie Le Clerc

Approximately half the participants were in the Sportsman fleet which had a beach start after the competitors had cleared the starting line. The first finishers of that fleet were:

Craig Lumpp
Michael Glass
Gary Martin

Official Event Website

Special thanks to Lyn Preuit for the report. He came in 12th place overall on his windsurfer in addition to the killer reporting skills. Nice Work!

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