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2010 IFCA JY Freestyle Worlds Bonaire
Posted On:  30/07/2010 13:45:19

The 2010 IFCA Pro Kids Junior and Youth Freestyle World Championships in Sorbone, Bonaire, attracted 60 competitors aged between 19 and 9 years,competing to be World Champion Freestyle.

After 4 days of competition, in 5 age divisions, the champions emerged: Hendryck Balentien (u20), Dylan Robles (u17), Amado Vrieswijk (u15), Steven Max (u13)  and Alex Halank (u11).

Day 1. At the start of the event the wind conditions were very poor. The Race organisation decided to postpone the racing. At about 14.30 the wind picked up a little and the U11, U13 and U15 were sent afloat to show their low wind tricks.  The judges had a hard job with the high level of the competitors.

In the U13 and U15 Steven Max came back after losing heat 3 and heat 7. In the U11 Oscar Etmon did the same after losing heat 3.  The winners of the first elimination: U15: Amado Vrieswijk, Steven Max, Nicolas Hibdiche. U13: Steven Max, Stephard Gustowski, Aron Etmon. U11: Alex Halank, Oscar Etmon, Tuur Buedts.  For the U20 and U17 the wind conditions were still not good enough. The Race committee decided to hold them ashore and wait for more wind for planing conditions.

Day 2. The day began again with almost no wind - very strange conditions for Bonaire!  The race officer, Viktor Wijnand, decided to run a "flowstyle"-freestyle for all competitors. The riders showed a lot of old-school moves like railriding etc.

At 17.00 the wind picked up to planning conditions and the under 20 (youth) and under 17 (junior) divisions could start their first freestyle elimination. Unfortunately many riders, not expecting a late start, had left the event site.  However, most returned for the start of the second elimination (to be continued on day 3) giving them a chance back into the competition.

Day 3. Yet again the day started in low wind, but this time accompanied by rain and thunder. The race officer had no choice but to keep everyone onshore. Like the day before the wind picked up at 17.00 and, to maximise the time available, the second elimination for youth and junior was completed and at the same time a slalom run for u11, u13 and u15's.

Day 4. On the final day it was possible to run one round for all divisions. In the youth and junior championship this meant a discard could affect the overall result . Overnight leaders in all divisions consolidated their positions with wins ; but a first place for Dylan Robles (under 17) enabled him to overtake Rafael de Windt.

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