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Curacao Challenge 2015
Posted On:  09/06/2015 12:03:43

The 7th edition of the Curacao Challenge took place at the Spanish waters between the 14th and 17th of May, directly from the main location of Windsurfing Curacao. With all the slalom and freestyle competitions being held on the same area it was a great event for all the spectators that gathered on the beach!  Four days of competing interwoven with chilling on the beach, good food and parties and all of that in an international environment!

It all began with the slalom competition on Thursday May 14th. Divided in two categories, beginners and advanced, it was a mixture of young blood competing alongside or against the veterans like Taty Frans. During the whole four days, a total of 17 races were held which resulted in quite a filled up scoreboard. In the end it was Taty Frans who took the title in the advanced category, with the younger categories being won by Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes and Stefan de Bell.

For the freestyle, that was held on Saturday May 16th, a firework of tricks was showcased by the present pro’s but also by the upcoming talents from Curacao. All the high level tricks were there, from double culo’s, through kabikuchis and futures all the way up to huge shaka flaka’s. Kiri Thode taking first with Taty Frans and Youp Schmit running up made for a spectacular show that made the Amateur category motivated enough pull out their best tricks, resulting in the winning of Kareem Naipal from Curacao.

Everything was topped off by SUP and rookie races which were a great addition to the vibe and atmosphere of the event as they raised a lot of cheering from parents and spectators! Competitors and visitors enjoyed the atmosphere of a well organized and fun event which offered free windsurf and SUP clinics alongside with children activities!

At the very end, the prize giving ceremony was a difficult moment for a lot as they had to part with the amazing feeling they had built up during the days. It’s a pity it will take another year until the Challenge will be around the corner again!

The Official Curacao Challenge 2015 Results:

Freestyle Pro:
1. Kiri Thode
2. Taty Frans
3. Youp Schmit

Freestyle Amateur:
1. Kareem Naipal
2. Wave Antonia
3. Ryan Richie

Freestyle Youth:
1. Faan Coenen
2. Luka Stomp
3. Stefan de Bell

Freestyle Women:
1. Arrianne Aukes
2. Ingrid Bakker
3. Anne Coenen

Freestyle Expression Session:
Pro - Youp Schmit
Amateur - Kareem Naipal
Youth - Faan Coenen
Women - Arianne Aukes

Slalom A Men 25+
1. Taty Frans
2. Sergey Boer
3. Richard Konstapel

Slalom A Women 25+
1. Arrianne Aukes
2. Carola de Groot

Slalom A Men 14-24:
1. Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes
2. Delano Moreno
3. Steven Lageveen

Slalom A Women 14-24:
1. Anne Coenen

Slalom A Men Under 14:
1. Stefan de Bell
2. Nathan Westera
3. Boris van Noort

Slalom B boys 14+:
1. Max van Zanten
2. Ramon Sijm
3. Frits Schellings

Slalom B girls 14+:
1. Chantal Taams
2. Celine Jilesen
3. Neve Antonia

Slalom B boys 11-13:
1. Justin Walters
2. Vincent Jilesen
3. Sebastian van Werkhoven

Slalom B girls 11-13:
1. Danique Stomp
2. Yame Antonia
3. Mikke Elsenaar

Slalom B boys Under 11:
1. Sovah Mongen
2. Sepp Ruijsink
3. Sil Verkade

Slalom B girls Under 11:
1. Feline van Wijk
2. Zara Rozeboom

Rookies 10+:
1. Marije Konstapel
2. David Hardy
3. Danique Jagt

Rookies Under 10:
1. Tajra van Schaijk
2. Xavio Dekker
3. Zay Zaunbrecher

SUP pro Men:
1. Bruce Brandt
2. Martin Luitwieler
3. Marius van Noort

SUP pro Women:
1. Heleen Straatman
2. Stefani Brouwer
3. Kimberley van den Brink

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