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AWT Goya Pro Cabo Verde
Posted On:  10/01/2015 13:49:02

Cabo Verde at its best Windsurfing/Surfing & SUP at the magical Ponta Preta.  Dia de Criancas +H20 with Club Mistral & Goya taking the local kids on the water.  All riders are welcome to come experience the infamous local cuisine, culture, parties and 'No Stress' lifestyle.

Riders confirmed for the event include Francisco Goya, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchadourian, Maricilio Browne, Russ Faurot, Dario Ojeda, Vickey Abbot, Katie McAnena and Sam Bittner.

There is a mandatory package that includes rental car, accommodation, meals, entry to event and evening actives for all competitors.   Details for the package will be released tomorrow at  caboverdepro.com

AWT Director: Sam Bittner:
With the AWT starting its 6th year I am excited to announce a brand new event for the AWT in Cabo Verde. I have heard stories about this magical place for windsurfing and been asked by many to hold an event there.  I have been communicating via email with Cabo Verdean local Vickey Abbot for years on the idea and when we finally met in San Carlos last summer the dream started to become real. With the incredibly hard working Vickey, the event has become official.  My ticket is booked and I hope to see you there for this exciting adventure to kick off the 2015 tour.

Title Sponsor Francisco Goya
 "With all of the Goya Windsurfing team we are super excited to help bring back the Cabo Verde event, since our first visit back in 1997 we got to experience Ponta Preta, and to this date every wave that we rode, have been measured to that standard. Almost 20 years later, this dream is more alive than ever and we can hardly wait to see all the riders having the time of their life.
 How did it all happen?
 While we were waiting for wind last year at the Goya Windsurfing Festival in Santa Cruz we started dreaming of where we could show our sport best, it was unanimous once "Cabo Verde" came across, Levi, Braw, Bernd, Josh, all said “We are there”. We are all looking forward to communicate windsurfing in the most beautiful form, and what could be better than Cabo Verde. Also being on February, right in the middle of the long wait between the Aloha Classic and the AWT & PWA summer events, we believe there will be enough media coming out of to keep wavesailing moving forward for years to come. Thank you for everybody for making this possible, specially Sam, Vickey, Brandwave Marketing, , Cabo Verde Government and all its people. Thank you!"

Local Event Organizer Vickey Abbot
"I'm really excited to bring the AWT to my home in Cabo Verde. To be able to share this amazing place with the windsurfing world and to have an event in which the local surf community can participate is a real dream for me and I am very honored to be part of a team to make this happen. I'm super stoked to have such a great energetic and positive team behind this, with Goya and the AWT coming together I think we can make this a magical event.

We aim to make this a truly grass roots concept event, trying to bring together a strong local surfing community with international windsurfers both Pro and Amateur alike. As windsurfers when we travel to unique destinations it is so important that we integrate with and learn from the local community. Cabo Verde and Cabo Verdeans are welcoming, fun kind hearted people and I know that they will love sharing their island and what it has to offer with everyone. The event is not just about a windsurfing competition but the bigger picture of our sport; lifestyle, ocean and people. In light of this we will be having various other activities involving a water activities day for local kids, Local cuisine, Music, artisans, ocean awareness campaigns and a Surf and SUP competition with local surfers pitted against anyone who dares to compete against these rippers ;-) 

My fingers are crossed for some epic all time conditions, LET'S BRING ON THE WAVES :-)"

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