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Best windsurfers set for the 2010 Fuerteventura Wave Classic
Posted On:  16/02/2010 21:45:51
Once again, from March 1st to 12th, some of the best windsurfing wave riders in the world will be back on the north shore of Fuerteventura to take part in the 2nd edition of the FWC. This innovative contest will see four teams of windsurfers competing against each other in the best conditions possible, impressing the public with their amazing moves.

We are proud to announce the official list of pro riders:

- Jean Baptiste CASTE / France
- Thomas TRAVERSA / France
- Dario OJEDA / Spain
- Jonas CEBALLOS / Spain
- Antony RUENES / France
- Alex MUSSOLINI / Spain
- Jules DENEL / France
- Dani BRUCH / Germany
- Adam LEWIS / England
- Martin TEN HOEVE / Netherlands
- Patrick VIGOUROUX / France
- Fabrice BEAUX / France

These exceptional riders will be on the water together with radical local rider Stephan ETIENNE and 3 more local guests (who are still to be confirmed), ready to give us all a great windsurfing show!

How does it work?

The riders will put their names into a hat on Monday 1st March to draw the names for the four teams of 2010. Then it is off, from Tuesday onwards to look for the best spots of the day with our mobile structure. Between the riders and local organizers we will check the best conditions, then the riders (one from each team) will go into the water in heats of 30 minutes so they have time to fully express their talent. We will use a new method of judging, tried and tested last year during the first edition; riders from other heats will be the judges and the riders will choose amongst themselves the most extreme rider and winning team at the end of the event.

What can you expect from this edition?

Majanicho, La Caleta, Puertito and other great spots will be on fire . . . we have a professional rescue crew with jet skis so the riders can express their talent with safety. A camera and a photographer are waiting to bring you incredible radical images. A live ticker will also be activated so that you can follow live action from home! Overall, an innovative competition concept for riders and spectators alike! We would like to clarify that the Fuerte Wave Classic is an independent event, organized by the 7th-wave center Fuerteventura, based on an original idea from JB Caste and Thomas Traversa, which focuses on the promotion of the sport of windsurfing, the island of Fuerteventura and the riders. We don't aim to present any competition to the PWA and we are not part of the world classic tour or world classic invitational. We simply are the Fuerte Wave Classic, a promotional event focusing the spotlight on fair-play, friendship and performance.

We also want to thank all the riders for their emails and express that we would have loved to invite all riders that contacted us, but unfortunately is not possible so we had to make a selection. We would also like to thank all the riders that are coming to participate in this windsurfing "party" and our sponsors, who, in difficult times, have shown their support and belief in this project.

We look forward to seeing you all and to being able to present you a great windsurfing event through impressive images.

Keep watching this spot and our blog www.fuertewaveclassic.com for more news and some surprises.

Marion Raisi
FWC Team

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