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Less Than Three Weeks to the Europeans!
Posted On:  06/08/2014 17:16:15

The Upcoming European Slalom Championship event is organised by Zoo Station Bol in co-operation with the JK Podstrana and Croatian Windsurfing Association.

A few words from the main event Organiser "MR TONI":

1. About Events

The first event organized by Zoo Station was back in 1999, that was slalom on classic 8 but 1 vs 1 concept. The event was a great success and was very attractive for watching because you have only 2 riders facing each other on the course area and spectators could be part of the action without questioning "what is going on?" In the end the event was really great but for that kind of event you need a great wind to accomplish a successful day with 40 competitors.

Since than we organized 7 national Croatian championships in either freestyle or slalom and in 2004 we did a PWA qualifier in freestyle but unfortunately it was a windless event.

2.The Idea

Basically I want that Zoo Station center becomes a spot on the map of slalom competitions.

Our best choice was to host an IFCA event because the venue is great and so are the conditions, also with such an event we would like to take a step ahead from national events.

On previous events we already had some top riders such as Pierre Mortefon, Finian Maynard, Chris Pressler, Tine Slabe and many more  . . .
So the idea was let's try with a continental level and maybe a worlds in the near future.

Is to have a recognizable event that both competitors and visitors enjoy visiting.

We wish to get a nice feed back from people after their departure with a smile while thinking about the event. We believe that such expressions are the key points of this great sport we all share.


We look forward to some nice windy days and big battles on the race course during the competition days, including some nice relaxing time on the shore with good music and cold drinks.

5.You're invited because:

You should come and see a great windsurfing destination with breathtaking views, come and be part of  it and of course show us your skills.

A special thanks to our local government of Bol, Ozujsko and Blue Sun Hotels Bol

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