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JYM Slalom Worlds, Hyeres - No Show
Posted On:  13/04/2010 19:22:41
As the first briefing took place the wind was light and the  forecast was not very optimistic for the day, although hope is reborn in Hyeres at least since gently flowing west is promised for tomorrow, Wednesday.  With the strengthening in heat, this should allow some racing.

At midday the race committee put competitors on standby - only 5 to 8 knots of wind but everyone remained optimistic.

An hour and a half later a couple of participants tested conditions in the southeast wind. They were planing but not consistently. The committee boat announced between 8 and 13 knots and were trying to set the course but the wind was too unpredictable and the course was regularly moved.  Competitors waited for the slightest opportunity to race, their gear ready on the beach . . .

Meanwhile activity continued on the beach including the popular ramp skating that attracts many enthusiasts in the area. This ramp was designed and built by Patrick Gaudiot (office of HWO) assisted by his son Thomas and young volunteers from HWO - a total of 6 days of intense work for a high quality product.

At 2 o'clock it moves in Hyeres?  12 knots on the water, the flag was lowered, the first possible start would take place around 3.00 . . . !  Giving just enough time to get the youths on the water, the wind dropped and, after waiting 30 minutes, the race committee sent the riders back to the beach. Little hope in perspective.

By 5 the wind had shifted to south-west at around 6 knots.  Hardly anyone on the water . . . Lazing on the beach for all pending aperitif offered by the Funboard Center Erik Thiem followed by a meal accompanied by a video of events so far.

Competitors are expected from 10am tomorrow Wednesday for the first briefing of the day.

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